Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini falls and hangs on the cliff and now so does Manik. Nandini holds Manik by the neck and cries, Manik uses all his strenght to pull himself and Nandini up. When they reach the top Manik looks at her and says that we are fine but Nandini doesn’t stops crying so Manik out off sympathy goes to hug her but then stops in the way. He then tells her to wait as they will be fine, Harshad comes and sees and takes a sigh of relief. The rest of them and ask what happened. Navya hugs Nandini and Harshad tells her to relax as Manik was here to save her.
Harshad then goes to Manik and says that when did you decide to become the hero. He says that as far as I know you never save anyone. He then says that do want to become Nandini’s hero. Manik comes to fight but then hears the coach and stops. The coach says that you are here. He then congratulates on finding the instruments and says that this was part one of the punishment and says that now you have to practice them here. He gives them one hour and says that after that you will have to perform in the audience.
Muktii says that this is nonsense and she wants her guitar back but Raghav says that this is her punishment. He says that they can leave other wise and won’t be able to perform after this. Aliya says that it will take them an hour to reach the college then how will they practice. Raghav says that they will have to practice here not in the college. He tells them to start their practice while he gets a snack. He asks them if they want anything and Navya asks that she wants samosas and he tells her to shut up. Raghav takes the basket that Rose brought for Cabir.
Rose then starts being foolish about punishment level 5. Later harshad comes and apologizes to Nandini about what he said earlies and said that he just starts to boil when he thinks about Manik. He says that he wanted to apologize as she came in their fight without any reason. Nandini asks Harsad that why does he has a serious fight with Manik although the Fab5 is the rivals. She asks that what did they do to you that they become such great enemies. Harshad remembers something about band of brothers.
He asks that why she wants to know while Nandini replies saying that why don’t you want to answere. Harshad ends the conversation saying that they want to beat the Fab5 the reason doesn’t matter. The Fab5 is sitting quietly and they asks Manik that why are they thinking and worried about Harshad. Manik is remembering about what happened earlier and leaves.
Muktii asks Rose where Cabir is and she sees him in the mobile reflections. Cabir is talking to Raghav who says that he can’t do it anymore. Muktii goes to him and says that what was he talking about. Cabir makes an excuse and Muktii mocks him again. Rose comes and the three of them look at him. He says that lets practice and says that where is Manik. Manik is still confused and furios about what Harshad said and what he did all this time.
Dhruv looks at the NH3 and comes there. They are practicing and he says to Nandini that he needs to talk to her but not here. He takes her sits her down and Nandini says that what guts as everyone is in fighting mode but you still came. Dhruv says that why does she wants their friendship. Nandini says that she doesn’t want this and doesn’t why always becomes her problem and says that she doesn’t why all the bad things happen to her. She starts crying and says that whenever this happens Manik is there always. She says that she isn’t hiding their friendship and just doesn’t know what to do. Dhruv picks her bag and gives her a tissue. She says that it’s bad manners to look into a girl’s bag but Dhruv says that there are no manners between friends. Nandini says that she doesn’t know that if they can even be friends. Dhruv leaves and tells her to wait here.
Manik is kicking and punching and is scolding himself over what he did. Dhruv comes and says that why are you taking this out on this tree. Dhruv takes her and says that I’ll show you what you need. He takes her to Nandini and says that you have to sort your problems as even I’m tired. Manik says that there are no problem between them but Dhruv says that why is she still crying. Nandini says that she is not crying because of him but Dhruv says that he gives them 10 minutes to sort their problems.
Manik starts taking his anger on Nandini and they get into a fight again and blame each other again. Manik says that I saved your life and you are blaming me. Nandini pushes him back and says that and says Thanks for saying my life but why didn’t you leave me. She then realizes that her hands are at Maniks chest and then backs up and leaves. Maniks thinks about her and says that she drives me crazy.

Precap: The Fab5 and NH3 are singing together. Expressions of joys are on their faces.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Grt manik and nandini

  3. i simply love today’s episode…love the manan scenes….adn manik’s awkwardness…..hope he realizes his truth behind the awkwardness and eagerly waiting for cute manan scenes…….

  4. bt m cnfs btwn dhruv n manik who will be the guy of nandu.. i like manik as well as dhruv too.

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