Piya Basanti Re 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kabeer thinking what is happening to him and why is he seeing Piya when she is not there at all. Savita calls him and asks him to get down.

Piya reaches home thinking why Kabeer was behaving weirdly. She sees Himesh’s parents there who say they want her engagement with Himesh soon. Piya gets tensed. Himesh asks if she has any prob getting engaged. She says she does not have any prob but thinks it is too early. Himesh’s mom says there is no harm getting engaged early, she can marry later. She asks panditji to select engagement date. Pandit selects 10th as engagement. Madhu says it is too early, but agrees on Himesh’s parent’s insistence.

Savita makes Kabeer and Anchal sit next to each other and says they should get engaged soon. Mahesh jokes Neeta and Savita will get them married soon. Savita asks Kabeer to take Anchal out. He says he is tired. She asks him to take him out for coffee in the evening. Anchal senses Kabeer is not happy about their alliance.

Akshay drops Ganga near her home. Ayesha also tries to get down, but Akshay stops her and says he will drop her near her home. Ganga signals her to go ahead and then follows them in an auto.

Savita asks Kabeer to get ready soon to meet Anchal and asks him to go with roses and gifts for her. Neeta tants her to write a list and give it to him instead and says when already alliance has been fixed, everything will be good.

Anchal waits for Kabeer outside her house. Kabeer drives car and reminisces his happier moments with Piya. He stops car and thinks he should meet Piya before meeting Anchal and turns his car back towards Piya’s house. Anchal gets auto and moves towards Kabeer’s house. Kabeer reaches Piya’s house and knocks door. Piya opens door and is surprised to see him. She asks what is he doing here and asks him to come in. He asks her to come out as he wants to talk to her. She comes out and asks what he wants to say and says she was thinking of calling him. He asks why. She says her engagement date is fixed on 10th and he has to attend it. Kabeer gets sad hearing that and says he will not come. She asks what is he telling and what happened to him. He says after he came to know that her marriage is fixed, he is confused and does not know if he should be happy getting Anchal or losing Piya. Piya asks what does he mean. He says he was confused all these days but has now realized that he loves her. Piya is surprised to hear that. Kabeer says her I love you.

Piya asks if he has gone insane. He says he is fine and he does not know when he started loving her, says he is behaving weird since some days and is unhappy. Piya asks him to stop and tries to walk out. He holds her hands, but she pushes him and says we are in a situation where we are marrying 2 other individuals and says we both have different worlds and it happens in films and not in reality. He asks if she does not value his feelings. She asks him to stop and says whatever he is thinking cannot happen at all. He walks out from there sadly.

Kabeer starts driving his car and reminisces Piya’s words that they cannot marry. Anchal reaches Kabeer’s house and sees his car there. She calls him, but he does not pick her call. She thinks why is he not picking his call. Savita sees her and asks why i she here. Anchal says she wants to meet Kabeer. Savita says she was with you some time back. She says Kabeer did not meet her at all and she is worried about him, requests to let her meet him. Savita sends her to Kabeer’s room. Anchal reaches Kabeer’s room Kabeer apologizes her for not coming. She asks why is he acting weird since their alliance and asks him to tell what is in his mind, else she will feel bad. He says there is nothing like that and says he had some doubts earlier but not now. He apologizes her and says he can do anything to correct his mistake. She says there is no need to do anything and refers him as Mr. Anything.

Precap: Anchal, Kabeer, Piya and Himesh reach a hotel for lunch. A singer sings Hum tere bin ab rah nahi sakte.. song. Kabeer sadly looks at Piya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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