Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini asks Pandit ji if she can go. He says this had to happen because Manik didn’t disturb her today. He asks her to drop her to gate, guard might not open the gate for her.
Fab5 waited for Mukti, Cabir asks Aaliya to look into Dhruv when Manik asks for Mukti. Mukti comes from behind, drunk and with a guy. Manik asks who is she with. Rocky holds her waist and says he is the guy for the night with her. Manik holds his collars, everyone gets him rid of Manik. Dhruv watches this happen. Cabir asks Mukti where is Abhimayu, Mukti says how would she know. Mukti was fully drunk and asks Dhruv to join her as he will like it. Dhruv says he surely will. Manik stops her, saying she isn’t in her senses. Dhruv says if she wants to party, she will and he will do it with her. Manik says they will party, but later. Dhruv asks why he must listen to his orders always. He asks Manik if he is the king or boss, rockstar Manik Malhotra? Manik asks what has happened to him, he hasn’t even drunk. Dhruv asks if he thinks he only speaks in front of him when he is drunk. Rocky makes fun of them asking this is how they all party. Cabir comes to stop Dhruv, Nandini and Pandit ji also comes to hear this. Dhruv complains that where is he, he accepts that Manik has helped him a lot but this is suffocating him now. He has lost his identity, and it isn’t that he hasn’t done anything for him, he has covered him up. Aaliya asks Dhruv to stop it, he jerks her hand. Mukti asks what the hell is wrong with you guys. Aaliya says she knows what is troubling him, he must not pour his anger on Manik. Aalya stops Dhruv and says she knows he thinks she hasn’t moved on from Manik, and he wanted her to say in front of everyone that I love you. She hugs him and says I love you Dhruv. Dhruv pushes her away and asks if she is finally ready to go public about us. Aaliya says I am sorry Manik, as he had to hear all this because of this. Dhruv says I am sorry Aaliya that to save Manik she had to say this all in front of everyone. He has a good news for her, I don’t love you. He says Manik can have you, he owes a lot on him. Dhruv leaves the college. Manik and Cabir stand in disbelief.
Pandit ji goes to question them, Nandini stops him and says they will leave now. Pandit ji says he won’t disturb them if she says, but she must remember. Rocky takes a leave too. Mukti asks to go with him too, as her friends don’t want to party. They knew that she wanted to party, they went on with their drama so she will party. Cabir says to Aaliya that she must stop him. Aaliya goes there. Cabir tells Manik to take care, it will be fine and goes behind Mukti. Manik gets flashback of all his good times with Dhruv and feels hurt. Nandini watches him there in pain.
Aaliya stops Dhruv on bike, he asks that she came back again. Aaliya says I am done now, it was my mistake that I came behind you again and again. He says he isn’t interested, but Aaliya says I ain’t done.
Mukti was cozy with the boy, imagining Abhimanyu in his place. Cabir knocks the car door.
Aaliya says she feels regret each moment with him, what was she celebrating, the first kiss or else. Dhruv says he regrets each thing.
Cabir asks Mukti what will Abhimanyu think. Mukti asks she don’t care, did Abhimanyu think before leaving her. Cabir holds her out of the car, she resists but Cabir asks Rocky to leave right now. He does.
Aaliya says if it wasn’t today, she could never know what is going on in his mind. Dhruv says that this time also she had to take help from Manik, he is her hero. Aaliya reminds that Manik is his hero as well. He was always there whenever he needed him. Manik made him love music. Whatever he is is because of Manik, and instead of respecting his contribution to life he is denying it. How he can respect her and leaves. Dhruv leaves on his bike.
Manik wals in corridor enraged. Nandini drags him, enraged Manik holds his fist on her, then takes control of himself. He says he must leave. Nandini says she knows he needs her. He says no, but he hushes her not to say a word. He says it wasn’t Cabir, Mukti and Aaliya but Dhruv. Nandini says she has seen what happened. Manik asks what so? She says she isn’t going to say anything, don’t keep anything inside, talk to me. Manik throws a bench to floor, Nandini says if he feels calm this way she will give him ten mores. He tells her to leave him alone and leaves. Downstairs, Dhruv’s words still echo in Manik’s mind.
Nandini hears Manik calling from behind, that you were right. She turns to see him, he says I need you.

PRECAP: Manik kneels and cry that I lost the most important friend of my life. Nandini says I am with you and hugs him. He cries.

Update Credit to: Sona

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