Shastri Sisters 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat coming home and telling everyone that Anu has broke up the marriage. They are shocked. Sareen gets sad, but Minty says this is the best thing happened, if Shastri ji and Anu does not want to keep it, how will it run. Rajat says this is not good, this will not lessen my pain, I will take a decision for my life, and no one else, if Anu and I can’t stay together, I will never marry. They are shocked. He says I won’t let anyone other than Anu come in my life. She says what are you saying, and why. Rajat says love can’t be done by planning, and my decision is based on it, anyone can decide anything, but my love for Anu will never change.

The girls bring Shastri ji home. Rajat sees him and goes to hold him. Shastri ji sees Rajat and frees his hand. He says my daughters are here to help me, you don’t need to worry. Anu cries and goes with her dad. Devyaani sees Rajat and says I m sorry, whatever happened was not good. Rajat says I hope everything gets fine, I m sure one day Anu and my love will fail our parent’s love, till then take care of uncle and Anu, her face shows she is strong, even when she is broken within. She says you know her very well in short time. He says love is such thing. He leaves.

Shastri ji talks to his all daughters, and says whatever happened on Lohri day, was not good. He says we decide the future decision by the past lessons, and I learnt and decided, and wanted to talk to you all, as Anu is my daughter and your sister. He says Anu I know you love Rajat, I respect it, but its not about you both, Minty is the one who does not see any goodness in you. How can I let you go there after knowing her hatred? Devyaani says Rajat sees goodness in Anu and he will show Minty. Shastri ji says yes, but Minty should see it. She says I feel you fought with Minty so you are seeing her bad things.

Peeya says what is he saying. He says I decided this in Lohri day that Anu will not go there and if anything happens to me, who will take care of you, I want you all to marry in such homes where people respect you. Anu says dad is right. She says I will do as you say. He blesses her. Alka says yes, dad is right, I don’t trust Minty. Rohan comes and greets them. Alka says Anu is upset now, but I will talk to her. Minty comes and greets him. She asks how are you now. Shastri ji says I m fine. Minty taunts him again, and he also equally defensive in his talk. She says lets end the relation, I don’t know why is the fight, you don’t want Anu to come in my house, even I don’t want, lets do the annulment, I know a lawyer and is marriage is not happen, there is no divorce, the relation can end by annulment. He is shocked.

Rajat says I will take a chance, I will try again to save my relation, Anu was scared by uncle’s heart attack so she has broken the marriage, I have to talk to her, but no, when uncle came, he looked annoyed, he can get unwell seeing me. He says Anu is still my wife, is she needs me, she is my responsibility, but if uncle gets angry then Minty says lawyer said when guy and girl did not stay together as husband and wife, then annulment is enough, and then you can find any rich guy for your daughter, just spare my son. She leaves. Shastri ji says see her, we were discussing and she declared her decision, can we send Anu to her house, and asks Rohan to find a lawyer and get the marriage end. Rohan says yes. Shastri ji says you both are elder after me, and its your responsibility now. Alka says yes.

Rajat says how to meet Anu. He sees Minty coming down and saks why did she go there. Minty says I went to see Shastri ji, did he need any help, I m not bad as your dad thinks. He asks what was the need. She says whats wrong if I went, I don’t like Anu for you, but Shastri ji is your dad’s friend and he is ill. Rajat says I m going to see Shastri uncle. She says no need, I met him, stay away from Anu and her family. He says he is Anu’s dad, but he is my dad’s friend and he is ill. He goes upstairs. He hears Alka and Rohan talking about annulment with Shastri ji. Rohan says Anu and Rajat will not claim any rights after annulment. Rajat thinks how can they do this, I won’t let this happen. Shastri ji says start the process. Rajat says no, how can you decide so soon.

Rajat tells Anu that they are saying the marriage can get annulled if husband and wife did not unite, why don’t we unite to save our love and marriage, this is the only way to save our love, and our families can’t separate us after this. Anu cries. Rajat holds her face and gets closer.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Popular actor sudeep sahir who Was last seen in life ok’s main laxmi tere aangan ke is all set to enter colors shastri sisters in anushka ( ishita ganguly ) as her boss in pivitol role “

  2. i dont think anu will say yer.i hope ki whatever happens i wish it should make anu rajat together.otherwise this serial is full of bakwas.agar the writer want to separate anu and rajat then y dont they stop rajat form going to transfer.

  3. anu please say yes yaar

  4. I really don’t understand why people want to break relationships… Minty as a mom is good but by a common person she is rude. Its good to think the best for your children but not to harm them!
    I just hope Anuraj get together and live a happy life. 🙂

  5. Any say yes to Rajat plz
    Where is Neil
    Why not support ur brother

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