Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 12 by Aliya

Let’s begin

Ragini sees the caller id “swara”

She was about to disconnect..
She thinks no
And then she picks the call

Swara:Ragini where were you? No news at all!

Ragini:i was busy.. Say swara why you called?

Swara:actually i want to invite you and your husband for the dinner at my home. So when you are free?

Tears were battling to pour down her eyes, she closed her eyes letting those tears to flow

Ragini takes a deep breath and expresses in Sarcastic way:soon swara, but now i am busy. I would inform you about when i would be free and join you.

Swara didn’t realise her Sarcastic :ok Ragini i would be waiting. Bye.

Ragini disconnects the call.

She wipes her tears:here i am just shedding tears. Sanskar Maheshwari, loving you was my talent. And now taking revenge for these tears would be my goal!

Smirk crawled her lips where tears still flowed.


Sanskar entered the apartment

And found everything messy
He feared and one thought ran over his mind that’s, Ragini

Sanskar immediately entered home, he sees no one in the room

Sweat travelled down behind his ear

He called her

Sanskar searching her everywhere:Ragini…

His heart beat speeds, the worry he had now couldn’t be explained.

He just ran out and ringed the bell of the neighbour, whom in these 2 haven’t seen for once too.

A lady opens the door:yes?

Sanskar:i am..

Lady smiles warmly:Ragini’s husband right?

He nods

Sanskar didn’t know what to ask? How to ask?

Lady:Ragini was here only just half an hour ago, she went to duty

Sanskar immediately :Ragini was fine right?

Lady:yes, she was fine.

He takes a big sign of relief

Lady:any problem?

He smiles weakly at her and was about to go

Lady:you love your wife so much!

He was froze for the moment!

Lady:Ragini just used to praise you and your love for her, but from last few days she didn’t talk about you only. May be you had fight!

Sanskar was just shocked, when he just used to find the chance to take out his frustration on her. While she praised him

Lady:mein bhi kya keh rahi hoon, Ragini hai hi aisi koi bhi usse pyaar kare bina kaise reh sakta hai. You are lucky but if i had chance before i would have get her married to my son.

Till now he was just listening her and remembering all those things where he hurt her.. But now
He was annoyed listening her last sentence

Sanskar forced a smile:yes you are right about Ragini, but she is Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari. Nice to meet you Mrs.. (he looks at the flex board) Grewal.

He just entered and closed the door with bang.

While the lady smiled realising he was jealous of such a small thoughts!

Sanskar:what the hell. If she had a chance she would have married my Ragini to her… Huh.. Who is her son? Is he at home? Sanskar what are you thinking off? I should…

He takes out his phone and called her

Ragini who was treating patient sees the caller id and disconnects.

Sanskar again calls her and she again disconnects.

He called her continuously until she picks

Ragini angrily picks:when a person doesn’t picks the calls then it has 2 meanings if the person is busy or either the person doesn’t want to talk to anyone..?!

Sanskar:i am sorry but i thought you were not…..

Ragini:wow, look who is talking, my house mate was thinking about me, so what you are expecting? Should i thank you? Or should i appreciate you!

Sanskar smiles:take care and bye, if you need anything you can call me anytime

Ragini was shocked, she didn’t expect it from him
Brushing all her thoughts

Ragini smirks:i have did my work and it’s your time to work. Good luck!

She disconnects the call

Sanskar gets confused but later realises seeing the mess.

He takes a deep breath and goes to freshen

And after that he starts to clean.


Ragini enters the home.

And sees everything is been cleaned and neat

She sees sanskar sleeping on the sofa being tired.

Smirk crawls in her lips.

Ragini moves to music system and on’s the music.. Sorry loud music

Who let the dogs out?
Woof woof woof woof

Sanskar jerks from his sleep.. Breathing heavily

Who let the dogs out?
Woof woof woof woof

Ragini acts unknown while reading the news paper

Sanskar looks at her.
It was almost 4 by cleaning all the mess and he himself don’t know when he slept and now?!

He was about to off the music but stops himself
And directly goes to his room

And then he remembers it’s Sunday today.

Sanskar freshens

And moves out he sees Ragini sleeping placing her head on table.

He goes to kitchen

She immediately wakes once her sleep broke

She was about to go

When she sees sanskar who is trying to make roti’s but he couldn’t.

The dough was going too sticky. He was about to add water

Ragini:arey… What are you doing?

He looks at her

She moves to him, he smiles


He gives her the way

While Ragini makes the dough, while making it
Little flour was on her cheeks
And few strands of the messy hair was on her face.

He was just lost in her, she was affecting him? Is she really affecting him?

He was about to wipes the flour from her cheeks
But feeling his closeness
She immediately moves back

Sanskar:woh…flour on….

Ragini immediately washes her hands and and face

And goes from there.

Sanskar:what is happening to me?

In room

She gets adi’s call

After call.

Ragini:why krish changed his shift? Why is he avoiding me? He isn’t picking my phone calls rather haven’t meet me!

To be continued….

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