Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Fab5 and Nandini watch Sunny Leone’s interview of bar on tv, Manik comes behind Nandini and looks at her. Aaliya says that these men are so insensitive, can’t they let them live with peace. Mukti and Navya also say so, Cabir says not all men are not like that. Nandini says yes, all men aren’t like that. Cabir looks at them both, and asks Nandini which men aren’t like that. Nandini says to Cabir, you. Navya asks who else, Nandini says Chacha and Rishab. Navya asks who else, Nandini says guard of college. Mukti smiles and asks her to look closer, Manik leaves from behind Nandini. Cabir says he has minded it, and has left.
Manik comes inside and thinks when she has started to be this important in his life. Nandini comes there, asks if he has angry and asks him who is he texting. He hides his phone, she asks whom he texting to. She tries to snatch his phone, he holds her waist to save his mobile. She responds to his touch, both look at each other for a while. Nandini backs up, and fell on the bed. Manik is moved, Nandini hides her face under a pillow. Manik lays besides her and calls her name. She doesn’t remove the pillow, he tells her he was messaging Dhruv. He came to pub, and maybe he was the one who broke the door. Nandini asks if he miss Dhruv dearly, Manik says yes, without him the celebration is incomplete. Manik says there was another reason of this messaging, she asks what. He says he distracted her from dress. They hear Cabir asking to leave, they come out. Cabir said Navya’s mother has called and asked them to come home soon as someone is waiting for them. He tells them about the wedding and Pandit issue, they all laugh. Soon Mukti and Aaliya also leave. Manik disappears.
Dhruv was watching the pub event of television smiling. He gets Manik’s message.
Nandini comes calling Manik, she looks at herself in the mirror. Manik comes from behind, and says beautiful. She asks what is beautiful, he says the mirror and the reflection. He asks if she likes herself in this outfit, she looks at herself. Manik says he likes her in this dress, he holds her arm from behind her. He says he likes her the way she is, it doesn’t matter what she wears or what not. She smiles. He hands her a bag of her clothes from car, asking her to change.
Neonika comes home then.
Nandini comes changed and says she will now leave. Manik says what he asked is still pending. She asks what, he comes close to her. She hides her face. He asks did she think he was about to kiss her? He was talking about camera batteries, she has them in bag. He says I don’t mind if she thought so, she places her hand on her mouth. He kisses on her hand, she pushes him away and runs out calling she is going home. Neonika enters the home while she was just leaving, Neonika says this is the most unwanted welcome, she went out for two days only. Manik comes running there, Neonika asks if she missed something as she thinks they people were having a good time. Manik says they were just having a party, and Nandini was the last one to leave. Nandini says she was about to leave, Neonika asks if she was leaving just watching her. Cabir enters the home then, cursing Navya’s mom; he says he left his keys. Nandini asks him to drop her too, he says this is why he came. They leave. Neonika stops Manik.
Mukti was upset, Aaliya offers her a chocolate and says today was an eventful day. Mukti says whatever happened was because of her I-Don’t-Care attitude, hadn’t she met Rocky this wouldn’t have gone to this extent.
Aaliya asks her not to blame herself, it’s very difficult to handle breakups. Guy’s aren’t that sensitive like them. Mukti asks what happened with Dhruv, they didn’t get to know what happened. Aaliya says she didn’t get to know when she fall in love, and what he did- he threw her away after using her. She gets it lighter saying she thinks they hot girls, have been cursed by the boys who run behind them, their love life should be screwed up. Aaliya and Mukti enjoy for a while, then Mukti begins to cry. Aaliya says she will get a shower. In the washroom, Aaliya feels nausea. Mukti asks if she is alright, Aaliya replies she is.
Neonika asks Manik there must be something really wrong that he is avoiding her. Manik turns and says he doesn’t like her face, and doesn’t want to look at her. Neonika says whatever was going between Nandini and him; she knows he doesn’t forgive, he hasn’t forgiven her for one incident then how can he forgive Nandini so easily. Manik asks who told her he has forgiven her. He says he has learnt from her to be selfish, so she must only think about herself and start worrying about Nandini. Manik gets Nandini’s call, he disconnects it. He murmurs that he can’t expose Nandini in front of Neonika.

PRECAP: Cabir and Navya come home, Cabir is shocked to see his mom. She says she has come to meet her daughter in law to be. Navya’s mother asks what kind of clothes is she in, in front of her mother in law to be. She says if Navya is in such clothes, she was with her husband to be. Both Cabir and Navya are shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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