Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi seeing Sarika. She says its good you remember my name, and asks how is he, is he afraid to see him, anyways what I will tell you now will make you shocked. He asks what is she saying, how is she. She says you are not well. He asks what happened to me. She gives him the reports asking him to read, he has internal Injury and he can never become father now. Romi is shocked and recalls the accident. He asks what is she saying. She says you used to he hero and celebrated manhood daily, now what happened, are you not able to face your weakness, the world will say you are not good now.

He asks what nonsense. She says he should be happy as he can do anything now without any tension, as he won’t take anyone’s responsibility, no one will call you Papa. The doctor comes and Romi asks him about the reports. He says relax, you had an accident and internal body was injured, and you have options. Romi cries and asks what options, what will I tell to my family. The doctor asks Sarika to get another report. Sarika smiles seeing Romi cry.

Romi recalls his words to Sarika that he don’t want to become father, and giving her money. He gets sad and leaves from the hospital. She thinks he has rejected to accept his own son, and today Lord has done this. Raman and Ishita talk. He tells about Adi and asks why did this situation come, its all my mistake, I could not give Adi a good family, I have Ashok come in Adi’s life, he was in confusion who is his family. She says you did not do any mistake, you were weak, as you have a heart. She says you got weak in your love, don’t take it on yourself.

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She says you have to make your weakness your strength, Adi will see soon the distance was nothing, he has much love now. She says she got something, she did some shopping. She shows the track suit and says she has to attend sports meet, she is tensed as she did not take part is race. He says get up in morning, and run. Romi comes home and says what nonsense, there has to be some illness. Simmi comes and asks what is he doing. He says there is something called privacy. She asks what happened about doctor report.

She says do anything you want, and scolds him. Romi sits worried. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi about his health. Shagun says he is better, and its all because of Ishita and Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, he should be here, and you can be here being his mum. Adi talks to Ruhi and says mum got a track suit and sports shoes for me. She says I already have. He says I got branded. He asks if she fails then…. Don’t be nervous. She says I m not. He says if you were on Shagun’s side, you would have known you will win.

Ruhi comes to Shagun and says wow, you got great things for him and likes the shoes. She says I will get same shoes for you, tell me anything you want. She says lets go for shopping, take anything you want. Shagun says I hope Ishita also performs well. Ruhi says lets go fro shopping tomorrow and leaves. Adi says Ruhi spoke to you today and she is going tomorrow with you, she will understand you are her real mum. Shagun says see Ishita, Ruhi will be with me very soon. She smiles.

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Ishita asks Romi what should we have, as she don’t do running, she gets cramps. Romi gives her tips and says she will win. Mrs. Bhalla says she gets peace when kids are good. She talks to Raman and says there won’t be anything good without kids. Romi says leave all this old things, foreigners don’t have kids, don’t they stay happy. Ishita says no, humans need to have kids after some age, they want to have kids as they are happiness. Raman says kids complete family. Romi feels sad. Ishita asks Rinki to come for practice. Raman asks will she run in saree. They laugh. Mrs. Bhalla says he is teasing me instead of motivation. Mrs. Bhalla says she will give her badam milk and they have a laugh.

Raman taunts Romi jokingly and they all laugh. Shagun sees Ishita smiling, and thinks laugh today, maybe you will not be getting time than crying. Raman comes to Ishita and sees her in track suit. He says its tight and she goes to change. He says I was joking, I will come along, if anyone eyes you, I will have to beat him. She says I don’t want to grab people’s attention. He says all the best and she leaves. Shagun tells Adi that she will drop him. Ishita comes to them and sees Shagun making Ruhi ready.

Ishita asks Ruhi to come for practice. Ruhi says she is going for shopping with Shagun. Ishita says she cancelled all her appointments. Ruhi asks her to practice alone, and Shagun says the same. Ruhi holds Shagun’s hand and goes. Ishita cries. Ruhi says I m sorry, Ishi Maa I will prove that you are my real mum. Ishita cries and says now Shagun is filling Ruhi’s ears, I know Shagun has some plan after what she does. She says why Ruhi, I just hope Ruhi should not trap in her plan. She says she will keep an eye on Shagun, and she should not fill Ruhi’s ears. She calls clinic and says she is coming, make all appointments ready. Raman asks her how did she come back so soon, is everything fine. She says I have emergency case at clinic and I need to go. Ishita comes there and sees…..

Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi went with Shagun and cancelled the practice. He says you should have stopped her. She says how can I stop her. He laughs and says Ruhi has gone on me, she will teach Shagun a lesson, you are her Ishi Maa, don’t you know her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. ohhhhhh god ye kya ho raha hai phir se vahi drama shuru kiya kya no ishu should participate in sports day nd they should have to win……plz esa math kariye ruhi aur ishu ko alag math karna plz plz plz……

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