Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar tells Pari that he loves her a lot and couldn’t give what she deserves. Paridhi asks him to come with her. They come to their room and sees broken showpiece.Kokila scolds Radha and says she saw her in the camera footage. Radha says I didn’t break it. Pari scolds her. Radha calls her shameless for thinking to consummate relation with Jigar. Kokila says what do you think that they can’t unite. She moulds the clay showpiece and says you can’t separate them. She takes Radha with her. Jigar closes the door. Pari gets tensed. He opens the window. A wind blows. Pari looks down. He holds Pari’s hand and sit with her on the bed. Kokila shouts at Radha for planning against Jigar and Paridhi. Jigar and Pari are in their room.

Jigar kisses Pari. Kokila asks Radha to sleep in her room and reminds her that there is no place for her in Jigar’s life. She asks her not to do anything. Pari says I love you. Jigar hugs her. Urmila sees a dream and gets shocked. She thinks it is a worst dream. She won’t go to old age home and decides to send Kinjal out of the house. She comes to Kinjal’s room and sees her sleeping. She thinks she is sleeping while making me sleepless. She goes from her room.

Gopi tells Kokila that they need to talk to her. Kokila says I told my decision that you are going to America with Ahem and girls. Gopi says but. Hetal says this is a big chance for Ahem and try to convince her. Pari tells gopi not to worry as she will take care of everyone. She says I will serve breakfast to everyone. Radha starts acting again. Kokila asks Radha to rest rather than acting. Gopi warns Radha not stop acting else get ready to bear the punishment. Pari asks Radha to be in limits and warns her to be careful. Radha thinks she have to do something to separate Gopi and Paridhi’s unity and says she have to stop Gopi from going abroad.

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Dhawal tells Urmila that he is leaving. Urmila stops him and says she wake up late today. She indirectly blames Kinjal for sleeping till lately. Dhawal tells her that he had food early in the morning. He says Kinjal slept after having food. She gets irked.

Ahem gives wallet to Gopi and says she wants to take Kokila with them to America. Kokila says it will be difficult for her to live without kids and prays to God to give her strength. Ahem says it is a good idea and hopes she agrees. Gopi says we shall talk to them. Hetal suggests Kokila and Parag to go to US with them. Kokila says no. I know Ahem well. He couldn’t focus on work because of us. I can’t leave from here. We can’t trust on that Radha. I left everything on God and he will do everything fine. Gopi comes and says you are saying right. Ahem says I need to talk to you. Gopi says Maa ji. Ahem says we have decided that you will come with us. Gopi says we can’t live without us and we know that you can’t be able to live without us. Kokila refuses. Hetal tries to convince her. Kokila says she has decided. I will come if I miss you all. Gopi cries. Kokila asks her to smile. Gopi and Ahem hug her.

Radha gets hiccups. She asks Pari to get warm water for her. Pari brings it. Radha intentionally throws water on her hand and then blames Pari for putting hot water on her hand. Pari says she is lying. Gopi asks them to stop shouting and tells Pari to take care of herself. She says I have full faith on Paridhi.

Kokila scolds Radha for putting hot water on herself and then accusing Pari for the same. She shows the CCTV footage. Radha gets shocked.

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  1. Why, why do the Modis have to do this to Radha. I know this is the best serial, but don’t do this this poor Radha. And how many people have watched the serial, PYAR KI YEH EK KAHANI.

    1. i have.

  2. yes it is nice

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