Gustakh Dil 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha coming to Ayesha. She smiles thinking of her friend’s words that Adhiraj is very rich guy. She talks to her sweetly and sees her selling her clothes online. Ayesha says yes, I m selling, as Papa put a condition infront of me. Barkha says he is behaving very crazy now, I don’t know what he means. Ayesha says he is right, I don’t have to keep all this things which I can’t afford. Barkha says I did not know you love Adhiraj so much. I know I did not accept him before, but I have changed my mind. Ayesha is stunned. She says you want to marry him, you can go ahead. Ayesha asks her the reason. Barkha smiles and I have decided that which mistakes I did with Nikhil and Lajjo, I won’t repeat it with you. Ayesha smiles and hugs her. She kisses her hands and dances saying I love you mum. Barkha says see your smile is making me so happy, but I have one condition, you will be like our Ayesha, no conditions and no budgets. Ayesha thanks her and cries.

Shalini sees Adhiraj’s pic and smiles. Ranawat sees her and is fed up. He asks her not to see his pic. They argue over Adhiraj. She says she is still his mum. He says then call him here. She says he won’t step ib your house. He says he did not stop him, the doors will be always open for him, he is my son too. I love him, but he did not join my business and went to become a poet, I m ashamed of him. He says he is my only son and he could have managed my business, but no he is happy living a poor life. His self esteem, his ethics, all this because of you. Shalini cries and says its good, atleast you feel he is good because of me. She says I feel happy that atleast someone is there in this family whose heart and conscience is good and he is our son, I m proud of him.

He says fine, be proud and stay in this house, he will not come back. She asks where is he now, my son will never beg to you, he is not Harry. They have an argument. He leaves. Lajjo comes and sees the pic fallen. She picks it and Shalini stops her. She takes her pic and asks her to go. Lajjo does not see Adhiraj’s pic and asks Shalini. Shalini says he is my son and cries. She asks Lajjo to go and cook. She leaves. Ayesha comes to Adhiraj and tells him happily that she won Papa’s challenge and even my mum accepted you, they want us to be married soon, tell me when to marry.

He says we have to wait for sometime. She says I knew you will say this. She says mum told me she has realized this that love can’t be stopped and our love is true. He hugs her and says he is happy. He asks will she adjust in such a small home. She says we spoke earlier too, stop it now, tell me when are we marrying. He says he can’t wait. They hug and smile. Ranawat asks his staff not to involve Harry in anything. Lajjo hears this.

Jasmine comes and asks about Nikhil. Ranawat says invite your friends. Ranawat says Nikhil will not refuse you, do you like him. Jasmine says yes. Lajjo looks on and gets angry. Ranwat says no problem, invite him. Jasmine says he does not listen to me, he says he is married. Ranawat says is it, married? She says yes, but I don’t care if he is married or not, I mean I just like him. She says I like very few people and Nikhil is one of them. She says his marriage can be broken too. Ranawat says not a big deal and she smiles. Lajjo is shocked. Lajjo makes the curry fall on his coat and takes it to wash. She quickly goes to take the key impression but stops seeing Shalini. She gives the coat back to Ranawat. Shalini thinks Lajjo is hiding something. Harry meets his friend at a café and asks him to find out Trishna.

Lajjo comes home and is irritated as her work is not easy and Jasmine is after you. She says she saiud she will make your wife away from you. He smiles and says feeling insecure, don’t you know me, if she tries, you will always be in my heart. She smiles. Ayesha comes and gives them the good news hugging them. She says everyone is ready for my marriage. They say they are happy for her. Rishi says Ayesha is going to give is a treat today. Ayesha thinks about Lajjo’s goodness. Lajjo comes to her and brings her hot chocolate. Ayesha says how do you read my heart. Lajjo talks to her.

Lajjo makes her smile that Barkha agreed. Ayesha says she is happy, its miracle, all because of you. She thanks Lajjo. She asks when she went away from Nikhil and Ishana’s life as her marriage did not have love, she might be hurt to leave Nikhil. Lajjo cries and thinks of that time. She says its morning after a dark night. They laugh. Ayesha says you have explained Adhiraj, you did a lot for me. Lajjo says its fine and they smile. Its morning, Ranawat gets ready for work and forgets his waller. Shalini gives him the wallet and hanky. She keeps it in his hanky and takes the keys of the locker. He says fine, thanks and leaves.

Lajjo comes home and sees the key kept on the table. She is shocked. She thinks this is the best chance and takes its impression. She keeps the key back. Ayesha says she does not know what Adhiraj likes and Rishi and Meera are shocked. Ayesha says we just eat khichdi and pickles. Meera says I m happy as I can’t believe Barkha accepted Adhiraj and called him on dinner, which tea he likes. Ayesha says ginger tea. Meera says what. Barkha arranges everything and wants things perfect. Ayesha cooks for Adhiraj. Rishi teases her about Ayesha’s love story. They all hug Ayesha and smile. Ranawat looks for the key. He comes home and calls Shalini. Shalini comes and Lajjo looks on.

Shalini asks what happened. He asks for the key. She says she did not see it, look around. He says did you see. She says no, you try to remember. Lajjo thinks she kept the key on table, where did it go. Shalini says its here and gives him the key from under the sofa. Ranawat thanks her. Shalini reminds him of a party and he says we are going. Shalini thinks I hope Lajjo took the key’s print. Lajjo thins how did the key got on floor.Lajjo asks Shalini can she go home early. Shalini asks why, which child is ill. Lajjo makes excuses and says a guy is coming to see my sister in law. Shalini asks her to go.

Shalini thinks Lajjo is going to take the key print, I wanted her to hear we are going out tomorrow and she will think what she will do and why she came here. Ayesha gets ready and everyone tease her. Adhiraj comes and greets everyone. Barkha asks Ayesha to look after arrangements and she will talk to Adhiraj. Ayesha leaves. Barkha asks Adhiraj to sit. Barkha tells about a writer in their family, Samrat. She says she wants to meet his parents, when will he make them meet them. Adhiraj says I don’t have anyone.

Barkha says I see you are an angry young man. She says it happens in young age, when mentality is different from parents. She says I think its perfect time to set everything right. She says we and Inder can go and talk to your parents. Adhiraj says no need, I don’t have anyone in this world except Ayesha. Barkha thinks fine, one day we will meet your family. Nikhil comes to Ranawat’s home and gives diamond set to Savita. She says Jasmine is waiting. He says fine, call her here. She says fine and goes. Jasmine calls him to her room. He says he is in hurry, you give this to her. Jasmine comes to him and stops him.

He says he has to go. She engages him in her clever talk and asks him to remain friend. He sits down to talk to her. She gives him water and initiates a talk. She says I know you have to go home early. She says you stayed here, I felt very glad and trust me, I won’t stop you for much time. She makes the glass fall and steps on it. She hurts her feet intentionally and he cares for her. He does the first aid. She smiles and thinks if you will touch me if I get hurt, I m ready to get hurt to keep you close.

Shalini and Harry aim the gun at Lajjo. Lajjo is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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