Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik comes to the hall drunk, looking for the earring. Nandini stops him. The maid came from the other way towards the hall, Nandini notices and takes Manik behind a wall. The maid turns to see who is there, Manik disappears from behind Nandini and she notices him crawling on the floor. The maid comes asking who is there, Manik goes beneath the table at which the lady stood. She watches the fallen vase and places it correctly. Manik touch the feet of the lady, Nandini regretting. The maid moves back and leaves the hall. Nandini comes to help him stand up. He says he has to look for her earrings, Nandini says they aren’t precious. Manik says it is precious. Nandini watches Soha coming towards the hall, she takes Manik behind the wall and says Soha is here. He asks is he afraid of her, but she hushes him and keeps him standing there. She asks him if he will leave her and go to Soha. He looks into his eyes, she moves her hand on his arms till his shoulders. Soha watches the earring. Nandini kisses Manik.
Maniik holds Nandini from her waist. Nandini watches Soha leaving the hall, and leaves Manik at once. He says wow, she says they must go to the bedroom now. He says excitedly to go there, she takes him. Suddenly he remembers her precious earring, she says please. He says he won’t go until he finds her earring. She says she needs to recall where it fell off, she thinks about the bush she hid. She says she now remember, they will look for it in fifteen minutes if they don’t find it, they will go to bedroom.
Druv thinks about Aaliya. He asked her why she forbid him tell everyone about their relationship. Aaliya says she doesn’t want to, is it important to tell them. He texts Aaliya if she has slept. She says no. They keep on texting about their relations. She whispers something, and says good night to him. Mukti watches her cell phone and finds Abhimanyu’s number. She recalls their first come across, all about him. He said he wanted to see her happy, and always wanted her to smile. She remembers his last day in college.

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Nandini asks Manik to leave it and go. Manik asks she came here, so they have to find it. She asks him to go inside, but he was stubborn. She says they will find it tomorrow, he asks what she will wear tonight. He says these earrings twinkle as stars, sings twinkle twinkle little star. He says Neonika never sang this rhyme to him, she was always just busy depressing his dad. He finds a flower fallen on the pot, and shouts. He picks it up and says this is her earring. Nandini laughs and takes it, he picks another one and gives it to her. She places the flower to her ear and asks if they shall go inside now. He says she must wear the both of them. She puts them both in ears, and asks him to go inside. He looks at her, nods his head and says beautiful. She says thank you and asks him to go inside now.
In the room, Soha comes in front of the screen connected to CCTV’s. She watches Mukti and Aaliya sleeping on the same bed. In Manik’s room, Cabir changes side and Soha watches his face. She wonders where is Manik then, the camera isn’t working. She replay the video to find Manik and Nandini together playing with the blanket. She feels enraged, and says it is not done. She shouts where the hell are you, I am going to fine and kill you right away.
Manik brings Nandini to room, and says now it is time for his reward. She asks what reward. He says for her earring which he found, he stands his eyes closed. She kisses his cheek, he opens the eyes and hold her back from leaving. He says this isn’t done, he wants a bigger reward. She moves on, he stops her way. He gets the blanket, Soha watches her cover Manik into the blanket. Soha shouts Nandini dare you, I am gonna kill you right away. She throws the whole setup in rage. The maid comes to calm her down, she is out of control. The maid asks some servant to bring Soha’s medicine in the room.
Nandini and Manik vanish in the blanket and fell on the bed, playing.
They lie on the bed, playing. Manik hugs Nandini and they sleep arm to arm.
The staff takes control of Soha. The maid gives her an injection, she gets calm then.
In the morning, Nandini gets up but Manik holds her back and asks her not to leave. She asks if he is awake, he keeps hand on her face and says am I imagining or is this real. She holds his hand away and gets up. She asks him to get up as he is getting late for practice. He feels his head heavy. He sits up and asks where are they, is this Soha’s farm house and how is she here. She asks did he get drunk last night and doesn’t remember anything. He says he never get drunk. She asks doesn’t he remember anything. He says what he remembers is Soha and him, and she insisting on his to take the drink. He gets enlightened, and says did she made him drink. He stands up and says that it why he feels so wasted.
Someone knocks the door, Nandini says this must be Soha. She was worried.

PRECAP: Soha asks Manik to focus on practice, for me. He asks did something happen between them last night. She asks why he thinks so. He says ‘for me’ doesn’t sound like friends.

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