Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar says Mata ji i have to save mata ji from this woman. its about her life. i have to tell shurti that she is roli, she is the only one who can stay out and break this circle. but how will i go out? please show me some way. Sujata says what are you thinking simar take sanju to her room. SAnju says i won go to that room simar says why? sujata says dont force her. take her to mata ji’s room.

Mata ji is going to temple she recalls what amar said. She sees shurti there. Mata ji says the girl in our house isn’t our roli, then is shurti our roli? Amar is innocent i know. but why is simar quite? Mata ji sees a car coming behind shurti. She screams shurti take a side, mata ji hops and saves her.

Anjali comes to simar. simar says sanju can’t play yet she will play with you when she will be fine. Jhanvi says don’t worry i will take care of anjali. Lock the room so no one disturbs sanju and you should rest as well. Fake roli comes and says yes didi you need rest. Simar locks the door. simar says no one will come here for two hours i should go to mata ji. she sees the window to hop out from.

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Maata ji asks shurti are you okay? She says why amar got arrested? I was coming to meet him but i saw him with cops. mata ji says why did you want to meet him? she tells her what amar said that night. she tells her about the promise she made to amr. roli says i don’t know whats going on. mata ji says but i get everything now. mata ji says the one in hour house is not roli and simar is quit to save your life. shurti says what are you saying? I just know that amar wanted to find some truth out with me. mata ji says i will send simar to you she will answer all your questions. shurti says i don’t want my parents to be in trouble. mata ji says they wont be they will be safe. like you i have a lot of questions as well. you are the only one who can save us. your mata ji is requesting you. shurto says please dont say that. okay i will wait. mata ji goes towards house. simar comes out of the house and says mata ji must be waiting for me in temple. mata ji goes home and simar couldn’t see her.

Fake roli says you came back so fast? mata ji says i couldn’t be calm there. sujata says please dont be tensed. unity is our strength. karuna says nothing is powerful in front of our power. sujata says you are right. fake roli says your life time prayers wont let anyone harm us. she says in heart does she know about me? She says let me find what she knows. she comes near mata ji to touch her. She holds mata ji’s hand, she says in heart why can’t i get what mata ji is thinking. mata ji says God has always been with us and i know that the bad days will go away don’t worry everything will be fine. Mata ji asks where is simar? roli says she is in your room resting with sanju. Mata ji says in heart simar should meet shurti.

Simar sees roli, she recalls her time with her sister. she walks to her. simar hugs her in tears. shurti says tell me how can i help you? simar says listen it carefully you might not believe it but thats your truth. you are not shurti varma, you are my younger sister roli. you are the daughter in law of bharadwaj house. trust me please this is the truth. shurti says no this is lie. you are taking advantage of my face, i am shurti varma, simar says you are my roli. you are sid’s wife, please try to understand. you have been trapped, the woman who did this is living in our house as roli. i know her reality but i can’t take any step against her but if i do anything she will harm you. please try to understand, she has roped my hands but you can solve this issue. we can expose her together like always we do. are you getting what i am saying? Simar says please listen the truth of that woman roli. Roli says i dont wanna listen anything and i am not roli i am shurti. simar says she has hypnotized you she told me this, that is why you dont remember anything. roli says why would she tell you? i wanted to help you because of you humanity but you have lost your mind. my parents are waiting for me let me go. simar says they are not your parents they are acting. that woman has bought them to look after you. They just make sure you dont remember anything. shurti slaps her. simar is dazed. she says don’t ever say a word against my parents. she leaves.

Precap-shurti comes to bharadwaj house and says i found her outside the house. she said to me i am roli and the one who stays here is someone other woman. Fake roli says to simar you went to meet that girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. huh for how more long years r they gona drag this stupid track?????????????
    enough of bull shit drama

  2. may be in feb…………. hope fully cant wait any more

  3. Oh oh whats this yar

  4. excuse me cat you don’t watch shastri sisters

  5. How many days they will drag this story.

  6. Omg roli slapped simar?? :O poor thing she’ll feel so bad about it later on 🙁

  7. good she got slapped she deserves it, the sister she is trying to save is always wandering near bharadwaj house what’s all that about????

    poor amar in jail coz of simar who apparently cant do wrong bahu number one jo hai

  8. Plz tell us wen roli will remember her past????? Waiting for tat moment….

  9. Stupid story

  10. All bullshit…no one have the capacity r powers like they can touch some one n feel what’s going in their mind…fake

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