Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav thanks Cabir for not giving up while Cabir says that someone had to be the responsible one and that one is me. Cabir explains on how he had to break into the principal’s office and left a note there so that a party can be organized. Raghav gets shocked and says that how could you while Cabir says that stop this interrogation as you are my heart. Raghav says that you are mad and that is one of the many reasons I love you. Then they hear the footsteps and Raghav leaves immediately.

The dance is still going on and Nandini and Manik get teamed up. Harshad and Muktii get teamed up but Muktii leaves after taking some pills while Manik and Nandini dance. Dhruv comes and sits next to Cabir who is smiling while ALiya comes and says that I am surrounded by goners. Nandini and Manik dance staring at each other with nothing to say but a lot to remember. ALiya sits down and Cabir puts down the drink and ALiya asks him that what you are smiling about as Rose is inside. Cabir replies saying that I am thinking about her as she is a dancing machine he then runs saying that I am going to meet her.

Dhruv takes the glass and is almost about to drink it when Aliya asks that why didn’t you dance with her. Dhruv says that she considers me a friend and tells Aliya to change the topic. Aliya giggles and Dhruv asks that are you doing because of me. Aliya says that you are a cute little boy and unless you don’t tell her she will always think of you as a friend. Dhruv says that he is happy with her as a friend, but Aliya says that you just have to give her a sign not to propose her. Dhruv says that he first needs to know what she thinks and Aliya says that I can figure it out. Dhruv says that how will you do that and Aliya implies that you will have to follow what I say.
When the dance ends everybody and Muktii just stares at them. Rose says that the chemistry was amazing and I have never seen it before while Muktii asks Cabir of where ALiya is. Aliya comes in with Dhruv and tells him to go for it, Dhruv comes and asks Nandini if she isOkay. He gives her the drink in which Harshad added the pill and Navya makes her entrance trying to be like Muktii and everyone starts to laugh. Nanidni goes to Navya but she leaves while Nandini says that everything is blurry.

Navya goes to the bathroom and cries and says that why does everybody does this to me.
Muktii comes and gives her a tissue and says that this is not working and don’t do this much for him. Navya says that why do you care, Muktii says that she doesn’t but she hates Harshad as he will use any girl and make her feel special and then will throw her like garbage. Muktii leaves saying that don’t trust Harshad.
Nandini is laughing and Manik comes and says that why are you laughing like a fool. She starts to explain but keeps on laughing, Manik smiles and sits down with her and says that what happened to you. Manik says that are you drunk and she replies smiling that no.
Manik says that why did you drink alone and asks her that where is your booze. Nandini says that she doesn’t drink but that there was a great cold drink in the party and asks Manik to get some of that. Manik realizes that it was not a cold drink as someone did something to it. Nandini stands up and goes behind a glass door and says that there is something wrong. Manik says that you are Einstein, happy realization. Nandin asks Manik that if you are feeling the same thing and throws her stall away as it is very hot. She is about to take her top off when Manik stops her and ties it for her. He gives her back the stall while she is still dizzy and lands on Manik.

Manik holds her aside and Nandini is about to say something and then says that she forgot. Manik tells her to come with him as he will take her home but she says that your house is very boring. Manik then tells her to come to his car and he will turn on the A.C, Nandini replies saying that how come such a smart idea came to you and then plays with face. They are about to leave when Raghav comes from the corridor and Manik hides with Nandini as she can’t be seen like this. Manik tells her to be quite as they are hiding just behind a wall. Raghav admits on calling the security if the students don’t come forward and walks toward them.

Precap: Aliya explains the steps of making a girl of falling in love with you and tells Dhruv to follow them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Woooohhh…crazy nanduu…mor fun n mor chmstry…yesssss…dats wat we r waitng for…(h) :p

  2. thanx sona… nandu..roks..;) 🙂

  3. when will they confess their love

  4. a big thanks for ur written updates sona.:-):-):-)

  5. thank you lot for the update sona….
    love u manik & nandu….u r just awsome

  6. can anyone one let me know the name of the song they danced on??? cannot find it on google!! Thnx

    1. Its “shayad yahi h pyaar” from d mv Life in a metro….:)

  7. when manik will tell to nandni that he loves her…..

  8. When will they confess….
    Wat if dhruv n aliya fall in love??

  9. Ruchitaramshetty

    Can plzzzzzz anyone tell me the song that plays on when they have an eye lock it’s a something which has a lot of the word “Mera”.&

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