Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu/molu happily tell family that badi maa/Gopi will come back to this house soon. Kinjal shouts at them and says Gopi is not as they think, she is very selfish and because of her, Kokila is staying in chawl. Pari says Kokila is staying in chawl because of her instead and says since she does not take care of her husband and child, Kokila is taking care of them staying in chawl. Kinjal yells and says Kokila is staying to take care of Rashi.

Jigar happily tells Ahem that if he had informed before that he is coming with them, he would have arranged his grand invitation, whole family would be happy seeing him. Ahem says he is coming back for Kokila, so he will stay in chawl with her. Kokila tries to speak, but he calls her Mrs. Modi and says he wants to clear that he will stay with her and not at Modi Bhavan. Kokila holds Gopi’s hand. Ahem frees her hand and holds himself instead and walks with her, leaving Gopi and Jigar.

Dhaval hears car sound, tells Kokila must have come, so he will go and receive her. Urmila gets tensed thinking Kokila and Ahem came back. She then sees Rashi and Pappu and starts her mad acting. Kokila reaches chawl. Neighbors taunt that because of Ahem, Kokila is living is leading a poor life in chawl instead of being in palace. Ahem gets irked. Gopi says neighbours it is their family issue and nobody should interfere. Meera says it is very suffocating here, how will they stay here. Dhaval hugs Ahem happily, but Ahem looks at him angrily. Meera and Vidya identify him as Dhaval mama (they did not identify Gopi without intro though)…

Ahem gets into Urimila’s chawl and tells Gopi that she must be thinking she can get anything, but he will prove her wrong and will fail all her evil plans. Gopi says came here for Kokila and nobody can stop her from meeting her. Rashi comes running and hugs Ahem calling him papa. She says she was waiting for him since many days. Ahem looks at her angrily. Rashi says she is Rashi Ahem Modi. Ahem and Meera/Vidya are shocked to hear that and feel embarrassed. Gopi smiles. Rashi then goes to Meera and Vidya and says she will identify them. Meera says she is Vidya’s sister and not her. Rashi goes back to Ahem and says his family pic will complete now. Kokila says she forgot her. Rashi says she meets her often, but not these people, she missed her a lot though. She then goes to Gopi and thanks her for bring back papa and sister. Kokila coughs, and Gopi gives her water. Ahem asks her to stay away from Mrs. Modi. Rashi says Kokila as she told, her papa is hard from outside but soft from inside.

Precap: Urmila hits Kokila with broom. Ahem holds her hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Well said Paridhi, give a tight slap to Kinjal. Lets see where will she go…

  2. kinjal very bore ,

    1. john the nikamma

      u bore

  3. Kinjal and Urmilla are great actresses. Every actor and actresses in this serial are very fun to watch.

  4. Yaar tht meera god
    n tht urmi playing her cheap game
    i would love to see love track of vidiya cute girl

  5. When Ahem realizes his mistakes and goes to Gopi then she should say that she forgives him but is not willing to stay with him because of his misbehave

  6. Ahem is so kiddish yaar
    gopi did so mch fr his family n tht idiot

  7. Hi tt and jhon. Tt grl/boy??

    1. john the nikamma

      helllo suhana. U r the funniest thing i have ever laid my eyes on. Very funny item iindeed like a funny monkey who goes on circus. U r a clown suhana

  8. I love saathiya now.all because of the new track.gud thing u guys started would be nice if u guys made a love turn between Gopi Vidya and Rashi.where it’s gopi’s birthday and Vidya and ahem have feelings for but can’t express it because Kokila took Rashi ,Gopi back home to modi bhaven because ahem slapped Gopi

    1. john the nikamma

      u fool

  9. The only reason why ahem slapped Gopi was she put money in this account when ahem was having a bussniss problem

  10. I hate Kinjal!!!!!.so selfish.did Kokila raise her good or is it ahem taught her how to behave bad?

    1. john the nikamma

      i taught her to be lyk me

  11. john the nikamma

    suhana u clown trying to line me. U funniest item

  12. john the nikamma

    u monkey suhana go to the zoo

  13. Paridhi u did d right thing. Kinjal desrves that.

  14. well done pari shabash

    1. john the nikamma

      u also is a shabash since i beat u

  15. I hate this meera to the core… Really how stupid she is.. Don’t she have a little affection on her mom.. How could she behave like this with her mom.. I want gopi to slap meera at least once. . eagerly waiting for it ..

    1. john the nikamma

      muskan u cry, meera get ur muskan

      1. Dude y cnt u just f**kin understand nobody z interestin to reply to o in u stop bein jabroni @ John wat evr u cal urself

  16. john the nikamma

    how dare u? hamari meera dikri mahaan

    1. Stop poking ur nose

  17. john the nikamma

    u cute viewerz

  18. Meera both zyada batameez hogi hai

  19. Nikamma just stfu ..:@

  20. Why did Ahem come back if he is wearing that nasty look on his face and is mad at the world? Anyone that is living their big dream (as he pretends to be) should be happy. What happened to his bakery? What is Mansi, Vidya and Meera going to do at the chawl all day? Don’t they have lives?

  21. i m nikamma no. 1. U cute viewers can be nikammas no. 2 3 4 5 6 7 ………….

  22. malvika loves me. So she comes out from nowhere when i comment. She just cant resist.

  23. Like saathiya is boring like they’ll ever come to the point .WE all know there gonna go back together these things are so predictable. But it is funny the way they use English though and the way Ahem always points his finger or raises his eye brows

  24. Nasira are you seeing this

  25. go Paridhi go paidhi you rock

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