Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Amma seeing Romi and Sarika in the garden. Romi and Sarika have an argument. He says I told you I will handle, whats this drama, S Bhalla. She says you married me in temple and this all happened, you are behaving like you don’t know me.She says your family told you not to meet me and you were after me, saying you love and can’t be without me, was all that a lie,m how can you leave me, I told you I m pregnant, and what did you do. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are shocked. Romi says I don’t want to become a father, abort the child. Sarika says then why did you marry me. He says don’t be innocent, what I did, you are also responsible, don’t be a Sati Savitri. She says you did the drama, you don’t care about me and this relation, I should have understood you, I won’t sit in corner and cry.

He says you are not the girl whom I can love and make the bahu of my house. She says Ramanw as right about you. He gives her money and leaves. She cries. Mrs. Bhalla says how dare she. Amma stops her and says not now, don’t make issue here, we don’t know anything now. Go home and talk to aomi first, come. Sarika cries thinking about her and Romi’s love and marriage. She says I won’t let Romi do this, he has to accept me. She gets a call and talks.

Ishita comes home and calls out Romi. Romi comes and she looks at him. She asks will he have tea, he looks tired. He says no, I was in office. She gives him water. Romi drinks water. Ishita calls Amma and her mobile rings. She says she will call back and ends the call. She says its Sarika’s call again, I don’t know why. She asks Romi did anything happen between him and Sarika, she is calling me so many times, I m worried, I m ignoring her. Romi says he does not know anything, he is not in touch with her. She says yes, right, its fine, I will ask her whats her problem. He says why, let it be. She asks why, do you know whats the reason.

He says she has gone mad, saying anything, she is after me, despo. She says she is bothering you, how dare she. I know Romi and Sarika, I know Sarika is a self esteemed girl, she will have some reason. He says fine, trust her, she is mad, she has obsession. She says I will scold her good, call her and I will tell her how dare she trouble you. He says whats your problem, you are always after me. She says I m helping you, why are you worried, what did you do. He says I did not do anything, she did everything, she is pregnant, I gave her money and she is not agreeing, I don’t want a child, are you happy to know this. She slaps him and says she knew this, you ruined her life, are you not ashamed, you really thought I won’t know this, you bribed a ward boy and thought you will hide it.

He says I knew you will interfere, I m always wrong, she is innocent, I did not rape her, she is also responsible. She says you are a low level man, you might have promised to marry her, fine it was her mistake, it was equally your mistake, take the responsibility of the child, support and respect her, you should marry her. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says why will he marry. She says you are controlling the home after I went for 10 days, you broke my and Pammi’s relation and now you are teaching Romi, we won’t make Sarika our bahu, Romi maybe bad, it does not mean we will bring her home. She scolds Romi.

She says Ishita is also responsible, I told you to keep Sarika away from Romi, but Ishita feels she is smart, I know Romi so asked you to stop them, now see the result. She says that Sarika, fool, why did she come in his love. Ishita says you don’t know what Romi did with her. Ashok says I know what Romi did with you. Sarika says how do you know this. Ashok says fate made me meet, I got your pregnancy report by mistake and I know what kind of guy is Romi, I know what are you thinking, and states her problems. He says I respect women a lot and I want to help you, so I will fight with Romi for you.

She says but why, you don’t even know me. Ashok acts being selfless man and asks her to think he is her well wisher, but Raman is a very bad man. He says Raman made Ishita fire you and he did not stop Romi, he is now supporting Romi and ruined your life. She says I think you are mistaken. Ashok says no, I have seen their bad side, I can support you if you want to fight against them, there is no one else. He says Raman will give money, but you need justice, not money. He says first, Parmeet, then Raman and now Romi exploited you, this time you are not alone, you have the child, force Romi to marry you, I will help you do this, I will give you the father of your child, what do you think. Sarika cries and says I need time to think. He says fine, but think soon, as you have less time. She leaves. He says I got her, I will see how Raman comes out of this scandal, Ruhi can’t say my papa is best, I will make Sarika file s*xual harassment case.

Raman comes home and slaps Romi. He counts his mistake and asks how can he do this, how can he ruin a girl’s life, did we teach this to you. He beats Romi. Ishita stops him and says he did mistake, ask him to take the responsibility of the girl and child. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika will not become our bahu. Raman says why not, what did Ishita say wrong, she will become the bahu. Romi says I don’t love her, I won’t marry her. Raman beats Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says you can’t force him, she is not good, else she would have come to us, and told me and Ishita, she told Romi and met him, she knew we don’t like her, why did she go after him. Romi says she was after me. I told her my family won’t agree, and she said she will enjoy, and he said fine. Raman beats him.

Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika is characterless, what will Romi do if she is after him. Raman says you are defending him and blaming the girl, why should we always blame girls. Ishita defends Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla argues with Ishita. She says she can’t always make them do as she says and Raman, if you feel its Romi;s mistake, fine kill him, but if Sarika comes in this house, then you will see my dead face. Raman says enough, I will decide how to solve this and everyone will agree to my decision, else I will see him later. Everyone leave. Romi holds his hurt hand and wipes his tears.

Simmi says she won’t support him, its his mistake. Romi asks her to support him. She says did you support me, Parmeet was kicked out of this house, no one supports each other in this house, you deal with your mistake. He says you feel its my mistake. She says I m a woman, I know this that you used a woman and broke her trust, I have always covered up your mistakes, you have to be punished. Raman comes to meet Sarika. She says I knew you will surely come when you know the truth, and you won’t let injustice happen with me. She gives him water and he thanks her. He says Sarika, I don’t know how to talk to you, what Romi did, sorry.

Ishita is worried at home and says Raman won’t let injustice happen with Sarika, he understands that Sarika can’t handle the baby alone, I just hope mummy ji’s words does not affect him.

Raman tells Romi that Sarika did s*xual harassment case on him and asks him to deal with this problem. Ishita hears them. Sarika tells Ishita that Raman came to buy her yesterday and offered money, asking her to keep or abort the child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i thnk d story is mvng frm timelne.ab raman aur ishu face 2 face.kab hoga luv cnfsn.

  2. hw did sarka blvd romi if Raman told hr 2 sty away frm romi.

  3. stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. its going out of track yaar.i guess raman is testing sarika by testing her by giving her money.whatever it be plz focus on raman and ishu relation.

  5. One day per week only serial is moving in between ishra s scenes – thrilled by weeks precap which all r watchg… Dnt divert the story much .. Come back to the real story ..

  6. I cant expect this frm u raman how could u do this to sarika this will be a great insult for ladies i expect tht u respect ladies but this is too much i know its not u r fault but ekta we wont forgive for this.

  7. another drama

  8. story track is going worse day by day…….. always they r busy with others problems agar ese hi tho vo kab janenege un ka pyaar……har vakth ek dusare ke kilaf ladne ko pyaar nahi kehte hi stupid sarika its her mistake because ishu and raman warn her before……..anyway plz change the story track its by day going worse

  9. YHM serial song track is pal pal badhe hai mohabbatein….but changing the song in coming episode like hal chal badhe hai mohabbatein and by the by best of luck for YHM serial

  10. Going very weak.. boring these days.. romi will never change .. I hate him.. he is such a creep.. always back of girls.. I thought he sincerely loved sarika.. but he dont.. I dont want to see him in the show

  11. Why ishita always do overacting …..too much drama

  12. Seriously yaar totally out of track story…..upar se that opportunist ashok khanna……I hate this man

  13. Plz wait Raman n Ishita fan’s coming episode will very interesting story in yeh hai mohabbatein serial

  14. what the hell going on in the story…..if it continues rating is going to be 2 or even less……..

  15. the writers r not paying serious attention to this show. they r just writing watever is coming to their mind. Romi was seriously loving Sarika. How can he use her like this. He even married her in a temple. Romi was a changed man. Y did he do such a thing. Ekta fooled us all. She just created an envirnment for us to believe that this is a unique and grt love story. In the end when we got used to it, she started doin the age old thing. Raman and Ishita love story – forget it. Now, we don’t have the mood to see that part. All finished. Hum to yeh dekhna chahte the ki raman ishita ko apni bahon mein leke pyar kare, usse sharaarath kare. bhool jao sab kuch. In dono ke beech koi compatability hi nahi hai. yeh dono ek dooje se ladne ke liye bane hai. pyar karne ke liye nahi.

  16. YHM going to typical Ekta Kapoor way.

  17. Disaster… Romi character value made serial to go TRP’s down.. Whole week bored to watch.. Wat happened to Raman Best Husband list track.. And IShita anger on raman.. one disaster thing came.. all left

  18. Wat a melodrama… Even sarika do better acting than ishita….hate it…

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