Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini is walking away when Manik comes and says that how can you leave like that. Nandini says that what was I suppose to do tell Khurana that my feelings are also attached. Manik says that you could have stayed there and we could have accepted that it was our mistake. The maximum he could do was scold us and nothing else. Nandini says that you can’t see what is happening as he was only saying to what Soha wanted. Manik says that to hell with her and the album while Nandini says that you can’t do this to the Fab5. Manik says that he can as he knows he can get them better deals than this.
Nandini says that you know that this is the best you can get in your whole life, why do you have to blow it off for a stupid reason. Manik says that why do you have to argue every time but then accepts to what she has to say and asks her to come back. Nandini says that she can’t as it was her job to make sure that the songs were ready but they weren’t. Manik says that he doesn’t knows about anything but that they have made a great song together. Nandini says that you have made songs before as you have done it you whole life. Manik than says that you won’t come and is about to walk away when they collide and their bands get stuck. Manik opens them up and leaves for the music room.
Nandini walks away when a worker comes and tells her that she has been called in the Principles office, She is walking as in the way when Abhymanu calls her and he tells her about him leaving the job. She asks of why he quit the job when Abhymanu says that I got through that Chicago course which I was talking about. Nandini says that it is great and asks when he would talk to Muktii about it. Nandini says that that is very mean why aren’t you telling her so what has happened. Abhymanu says that he is just running away as he is scared as he has commitment phobia. Nandnin says that you can’t be serious while Abhymanu says that if I do that I would have to go to the Principle.
Soon Nandini leaves for the Principles office while Muktii is trying to avoid going to Abhymanu. Cabir and Manik are sitting together talking about what has happened. Cabir says that Aliya and Muktii think that Nandini has become so close to Manik that he can’t think anything besides her. The two of them keep on arguing about what is going on when Manik says that the album will happen as we never lose. Cabir says after the album is done I would send the two of you on a vacation. Manik says that he doesn’t wants to go anywhere with the stubbornness. Cabir agrees with him and than says Manik does what he says that he won’t so he can imagine the two of them going. Manik says that soon you will hear a bullet come and will die and I will shoot it.
Soha says to the Fab5 that the photo shoot was necessary and so was the New Year’s party. She says that I call the shots now and if you cooperate I will get you this album. Manik says that the only thing you should is stop being a reporter to your dad. Soha says that she had no choice and proposes to all of them coming to a farm house away from college to play for the songs. Everyone agrees and Soha asks Manik if he is in for it. Cabir says let me talk to him and says that think about the other possibilities and Manik asks about the time they would leave. Aliya says that we can get our bags and leave for the farm house. Soha says that you can and I will text you the address.
Nandini comes to the Principles office and he asks her if she knows about classical music. The principle tells about a pandit coming and taking a classical music with one student. Though Nandini refuses to come however the Principle orders her to come to the class. Manik listens nearby and says that to what trouble this girl has got into.
Abhymanu is waiting for someone in the college ground when Muktii comes. He says that you came while Muktii says that you thought that I wouldn’t come like you. She asks of what he wants and Abhymanu says that nothing and only wants to tell her that he is leaving. Muktii says that she doesn’t care while Abhymanu says that I thought there was something serious between us. Muktii says that she doesn’t care and you are a loser about whom I don’t care.
Nandini is at the music library and can’t reach the instruments at the top. Manik comes and he asks of why he called her. Manik says that you enjoy pissing me off and Nandini says that she doesn’t likes it. Manik says that what did the principle want and Nandini mocks him again while Manik says that I am about to leave. Nandini can we not fight as all of this is very new to me and I don’t know how to deal with this.

Precap: Manik tells Nandini about the Fab5 leaving while Nandini says that you can’t leave for the farm house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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