Shastri Sisters 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji coming to Sareen to ask about Anu. Sareen and Minty say Anu isn’t here. Shastri ji says Rajat would have taken her. Sareen apologizes to him on Minty’s behalf and asks him not to separate Rajat and Anu, they love each other a lot. Shastri ji says he knows that he is doing. He leaves. Anu comes to meet Rajat. Rajat says he is getting mad, he is feeling like someone died and he feels like crying, he can’t live without her, please talk to uncle, explain him not to annul the marriage and not separate us. She asks what, annulment? He says I knew it you don’t know about this, then you would have been going mad like me, you also want to spend your life with me. She cries.


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He holds her hand and says we have to do something, else they will separate us. She says I will talk to Alka and Rohan, maybe dad will agree. He says no, they are with him. She asks will we get separated He says no, this won’t happen, they are trying hard to separate us, can’t we try to save our love. She asks what can we do. He says there is just one way, legally the marriage can be annulled which did not consummate, where husband and wife did not unite after marriage, are you understanding.

He says no one is supporting us, but we can support each other, we can unite. He holds her and says to save our love, this is the only way left, forget everything Anu, its just me and you here. Saajna……………plays.. He says if our family does not care about out love, why should we care about their hatred. They have an eyelock. He holds her face. She closes her eyes and he goes ahead to kiss her. She recalls Shastri ji’s words and her promise. She pushes Rajat away and says no Rajat, this is wrong. He asks wrong? We are husband and wife Anu. She says no, please forgive me, I can’t do this. He holds her hand and says this is not wrong, this is the only way to save our love, please, I love you. She says please let me go.

She says dad will be worried, please. He leaves her hand and cries saying you still care for your family, not me and my love, you did not think once, your no can make me feel cheap. She says no. He says shut up, I was a fool to think you will support me, I realize its you who always failed our love, this love does not deserve that you save it. She says no. He says enough, just go from here. He says today you have proved how much you love me. She says no, I love you. He says enough, you and your lie don’t have any place in my life now, just leave. He shouts and shows her the door. She cries and leaves.

Neil sees Anu coming home crying. He calls her and she walks home. She cries and thinks of Rajat’s words. She wipes her tears seeing Devyaani. Devyaani asks where was she, dad was tensed, Minty and dad were again fighting when he went there to look for you thinking Rajat called you, Sareen stopped them. Shastri ji asks where did you go, to meet Rajat, atleast think about my pain. He asks her to become old Anu and he will get fine like before. She sits down and cries, holding him.

Rajat comes home being very upset. Minty tries to talk and he shuts the door. Minty tells Neil that Anu is doing this, I will give dowry to Anu for her marriage with someone else, I don’t know what to do. She cries. Vrinda calls Astha. Astha keeps some lemons, chillis beside the bed and sits. Vrinda comes and asks her not to worry about work, and gives her kheer. Astha says she has habit to work. Vrinda sees her hair wet and says I will dry it. Astha says no, when you do this, you remind me my mum. Vrinda is shocked seeing the lemons and stops Astha. Vrinda says someone has done black magic and is shocked.

Astha cries and says I just read in stories, does anyone do this in real. Vrinda says don’t cry, who can do this. Astha says I always stayed with love with everyone, I did not hurt anyone, and just hurt Alka by mistake, but I still regret. She smiles and says but just Alka came in my room. Vrinda is shocked. Astha says no, what am I saying, Alka is very nice, she can’t do this, but no one came in my room, it means she wants to take revenge from me, if this is it, I will fall in her feet, I will tell her to harm me, not my child. She asks will this effect me or my child. Vrinda says no, and asks her not to think this. She leaves.

Minty comes to Rajat. Rajat is sleeping and says don’t leave me Anu, I can’t live without you. She cries and leaves. Neil removes Rajat’s shoes. Rajat wakes up and asks why are you removing my shoes, do I look helpless. Neil says no. Rajat asks do I look happy, see Neil I understand how you felt when Devyaani rejected your love, I m sorry I scolded you, now I realize its understood when we go through it, don’t worry, we both are losers in love. Rajat leaves. Neil says our desire to live got ruined by Shastri sisters, they don’t love anyone, just make us feel, they rejected us, they went back when it came to prove, they can’t be loyal to anyone. Anu cries in her room thinking about Rajat’s words. Shastri ji comes to her and shows the annulment document. She cries seeing it.

Anu walks by veg stall and the vegs fall. The vendor scolds her. Rajat comes and scolds him. The vendor asks who is she for you. Rajat shouts she is my wife, apologize. The man refuses. Rajat slaps the man. Minty asks Anu why did she come infront of Rajat, he is doing this for you, I request you to sign the papers, spare Rajat. (Minty is such selfish woman, maybe from another planet, too much, she needs slaps, showing fake tears, she is insensitive to Rajat, mad woman!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arey end Shastri ji and minty chapters then only every thing will be fine. Shastri toh dukhi aatma hai jab dekho rote reheta hai beti ko emotional karte rehta hai. minty and shastri both get on my nerves

  2. what is dis yr…plz anu 4get evrythng nd go to rajat plzzz….

  3. arey amena ur right i agree with u.minty is just a selfiss women.even i ashamed to call her as women.this minty always do this.first she did same with megha and mohan in tu bola na maine kuch kahae and now for rajat and anu.go to hell yaar.aise kya wt did anu do to her that she hate anu this its too much.and guess right that anu will not say to rajat.bechara rajat and neil duo sisters made them cry a lot.neil is 100% right.

  4. Read the new spoiler man its just killing I want anuraj to be together enough of this shastri minty drama next another vamp veeru joins in near future (according to new spoiler)

  5. exuse me uma you are right I think what are you saying. we want anuraj together

  6. Shastri sisters are coming across as selfish

  7. I lost interest in watching this serial now. Only separation. One time test for luv is enough; but entire show is like vthis means it’s really boring

  8. Defenetly true tanya

  9. How came almost all the shows they only know how 2 drag

  10. I felt sorry for Rajat but he was right for what he said to anu, she has always ended the relationship with him and then also can’t live without him what’s that all about? why are u trying to be a martyr

  11. Anu is an emotional fool….

  12. this is too much yr ab dono ko sath kar do.

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