Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang ask from biblarth, what happened later? But dont try to understand me. Then biblarth continues the story. In story mahadev says to mata that kartikaye will return back whenever his mind will calm down. Mahadev tries to understand to kartikaye.
Biblarth stops telling the story. Then again rohitang says, why you stops, tell the story. Biblarth says, mahadev told to kartikaye that ganesh will do marriage without in presence of you. Kartikaye then understand his mistake. Then mata and mahadev decided that we have spent our time here, so we will stay here as Mallika-arjun. Narayan denotes it as first joint shivling.
Rohitang says, i think me and kartikaye has get same pain but after this story, i hate kartikaye. Rohitang then gone from there and dev kamapan follows him and says, rohitang, you have so many question in your mind. I think its all due to me. YOu have spoiled your time by asking question from biblarth. Rohitang says, i have learnt alot from shivling stories about mahadev and now i have get something new- parvati. Dev kampan alert him then rohitang
tells about previous story. There is no use of mata parvati in my planning. But i know how will mahadev will become weak. I am didnt get how will end to mahadev.
Everybody wants something from mahadev, i also want something, his life.
Saptrishi discuss about rohitang. Rohitang meets with biblarth then biblarth says, today you have already decided about story. Now i dont want worship, today i want
killing story. biblarth says, mahadev’s killing is also worship. ROhitang says, death is death, so dont cover mahadev’s evil. Biblarth says, mahadev kills our proud. Sometime earlier, you are in sky and you have seen alot that you can’t seen from this body. Rohitang shouts on biblarth and says, i am not your student. so dont give me knowledge. Rohitang says, i cannot kill you because my guru is present here. Dev kampan stops rohitang and says sorry to rishi biblarth and request to stay calm.
Devkampan says, i will choose today story “Mahakaleswar”.
Biblarth says, this story starts with nandi. Mahadev order to go to nandi to meet with mata parvati and kartikaye, while he is going to meet with them, he visited ujjain and in ujjain, dushan kills people there and mahadev killed dushan and situated as mahakaleshwar. biblarth says, mahadev will always come when his devotee calls him. People will fear and mahadev make them free from fear and you are also known to fear and mahadev discus with you.
ROhitang says, you are today very happy with your statement. you are laugh on me in your ashram. you get opportunity to make laugh on work. But nothing completed, because i am shivansh. I will also put mahadev in same condition that i have faced.

Precap:- Mahadev discus with mata and kartikaye about rohitang and biblarth says to dev kampan, rohitang is moving in wrong path.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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