Friends. . Condition Apply 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chirag and all friends comes in the room..Shakti asks what Isha is hiding..Chirag and Shakti searches but doesnt find anything..Chirag asks what is happeneing here??Imple asks Isha what work is not completed???shakti tells she cannot afford any stupidity..Benoy laughs and tells that If Shakti did it is cleverness and if he do its stupidity..Benoy tells because of her there are in trapped here..Chirag asks what they are doing???benoy tells nothing..Juhi tells that Benoy and iSha are couple..Benoy tells yes they are…Shakti tells Benoy not to anything wrong..Benoy tells Shakti should give her life..Shakti tells that Benoy got mad..Chirag tells that Benoy cannt do anything just impress girls..Benoy tells shut up..Imple tells Benoy to stay in his limits..and goes..Agni tells Tara not off her mood..Agni and Tara gets cosy Murli sees gets angry and goes away..Imple and juhi goes..Imple tells he have to go to Shakti and Chirag..juhi tells don not disturb them as Something is cute aving between them..Juhi listens sounds and goes.Juhi and Imple sees Bali breaking wood with Axe,,Omar is sitting..Omar tells Imple to try..Imple breaks the wood..Omar gives the sanitizor to juhi and tells not to throw..
Chirag tells Shakti not to be stressed as benoy and ISha will not to do anything..Chirag tells he will Cross check..Benoy comes and tells wow all are missing him..Imple tries to beat Benoy but Juhi controls him..Benoy goes..Next morning all are sleeping..Benoy awakes Isha and goes..Juhi gets up and comes out of room to take water..Juhi goes some distance..TAra comes and pushes Juhi tells that she had problem with Major Vikram singh.. Major Vikram singh comes to juhi’s mother and tells to trust him atleast for sake of Juhi..Tara pushes Juhi and tells that his father Major Vikram arrested Rajneil her father..and when village people come to save RAjneil all Vikram’s commando was killed and MAjor didnt came to help..TAra tells that Major Vikram is a Coward..Juhi tells that she doesn’t care about her father..Tara tells but she cares..TAra tells she will not leave JUhi,,Benoy tries to open Radio but it doen’t work,,Benoy gets angry and throws it..ISha tells to try once more..benpy contacts on radio with someone..The person tells to come near River..Benoy tells he will come..Isha tells that finally she is going home..Juhi stands with a slate..Tara and Agni makes a Video recording..Murli records the video..Agni tells that they willl send the video to Vikram singh,,,Murli asks why only Major VIkram..??Agni tells that Major Vikram only arrested BABA.!! They are old disputes to solve..Murli tells that Major vikram’s neck will be in their hand..Agni smiles..Juhi comes tells that TAra hates her..And she bet her also because of her father Major Vikram singh..Chirag tells from today onwards no one will go outside alone as it is dangerous.Imple tells that ISha and Benoy are missing..Chirag..Imple..juhi and Shakti goes inside the room..Shakti sees radio..Chirag tells that it is transmittor a communicating device..Chirag tells that benoy has contacted someone..Someone sounds comes from radio saying Rescue team is coming to help..Imple tells that they will be saved..Shakti tells no they will die..Shakti snathes the radio and throws it,,Imple tells what shakti did as It was a useful thing..Shakti tells that if they will be alive then they will reach home..Shakti tells that they will die as otherside they are landmines..Imple tells how Shakti known??Shakti tells that Agni said..Shakti tells that they have to find Benoy and Isha..Benoy and ISha are in jungle..Benoy shouts at Isha as she forget to put transistor…Benoy listens river’s noise and goes..Anotherside Imple..juhi..Shakti and Chirag searches..

Precap:::Benoy and Chirag fights…Benoy tells that Chirag tells that Chirag is a murderer..Isha runs and falls Bomb exploded..Shakti shouts

Update Credit to: Ansari

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