Million Dollar Girl 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajat father tells Virat If he lost his manner’s no greeting nothing,,He tell that Virat should not forget what he did to him he growed and because of him Virat studied MBA,,Virat tells that he will never forget.. Virat tells that He said him lies that he killed his parents,,And spoiled his childhood..Virat says that now he is an orphan,, He tells Virat to save the shop,,,Ankit takes TV Kavya tells where he is taking….Ankit tells that he didnt got rent so he is selling…kavya tells to wait she will give money tommorw..Ankit tells to buy tv tommorrow..Kavya tells she have 500rs she will bring..Ankit waits..Kavya takes out money from bag 5thousand..Ankit snatches it..Ankit it is more..Kavya gets shocked…kavya tells she dont knwo how this much money came,,Ankit takes the money and goes..Ankit tells electricity also he have to give..kavya finds a chit in her bag of Vicky,,Vicky tells to accept the money as he cannot see Avanti like this…kavya throws the cheat in anger,,
DJ’s father tells her to come fast as there is Pooja..Bhuwan stops Dj’s father tells that he will never take the face..Father tells to do whatever he want to..He goes…Bhuwan says Thanks to DJ,,,DJ asks why he is saying??Bhuwan says as he accepted his friendship..Dj tells its okey,,,Bhuwan goes..
Rajat along with his parents is doing lunch,,Mother tells that she is very happy that Rajat father came back,,,Rajat’s father(Virat’s uncle) tells that now Rajat will own the buisness and that VIrat gone..He tells that met Virat who was not talking properly,,Forgot what he did with him,,He growed up and studied him…Virat comes along with luggage…tells that the house his parent’s..He will never go from here..Virat tells that Rajat’s father was telling did alot..Virat tells he also did alot As he has a dream of opening a online shop which was not possible…Virat tells that he will open a online shop..Rajat tells that it is Banaras not london,,Virat tells that he will make it london,,VIrat tells people who are dumb will never understand,,Rajat gets angry and gets up to beat,,Rajat’s father stops him..DJ tells Vicky that she will do something so that Avanti’s shop can come back… Avanti comes..Dj tells to be happy in life Vicky tells that life take many turns,,Just to face problems..Dj tells not to be depressed…Avanti tells that she is not a depressed..Avanti turns..
Avanti’s character is now been played by ACTOR “SANA SHEIKH”
DJ tells then what??Avanti tells she got a good idea,,tells that A man is coming from bank,,,Vicky gets shocked..A man sunil comes..Sunil comes..Avanti tells to sit..Avanti tells Vicky to bring samoosa.Avanti tells the person that because of thakur family bank took her shop..Avanti says Thakur may be rich but she is smart..She tells that will get a good deal..Sunil asks what the point??Avanti tells the point is that If she get the shop back,,then the profit she get she will give to the bank people..Avanti explains the bank person..The person tells that If he want accept the offer then have to mess up with Thakur family..Avanti tells that he will get money as many as he want..Avanti tells to think about her wife as she will get happy..Sunil agrees tells yes..Avanti tells she will give 12% profit..sunil tells 20%..Avanti tells 15%,,sunil tells it is not vegetables,,,Avanti agrees on 20%…Sunil goes and does a call… Vicky and DJ comes and tells that Avanti is a inspiration,,Dj tells that on avanti’s birthday..people should celebrate Inspiration day..Vicky tells that Road should be constructed on Avanti’s name..Avanti smiles..Sunil comes with an upset face..Vicky asks what happened?Sunil tells that Bank paper’s gone to the head office !! Vicky asks now what??Sunil tells that now paper’s are impossible to get back..but one way!! Avanti asks what??Sunil tells that her shop will be sold in sometime there she can go and buy..Avanti tells in what time??That he dont know..Vicky tells one more problem came..Vicky tells Sunil to go away eating free Samoosa..Sunil goes…
DJ says that they cannot do compedition..Avanti tells that she will not loose..Avanti tells that she have to do something She have to become fincially dependent DJ tells what she will do??Avanti tells she will do job and will become rich..Avanti comes home..Mother asks what happend??Avanti tells that she will do job and become rich..Mother tells that it means that they will never get the shop back..Avanti tells that she will do job and become rich,,,Avanti tells her mother not to worry and goes…
Vicky comes tells kavya to sit,,Kavya tells why?Avanti tells that its Avanti’s order..Kavya asks why??Vicky tells that Kavya will getting the job back,,Kavya asks how??Vicky tells to stop asking questions and to sit..Kavya sits back,,Vicky starts the bike..Kavya tells to decrease the speed..BAnk manager tells that kavya can join back the job..kavya gets happy and tell that she will come from tommorrow..Kavya hugs Vicky,,Vicky gets happy..kavya tells she is confused that Vicky did or Avanti..Vicky tells he dropped kavya thats it..Avanti shows her resume tat office but gets rejected..At home Avanti comes and sits..kavya hugs and tells thankyou to Avanti..Avanti is surprised tells what??kavya tells that it means Avanti didnt helped her in getting job??Avanti thinks and tells that she only helped..kavya tells is that sure Avanti talked to authorities??Avanti tells yes..Kavya gets happy..Avanti tells herself that may be Vicky talked with authorities she didnt did anything but atleast kavya is happy…
Avanti tells that why problem in life only??tells that she didnt any small job and dreams didnt fullfilled..Virat another side tells he will fullfil his dreams by anyhow..

precap::Avanti and Virat both sees on TV about a conference

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Y is d replacement of avanti done?
    Btw where is ranvijay n alia?
    There wil be a new entry in d show!
    Whats going on?

  2. Natasha even i dnt knw whats going on!
    Y r they making changes!
    Nw its getng boring!

  3. But d new entry wil join up with avanti n this wil make virat realise d luv for avanti!
    Waiting for this track yar!

  4. Hope so!
    Waiting for this track too!

  5. thanks for update



  8. New update !!!! Plzzzzzzzz

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