Sadda Haq 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says we looked everywhere nothing was found. Rana says what yoyo said? inspector says he said he didn’t do anything. Randhir says sir believe us none of us can do this. Inspector says we know what to do. Cops leave. Rana starts hitting yoyo and says tell me where are drugs. Randhir says leave him. Rana says don’t interfere in my business. who are you to stop me? randhir says who are you to blame him? cops have left him why are you inquiring. Parth holds yoyo and randhir starts hitting rana. Kabir comes and says whats happening here? Randhir says he is blaming yoyo for jiggy’s death. Kabir says cops will investigate what happened. Kabir says if I see you doing any such thing I will rusticate you. Vidushi says sir we are very tensed, we are sorry. sahil says no such thing would happen again. kabir says go back to your rooms. Rana says but sir? kabir says wait for my next order.

SAnyu is sitting in corridor she is crying. Parth and vidushi are upset as well. yoyo is crying as well so is randhir. SAhil is depressed. They recalls their days working and having times with jiggy. yoyo recalls teasing him. sanyu says this unbelievable. I feel like I will meet him in lab tomorrow. All close people in my life are going one by one. First kaustuki, randhir and now jiggy. Please give strength to Jiggy’s parents God. Tomorrow is the biggest day of my life. I hope I don’t disappoint my papa.

Scene 2
Anju says to Agarwal is there any problem? he says nothing go and bring me medicine. SHe does. Agarwal says there is not one thing that sanyu did for my happiness. She is so stubborn. anju says calm down she is our daughter. She is not a kid, please don’t insult her in office. Agarwal says I know what to do. anju says if she makes any mistake please pardon her. Agarwal says this is what I have been doing. I take this passion of engineering from her. He leaves.

Yoyo is crying and says this has happened because of me. Nikil says no its not. Yoyo says I said stupid things to him. randhir comes and hugs yoyo. Parth comes as well. Parth says yoyo crying wont bring him back. randhir says it was not your mistake. yoyo says I said to him that I were at your place I would have killed my self and he did it. randhir says we say that in anger that doesn’t mean we wanted to kill jiggy. Sanyu wears a shawl and takes her phone. she says to vidushi I am going out, I don’t think I can sleep today. Vidushi nods.
sanyu goes out. she gets a call from ankit. anit says you will sleep late and wake late, its papa’s company so you will do what you want. you have to get there on time. sanyu says okay. ankit says now I will tell you what engineering is. Reach office by 10. sanyu hangs up. SAnyu goes in ground as well. ishika comes and covers randhir with a jacket, she says how are you baby? She sits with him and says I broke up with rehan. I said once and for all that its all over. are we in relationship now? Randhir says ishika leave me alone please. He gives her jacket back to her. sanyu says in heart I can see how much disturbed you are. Jiggy was so close to you.

Randhir goes in, rehan is there. Rehan says why my gf? I thought you are my family? Why you did this? randhir says now you know how it feels like when a relationship breaks. This is how I felt when I got to know my mom has married. In will destroy you, your dad and renuka saniyal. rehan laughs. he says you thought snatching my gf would destroy me? That girl meant nothing to me. try better thing next time. your relationship has ruined btw. My brother you can have a million girls like ishika. if you are still in game, come to office tomorrow to destroy our mom and try harder this time. Rehan leaves. Randhir sits there and says sanu why you left me when I needed you most? this has happened because of you. randhir says the game is still on. Randhir Sighn doesn’t repeat mistakes.

Scene 3
Next morning, randhir and parth wake up and get dressed for their internships. Warden comes and wishes them luck. they wish each other as well. SAhil is ready as well but he is tensed too. sanyu and vidushi get ready as well. Their warden wishes them. Sanyu prays and says all the best vidushi. Vidushi says you don’t even need good luck, its your dad’s factory. Sanyu says its my dad’s factory that is why I need it most. Vidushi says best of luck. Sanyu says thanks and leaves.

Sanyu is in front of factory she says this is it. I am in front of my dream, just go for it. Guard stops her. He says there is time in opening, I cant let you in. sanyu shows him internship letter, or should I call ankit? He says okay but don’t touch anything until floor manager comes. Sanyu goes in, she recalls coming there in childhood He caresses all the machines. She roams around the factory. She recalls when she used to hide, behind the machines due to Agarwal. She recalls Agarwal looking for her. She sees name plate of Agarwal. She dreams that Agarwal appreciates her for her designs. Manager would say sir you are lucky to have a daughter like her. Anju would come in and say, I thought you will come and I wont have to worry anymore but you don’t even care for your food. She takes the lunch from anju, Agarwal would caress her and say I am proud you. She writes sanyukta Agarwal with her tears on the glass. She says its 9:30, everyone would come by 10. She sees a man working under a car. She says excuse me, He ignores her. sanyu says I am sanyukta, its first day of my internship. He comes out. sanyu says its my first day. He starts working on another machine. sanyu says he is weird. Sanyu smells grease. SHe takes a selfie. The guy is gone. sanyu sees her photo with randhir and says all the best to you to randhir. I hope you don’t ruin everything in anger.

Randhir recalls sanyu saying I wont support you in revenge my dream is still same as it was 10 years ago. He goes in renuka’s company. He goes to renuka’s cabin and says from today I will destroy your company.

Agarwal and ankit are on their way. Anju calls Agarwal and says have you taken medicine? He says yeah you gave me. Anju says I forgot. anju says please be humble with sanyu. Agarwal says we talked about it last night, why again? sanyu will be treated like other employees. Ankit says I don’t know how she forgets what sanyu did to us. They come in the factory. Agarwal asks manager are the interns here? He says they must be coming. Agarwal says tell sanyu Agarwal that she isn’t made for this. He says my brother Raghu will be on floor with her. I have taught him everything. Agarwal says some workers were joingin today as well? H says yes and gives him details.

sanyu collides with someone in happiness and excitement. She drops his tool kit. Sanyu apologizes. sanyu says I am excited to learn from you all. He says go to reception and sigh registers. Mishra will come and tell you what to do, now go and let us work. sanyu says everyone is like randhir here. Why do I have to meet all the angry men.

Randhir drinsk and sits on renuka’s table. He throws stuff from table on the ground. He breaks renuka’s photo to. Randhir sees a family photo as well of, him, harsh and renuka. randhir says your own photos and award photos are in middle but a single photo of family in the corner of the table. you have no place for us in your lives. He tries to break it but he can’t. He tears renuka from the picture. Guard comes in and says what are you doing? randhir says now you will stop me? REnuka comes in and says randhir, randhir says welcome great renuka saniyal. I am sure you would have noticed the broken furniture rather than me. Renuka says whats wrong with you. randhir says I am drinking, renuka says why are you here when yu are not serious? He says no no I am very serious. serious to destroy you and your dream. my dream is to destroy your dreams. renuka says disgusting and leaves. randhir goes through some files and says this is what you sacrificed everything for? this will become reason of your destruction.

Precap-mishra says sanyukta please pick this tool box, sanyu cant pick it. he says you are here for internship? you cant even pick up a tool box. Agarwal says you have made fun of me. you cant even pick up a tool box. sanyu says I will become the best intern here. Agarwal says either you become best intern or if you lose you will have to marry where I say.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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