Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The fab5 are ready to leave, Nandini observes everyone leaving. Aaliya comes checking all her necessities. Manas asks them to leave as Soha is worried and calling them again and again.
Nandini tries to get into the back of car but fell down, Druv holds Aaliya’s hand while she hides their hands with her scarf. Manik stops the car and asks Druv why the diggi has been left open. Nandini jumps besides the luggage, and hide herself. Druv informs everyone that they need to adjust the luggage, Aaliya is pissed off in it, they close the diggi.
Manik watches Aaliya and Druv in the back mirror, he gives the car a jerk and asks them all why so quiet. Cabir asks a question from them, what if I get a job at a bar shop. Mukti says he is going to get a lot, he is the coolest guy, she asks him never to depend on anyone on life. Cabir says Mukti has grown up a lot. She says its not her line, its that peon’s who has left. He used to say a lot right. Aaliya hugs Mukti, Mukti says she is fine. Manik says in our lives, people come and go, some stay and some leave; the only things that remain in our lives is Us, Fab5, we will remain together. Everything else, the family and friends, is irrelevant. Manik watches Nandini in the back mirror and stops the car with a strong jerk. Cabir asks him to drive carefully, Manik says he was looking at Mukti’s enlightened face. Aaliya asks to change the topic, Mukti says they must b*t*h about Nandini as she isn’t here. Manik defends her, Mukti asks what kind of friends are they, does he want her to be a part of fab5.
Naviya was sitting on the bench in a park. She was worried and wonders where she will go. She counts the money in her purse. Someone places hand on her shoulder.

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Manik asks Druv why isn’t he speaking anything. Druv says he is listening. Manik asks him to speak something. Druv says he want to tell them all that he and Aaliya, Aaliya pinches on him. He says he wants to tell them all, Aaliya coughs and they all asks her to have some water. The water was in the diggi. Aaliya points at Druv not to disclose about them, Druv puts hand to take the water and gives it to Aaliya. Nandini helps him reach the bottle.
Naviya asks her room mate why she brought her back. She asks how her heart changed. The room mate says she isn’t bad at heart, she was jealous from her. A girl like her had got Harshid. Naviya says she got into wrong here, in whatever Harshid said. She tells her that she is going to mess. Naviya prays to the mata raani, what she will do to herself and this child.
Nandini comes out of the diggin and runs to the garden. The boys ask why is it opened, may be the lock isn’t working well. Manik goes to look for Nandini, he removes the leaf that pinched Nandini’s face. Soha comes from behind, and asks them to leave the luggage here as the boys will pick it up. Manic comes there, she hugs Manik and welcomes them all inside. She takes Manik inside holding his hand. They come inside, Aaliya and the group discuss about a new promo.
Soha brings Vodka for Manik, as he likes it. He spills it in a pot, and says sorry. He says Miss Khurana, if she has forgotten they are here to practice. Soha says they can eat something at atleast, she had prepared alot for dinner. Mukti and Cabir discuss that this all is Cabir’s favourite. Something is cooking, Manik denies having anything. Soha says she thought they were all hungry. Druv just take an apple, and asks the maid to show them all their rooms.
Soha gets a call, the man tells her not to get mad. She says she made so much efforts but he wants to have expensive times with her. She is happy and says she will just come in two minutes. Nandini was outside, and watches Soha prepare drinks for two. She mixes something in the drink, and says that tonight is going to be the best of your life Manik. Nandini wonders what she is doing.
Nandini puts a cushion in Soha’s way in the corridor and wishes she drop the glasses but Soha passes them. Soha comes to Manik’s room, he doesn’t allow her inside by blocking her way. Nandini watches them. Soha is successful in getting into the room, and closes the door.

PRECAP: Aaliya and Druv were together in the room. Soha makes Manik drunk, Nandini watches this.

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