Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting angry seeing Yuvraaj asking Suhani to try the bangles, as Dadi said the one who get it fits, will get the bangles. He make Suhani wear it. It fits Suhani. He says see, the thing which belongs to someone, reaches her on its own. They smile. He says looking very nice. FB shows the Sharad calling the jeweler and giving Suhani’s bangle size, asking him to make the bangle of this size only. He smiles thinking he did this. He compliments Suhani. Dadi asks someone to serve her breakfast. Suhani says I will serve. Soumya is angry. Menka asks what did she tell jeweler. Soumya says nothing, I asked how did he sent it back. Menka asks how did it become Suhani’s size. Soumya scolds her. Menka says Suhani is better than you, even if she is angry, she does not talk to me like this. Soumya shuts the door on her face and says what happened to Yuvraaj, why is he behaving like this with me.

Suahni comes and opens the door. Soumya sees her bangles and asks what you want now. Suhani says I thought you.. Soumya says I want to be alone, please leave. Suhani tells Ramesh that Yuvraaj is on terrace and he said no one should disturb him. Soumya hears this. Yuvraaj is at terrace and recalls Soumya’s words. Soumya comes to him. He says you.. what are you doing here. She says I came to talk to you. He says I told Suhani no one should disturb me. She says I m not anyone, I m Soumya. She says I told you that wind direction is changing, I think you should also accept it. He starts leaving, and she holds her hand.

She asks him to give an answer. He asks for what, I m not interested in this cheap games of yours. She says I m not playing games, I m clearing everything that your heart feels and you are not accepting. He says enough Soumya. She says you are ignoring me, why. She says I was in my senses even when I was drunk, whatever I told on new year night, I told it to you, I love you Yuvraaj. He is shocked. She holds his hand and says I really love you. She says I made big mistake marrying Krishna, I realized I love you, not him, I know you have always loved me. He says what nonsense, are you mad, I m married, I m your best friend Suhani’s husband.

Suhani feeds snoopi and talks to him, about Soumya. He barks. She says even she is annoyed with me. He supports her and she caresses him. She says I want to make everything fine, I feel there is something I m not seeing, or maybe I m not realizing. Soumya says you are acting of fake commitment to Suhani even after loving me. She says you can’t talk seeing in my eyes, as you still love me, I know you know it very well. She smiles and says so you behave so well with Suhani, giving her attention as you want to run from this truth, you can’t run, the truth is you still love me.

She says I know you did this after marriage, made Suhani feel special as you wanted to lie to yourself. She asks for answer. He scolds her and asks her to answer, Suhani is her best friend, who supported her, when everyone left her, she loved you as sister, how can you do this. She says as I love you. He says stop it, silently leave from this house, its too much, you stayed a lot, its time to leave, just leave from here. Soumya cries. Soumya says fine, I have a condition, you have to tell the truth to Suhani. She says you fear that I will tell her that I love you, you tell her everything as she will ask me why I m leaving home, and I won’t answer her. She asks him to decide, will he able to tell. Suhani says I will try to make everything fine.

Soumya says you can’t tell Suhani, your silence is showing you can’t tell her, as….. He leaves. She says will he tell Suhani everything in anger, then. She goes to stop him. She says did I create a problem for myself saying this. Suhani says I will end Soumya’s problems and bring a smile on her face. Yuvraaj recalls Soumya’s words. He comes to Suhani, and says he wants to talk about Soumya. She says we will go out for a movie, your mood will be fresh, get ready, I will talk to Soumya. She asks what he wants to say. Soumya worries did he tell everything to Suhani. Suhani comes to her. She says you have to leave in 15mins. Soumya is shocked and says 15mins.

Suhani says yes, I won’t hear any no this time, hurry up. Soumya asks what is she doing, while Suhani takes her clothes to choose. Soumya cries and says I m not going anywhere, Dadi won’t let me go. Suhani says why will Dadi stop you from seeing movie. Soumya says what, movie. Suhani says yes, we are going to watch a movie, why, what did you think. Soumya says nothing and refuses to come. Suhani asks her to come. Soumya scolds her and asks her to leave. Suhani says fine, as you wish, I will refuse to Yuvraaj. Soumya says Yuvraaj. Suhani says yes, he is coming. She says if we don’t go, he will also not go. Soumya agrees to get ready. Soumya says I know Yuvraaj won’t tell anything to Suhani, he just asked me to leave in anger, he can’t be away from me, he loves me.

Soumya gives Suhani her tickets. Suhani asks her and Yuvraaj’s tickets. Suhanu does not have any ticket, and is stopped. Soumya looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hate both soumya and dadi…sharad you r very clever

  2. Hate both soumya and dadi…sharad ur soo good

  3. WTF soumya n dadi..!!

  4. I hate dadi more than sowmya. ..Both are equally wrong and disgusting

  5. Somya that blo*dy b*t*h bestfriend ke nam pe garbage…such a selfish character i hv ever seen

  6. hate u soumya…kamini…chi…get lost…jake kahin kood mar

  7. I think Yujraar is letting Soumya drowned herself in her own stupidity only then he will stand up and let everyone knows that he cares for Suhani only….can’t wait for the looks on all 4 witches faces lol

  8. Thank God for today episode, for d first time menka realized sushani is better than soumya

  9. The worst part of dadi is woh apne ghar ki bahu ko eii ladki(suhani) bulati aur bahar wali ko soumya beta(soumya)
    hate u for dis diff.
    aur ek baat dadi ko suhani ki rang se pblm hai na mujhe toh pura yakin ki dadi ka complexation pura kala hi hoga kuch zyada makeup leti hai,aur jitna hai nahi ush se zyada jawan banne ki koshish karti hai…


  11. Dirty devil Soumya i’m not having words to tell about u Shameless character

  12. Yuvraj u disappointed viewers expected more than that from u atleast you should have clear her that u hate her& love only Suhani

  13. bad episode go to hell soumya

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