Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 13 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Krish: now i see, this so called wife of mine want to know the reason?! Oh come on swara. If i am like this why do you care? Just remember all those mess you created in the People’s life near you, remember whom did you hurt remember that person whom you have hurt the most, then you will understand then you will understand what exactly HURT is! (after a pause) Oh I am really sorry, swara mujhe maaf kar do swara… Kyunki swara is innocent and whatever she does is always right and who am i to say all this? I am the person who does a lot of mistakes and i am blaming an innocent girl, no she is so sweet of course and why would be the destruction of someone else’s life?(he was too much rude to her he just pricked her with sarcastic)

Swara looks on teary but she was determined to know what was her mistake?! And why the sudden change in kabeer’s behaviour!

Swara:till when? (tears rolls down her cheeks) i don’t know why kabeer.. We were friends right?don’t i have this right to know the reason.

He just goes to the hospital by giving a quick sharp glare to her.

“Just remember all those mess you created in the People’s life near you, remember whom did you hurt remember that person whom you have hurt the most, then you will understand then you will understand what exactly HURT is!” his words rings in her eyes

She goes to her room being Lifeless.

She sat on the corner of the room by pulling her knees near her chest.

” Swara.. Swara what happened to you, i love you so much swara. I am sorry if i hurt you, i can’t imagine my life without you swara.” Sanskar’s words rings on her ears

Gut wrenching sobs left from her chest and hot tears rolls down her cheeks.

Swara:i am sorry sanskar, i am so sorry i was so helpless those times that i didn’t thought twice to break your heart. Now i realised how much it would have pained you.. This is the punishment i got for hurting you

She cries being guilty of her doings.

Kabeer who was near the door, listened her. His heart pained.
No matter how much he takes out his anger for her deeds but the love for her is still alive in his heart.

A lone tear rolls down his cheeks followed by his fist hitting the wall.

Kabeer:why it’s so complicated? Why? Why i can’t face Ragini? Why i control my anger?

He leaves from there picking the bike keys.

Here Sanskar makes the breakfast

He remembered the first kitchen incident when Ragini wantedly touched the hot pan, just to gain the concern and care from him.

He without realising holds the hot vessel, he winces

Ragini who just then came have witnessed this.

She immediately runs to his and holds his hand

Sanskar looks at her forgetting his pain. He was lost in her.

She dragged him near sink and pours cold water on his hand.
He was overwhelmed by her care and concern.

Ragini feels his gaze, she ignored it.

She brings the cream and applied on the burned part
He winces a little

Ragini:jab tak ghaav nahi barta, dard tho hoga hi. But sometimes it matters to heal dard ek cheez se milti hai ya insaan se ya koi apne se.

It had some inner meaning, which sanskar understood.

She makes a toast quickly and left to her room having it.

It’s true, more than the physical wounds the mental wounds hurts.
How could he not understand?! He was the best example for it.

After sometime

Sanskar enters Ragini’s room, he sees her sleeping like a kid.

Just then he could listen some murmurs

Yes, it was her who is talking in the sleep.

He moved close to her to listen her.

Ragini:why did you.. do this? I had dreamt a.. beautiful.. life with you. But you just treated me like thrash.

It was for him, he felt sad.
He caressing her hair while touching the stress lines on forehead.

Which vanished, she cuddled a pillow and slept

He smiles and kisses her forehead.

He realised that he kissed her, unknowingly he was getting attracted to her!

She was so tired that she didn’t wake all the day

It was night 12

Ragini was hungry

She moves to kitchen and finds nothing.

Behind Sanskar clears his throat.

He signs her to dining table.

Where all her favourite dishes were there

She just didn’t move but her mouth watered, she controlled her urge to eating them all, as she was angry with him.

Her heart:arey.. You are angry with him but not food

Her mind:he is just trying to be good so that he again hurt you. Don’t fall on his trap!

Her heart expressed in sad tone:but those are your favourite.

Ragini bent to her heart

And moved to the food, but still was hesitating

Sanskar smiles and he just acted to be not watching her.

Ragini sat on the chair

She felt like those noodles and gobi manchurian and rumali roti’s were asking her eat.

Ragini slowly takes the plate and fills the food and haves it.

While having it her mind:Ragini, you are just like dog’s tail, no matter how matter you try to straight it, but it doesnt. Same way are.

Ragini just laughed at her inner self.

Sanskar smiles seeing her:who are Rajeev sanjay sujoy and karan kishan arjun and sameer.. Hmm and…

Ragini chokes realising whose name are those!!

Sanskar immediately fills the water in glass and gives her
She didn’t take it.

Sanskar pats her back

Ragini herself:sab gaya😭😭😭saare crush tho crash ho gaye aapke saamne.

To be continued….

So how was the part?

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