Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla giving the items for firs Lohri to Ishita, and asks her to wear red salwar kameez and bangles. Ishita says fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I know you are annoyed with us, we get mad seeing Adi worried, but your heart is very big, won’t you forgive us. Ishita says don’t apologize, its fine, I will get ready, I have to go to Amma’s house too. Amma likes the gold chains and gives it to pandit. Appa thinks what to tell her now. Vandu asks is everything ok. Appa says yes. She asks where did his ring go. He says why do ladies think just about gold, I kept it in locker, go and help Amma. He says I have to make my mood good, else people will question me.

Ishita comes in her room and says when I wanted to say sorry, evetything was fine, when mummy ji said, it all changed into weird thing, it looks good if I do things myself. Ruhi comes and asks what happened, why are you sad, and reminds the last Lohri, she had dental pain and she came to her clinic, Tandon made us do the ouja, and you and Rama did it together, when you both did not know each other, you are my mum, I won’t hurt you and won’t let you say sorry, will never go far from you, I love you. Teri bechaini ka………….plays……….. Ishita says I love you too and hugs her. Raman looks on. Ishita kisses ruhi being teary eyed. Raman cries seeing them. He wishes he could tell this easy like Ruhi that he loves her a lot, he wishes not to hurt her and even then he does mistake, please forgive me.

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Mihika gives clothes to Ashok, and asks him to wear it for Pongal, get ready soon. Suraj drinks and says they are Punjabi, we don’t eat khichdi and celebrate. She says we don’t celebrate alone. Ashok says I won’t go there, they will make me do rituals. Suraj says yes, we are Punjabi tigers. Ashok says Mihika’s pregnancy thing can be known there. Suraj says don’t get it on your head, take this and drink. Ashok and Mihika come in the pongal function at Iyer house. They greet Appa and Amma. Mihika gives Paisam to Amma, and Appa asks Amma to take it.

Mihika talks to Vandu. Amma gives Gajra to Mihika. Mihika cries and turns. Amma fixes it in her hair and cries. Raman thinks Ishita is hurt, she is not seeing me, I should apologize. He says Ishita…. Ruhi brings he Gajra for her and asks shall I fix it. Ishita says thanks, yes. Ruhi fixes it. Raman asks Ruhi to go and stop Shravan. Ruhi leaves. Raman asks Ishita about saying sorry to Shagun, she did not say it and he is glad, I know who is right and who is wrong. He holds her hand. She says I m getting late. He says I got something for you, and shows the earrings. She asks did he take it back from her. He says I don’t take donated things back, I made this for you, as it belongs to you.

She says why don’t you understand me, I don’t want anything, just trust and respect, will you give it to me, it will be enough from me, I don’t have interest in these things. She leaves. Raman says her mind is very hot and I can make dosas on it, why is she so angry. They come to Iyer house and see Ashok and Mihika. Ashok tries to taunt Raman for coming late, and losing few contracts recently and working hard in office. Raman asks him to be in his limit, if the puja spoils, he will ruin his life. Mihika thinks she won’t leave Ashok today, just see what I do.

Raman asks Appa why did he call Ashok. Appa says Mihika is our daughter. Raman says I understand, and sees his old shirt, and asks him why did he not shop. Appa says festivals come and always white shirts, this is fine. Amma says then why to celebrate festivals, he has got misery illness. Mihika makes food very spicy, and tells Vandu that sjhe will teach a lesson to Ashok. She serves it to Ashok and says she made it by love. Ashok asks whats this. Vandu smiles. Mihika says I know my husband likes spicy food. Mihika asks him to have puri, else Amma will feel bad. Ashok says its very spicy. She says you can’t upset me in this state, else I will have to go to doctor again. Ashok says fine, I will have it. he drinks the spicy sambar and stands up. He says its really yummy. Mihika says thanks. Vandu laughs. He says I will go out, I need some fresh air. He sees Mihika and Vandu laughing and helplessly goes aside, and drinks wine. He says now its fine. Ashok talks to Suraj and sees Mihir.

He asks Mihir to talk. He thinks he is going to be dad and see his attitude. He says congrats. Mihir asks why. Ashok says you are going ahead and getting promotion. Mihir thinks maybe he knows about my job promotion and says there is nothing final and no official announcement. Ashok says its fine, when we both now, you might be shocked. Mihir says siuch things increases responsibilities. Ashok says yes, but I m happy for you. Mihir says thanks, I feel you are not in your senses, I have to go. Ashok leaves. Mihir thinks if Ashok is here, Mihika will also be here. He sees Mihika standing at the door and cries. He thinks Mihika is married now, forget her.

Adi tells Shagun that Dadi gifted him a suit, and asks why is she not ready. She says I don’t want to get ready, this festival is not for me, its for women who has husband and family, and emotionally targets his mind. He says we will do puja today, Ishita will do it alone, I won’t let you do it, wear red dress, I heard Dadi saying to wear red. Shagun thinks Adi will fight for my right.

Adi calls Ishita his neighbor and Shagun smiles, seeing Raman. Ishita gets upset.

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  1. Com on jo role becharo ko milraha hai wohi to karenge yehi to show me tadka late hai kya aap sab log bhuul gai ki shagun ke vajeh se hi raman aur ishita paas aay

  2. Oh god this show is becoming so damn boring…. I hate shagun… I dont feel like watching it at all… When will adi realise the truth

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