Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik looks at the teddy bear while Soha thinks that Manik might get hurt and throws a stone. Manik goes to look who it is when the bear explodes. Manik is surprised and goes to Nandini while Soha leaves. He hugs her and when he lets her go Nandini says that how could Harshad do this. Manik says that you have no idea and says that for this I won’t spare him. He calls while his phone is off; Nandini tries to calm him while Manik says that no one is more important to me than you. He says that I can see you in pain and crying and for this you can’t stop me. He calls Aliya to ask about Harshad and she says that Harshad is out of town and is missing. Manik says that if he hasn’t done it than whom, Nandini asks him to cool down again and Manik says that your smile does that anyway.
Nandini smiles back and says to Manik that go home and I will make an excuse for you. Manik takes a step but comes back and kisses her in the head and leaves. Aliya is sitting when Dhruv comes from though she doesn’t notices him. ALiya says that I hate these stupid glasses after a few seconds Dhruv comes and asks about Harshad. ALiya tells him about the update and blames herself while Dhruv calms him down saying that the issue can’t be easy. Aliya blames herself when Dhruv tells her to stop it and says that Harshad did all of this without thinking about you. He says that when it is over he will come back. ALiya says that since childhood I have never felt so distant from him. Dhruv says that I am with you so don’t cry. She puts her head on his chest and cries while Dhruv hugs her as well. She gets up and He kisses her.
Navya is with Nandini and says that If Manik had helped me before I would have got a heart attack. Navya says that your love story is going great and you have completely changed him. Nandini says that we are going slow and have just become friends so that we don’t regret anything. Navya says that it is good as in my case while Nandini cheers him up and tells her to think positive.
The next day at the college Manik is looking for Nandini when she comes and says that were you looking for me. Manik says that I was looking for Cabir and when she asks again he promises her and Nandini walks away. Manik stops her and says that you don’t look fine and teases her again on the friends theory. Nandini says that what I meant was that we should be best friends and says that let’s not start our day on fight or the whole day would go bad. Manik says that I didn’t think that you believed in such superstitions. Nandini says that this is the point of being friends as we could get know eac other better.
Later Nandini is with the Principal’s office arguing about what Navya has done. The conversation goes on when Nandini says that I can prove it to you. The principle says that the results will prove you wrong and you will fail. Nandini brings the condition that if she is right than you will bring Navya back. Manik comes to Cabir and asks about where he was. Cabir doesn’t answers straightly and Manik says that wasit auty. Cabir starts to play the drums when Manik takes the sticks and asks him to tell it. Cabir doesn’t answer and Manik says that you are scaring me now.
Cabir says that I went for an interview and Manik says that you went in the morning for that. Manik asks why did he do that and Cabir says that I need a job that’s why. Manik says that why do you need a job as I am here. Cabir says that I am well and good and can’t take so much favors from you. Manik says that we are friends and when you have the money you can return it. Cabir says that how can he repay it if he has no money. Manik says that we are making an album and you need to stay focus. Cabir says that I will not get distracted but will get the job. The argue on when Manik and Cabir go to take breakfast.
Manik is talking with Nandini of the phone and both are coming on the stairs. They meet and Nandini talks about the Principle. Manik says that you went to him again while Nandini explains her plan to Manik. Manik disagrees with her plan and says that you are crazy as no one will accept.

Precap: Cabir is also amazed to what Nandini has proposed and later Nandini and Navya put up banners for the campaign.

Update Credit to: Sona

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