Shastri Sisters 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty seeing someone in white coat and telling against Anu and Veer, thinking its Rajat. She is shocked seeing its Anu. Alka and Devyaani also come. Minty asks what is she doing here, she felt its Rajat. Anu says I know you felt its Rajat, so you said Veer and I are in bedroom. Minty says I was saying as you can need company. Anu says no, you said to create a rift between me and Rajat, how can you do this. She says she heard her talking to Astha and Rajat, and even then she could not believe, so she did acting to know the truth. Minty asks did you not go to room.

Anu says no, I came out when you were talking to Alka and Devyaani, and send Rajat for coffee, to know what you want to say Rajat. She says Devyaani stopped Rajat for coming here. In FB, Devyaani tells Rajat that Anu is calling him and wants a shawl. He goes to bring the shawl. Anu says she came to know she has sent all the chits on Holi day. Anu asks why is she doing this with her and Rajat, he will be sad if this marriage breaks. Alka signs Devyaani. Devyaani goes to stop him again, and he says he will take shawl and asks him to wait till she gets new coffee. He says he will order and goes. She says Minty did many planning, we should have one chance to prove its dangerous to become Shastri sisters enemy. Minty says I will answer my son, not you. I don’t care if you feel bad.

Anu says you accepted me as bahu, how can you say this. She says maybe you did acting, but I always regarded you as mum, and agreed to you always. Minty says you are not my daughter, and not even my bahu. Anu stops her and says you don’t believe so, but you have to believe that I m Rajat’s wife. She says her blessings can be lie, but her marriage was true. She reminds her marriage vow to fight with all problems to save her marriage, even if she is the problem.

Neil comes to Devyaani and says he clicked some pics, see and say how is it. She says it will be nice if you clicked. He asks what happened to you, you always say its bad pics. They see the pics and she misses to see Rajat going to Anu. Rajat comes to Anu and sees Minty and Alka there. Rajat asks why are they here. Anu says nothing, Minty came to thank me, she was saying I organized a nice party. She acts sweet to Minty and Minty says she has to attend guests and leaves.

Veer wishes Rajat again. Sareen asks why is she sad. Minty says she had headache. She asks her to take tabs. She sees Anu normal and says it looks she will say Rajat, how will she tell him and prove it, Rajat will not believe her, no tension, everything is fine. Alka says call me Anu if there is anything, I m with you. Anu says yes, my sisters are with me and I m relieved. Devyaani says even if Minty gets good, she will never change, take care. Sareen and Rajat offer help to Anu. Minty stops Anu and taunts her. She says she knows she will tell Rajat the truth, but it will be of no use. She says he will not believe you that his mum can harm him. Anu says you are still harming you.

Anu says its hurting Rajat to harm our relation. Minty calls her foolish and asks her not to do this dialogue drama. She says if she tells anything to Rajat, then she will hurt her relation herself. Anu says it will be nothing like that, if I tell Rajat by love, he will believe me for sure. She says you are his mum, but I m his wife, if he respects your relation, he respects mine too, but I will not do this, I know he will be hurt knowing this, and I can’t hurt him and won’t allow anyone to hurt him.

Minty asks does she mean she is hurting her son. Anu says you are hurting Rajat. Minty asks her not to think about it, he deserves a better girl than her, they were so happy before they came, and their happiness went after they came, Neil tried to do suicide for Devyaani, I did not forget how Nikki was insulted and now you came to make my son away, I will never forgive you, this Navratri will be last one for you in this house, this is my promise. Anu says fine, I m Shastri ji’s daughter, I promise anyone who tries to hurt my relation, I will fail her, else my name is not Anushka Sareen.

Someone cuts newspaper letter and sends note to Anu that their family respect is going to be lost soon. Alka and Devyaani are shocked too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. About time the show is showing smartness from these sisters and fighting for woman rights and helping each other.

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