Bandhan 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav goes to ganesh. Raghav says darpan told me again and again that she didn’t kill my mom. I could never see her innocence. Because of my mistake your sister has left you. I have ended everything by myself. your sister and my pal, she is not with us anymore. He swipes his tears. He says kill me ganesh. Because of me you have lost your sister. I can’t return her to you. hit me. I am the murderer of your sister. I beg you kill me, i don’t wanna live. Please kill me. Ganesh starts moving in opposite direction. raghav says where are you going please stop.

Bhao comes to his car and says i need to kill ganesh now. their relationship should be over. He looks at his hand and says where is my ring? He goes running in, raghav is there with darpan’s corpse. Bhao’s ring is in darpan’s hand. Bhao says what has happened? how did this happen? i came running here. raghav says how you know she is here? bhao says i got call from hospital. Raghav says i wanna talk to you about something.

Raghav says i was orphan you brought me up and gave me your name. you made my life. but did you see darpan killing my mom? Bhao says there are not eye witness of every crime. i think you are too upset due to ria’s death. whats the point of these questions after so many years? raghav says there is a point. i want to know reality after these years. the woman who died today i darpan. I married darpan and killed her. i gave her poison. the fire of vengeance made me so mad that i killed her. i just wanted her to acknowledge her crime. i wanted her to beg in front of me for her life. but you know she never apologized. she didn’t accept that she killed my ai. she was okay with losing her life but not accepting it. She kept saying she is innocent. you know what she said till the end? that you killed her parents. Why did she say that? bhao says i don’t know why she said that.Bhao says God, i loved this boy more than my life. I gave him everything and today he is accusing me. even if you cut my heart you will see your name, raghav my tiger. bhao is in tears. he says you my tiger is putting allegations on me? you should have killed me before doing this to me? you broke my heart. Raghav says its not like that baba. Bhao says i knew she was darpan. you deceived me. you can even say that i killed your mom, raghav says i just said what darpan said to me. bhao says you are trusting the girl who came to my house to ruin my life and pretended to love you. you didn’t trust your dad. if you think i am the culprit go put me in jail. Bhao says i feel like she won while dying. she put this doubt between us. My son believed her and is accusing me.
put me in jail. raghav says please don’t say that baba. i made a mistake. i am not getting what is happening and what is the reality. please pardon me. Don’t get me wrong. i don’t wanna lose you after ai. Bhao says you live here in my heart, don’t cry. bhao hugs him.
bhao says you know snake even kills her own children. darpan was a snake, she even made a wall between us while dying. I am proud of you, that you killed that murderer of your mom. your mom must be happy today. lets go home. Forget her like a nightmare.

Precap-meethi says she was worried all night i sent her to make parshad. raghav says who? Meethi says my daughter in law. raghav says how can she be here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers what is the use of watching bhandan all that was good have been killed off by bhaos evil hands no one want to watch bhao and his evil family and there is no one to seek revenge for darpan and her parents and I guess they will never know who was really stealing the elephants tusks and selling them and who will seek redress for darpan and her family so writers please end the story now because there is nothing to be interested in anymore darpan was suppose to expose everthing both she and ganesh I suggest you writers are so dumn and illiterate so why not let bhao kill ganesh too and crick crack you will end the story that should have been a wonderful story and which ended up to be a whole pack of shit I have never seen before a serial that every thing just went from good to all bad and where all the criminals prospered and keep on prospering this story was sooooooooooooooo sad had I known it would end this way I would not have watched it most disappointed ZTV viewer

  2. This is the dumbest show i have ever come across and trust me i have seen dumb but this one takes the cake. Why kill off the main character of the show it just don’t make no sense or is she still alive?! What’s up with this show no substance at all

  3. I agree with the other 2 comments. Why kill off Darpan????

  4. Pathetic and dumb story

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