Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 29th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran, Dadi and jaggi fooling Himmat. Simran scares Himmat and he gets afraid. She asks the tantrik baba to save him. The tantrik baba is actually jaggi. Simran says i m not after Himmat, but after Didi. He always supported Didi so I m after him. Himmat says I will not support her, you don’t be after me. Simran says she did a big crime, if you make her confess her crime, then I will leave you. Himmat asks what did she do. Simran says she gave poison to Daddu. Himmat is shocked. Simran says yes, and tells him how Didi killed Daddu. Himmat says Didi is very clever, how will I make her confess. Simran says you have to do this, else I will not spare you. jaggi says it looks like Simran left now.

Himmat says save me, there have to be some solution. jaggi says make Didi confess her crime. Himmat says how will I do that. jaggi gives him a bhabood and asks him to mix it in Didi’s food and she will confess her sin. He says you need to do it tonight and this should not be known except we four. Himmat says who. jaggi makes an excuse. Himmat says I will bring her out, who knows I will gain respectful in my dad’s sight and maybe he will bring my wife back. Himmat leaves. Simran and Dadi are happy. jaggi laughs.

Simran says Himmat will mix it in Didi’s food and you record it in this mobile phone. Dadi gets tensed and says I don’t know how to use this phone. Simran teaches her how to record. Dadi asks how do you know. jaggi says Rajveer taught her infront of me. Simran says even I had similar phone. jaggi says think about recording. Dadi says you tell something Simran. Simran says I only think about Rajveer, if I start saying about him, I won’t stop. She starts saying and speaks about Rajveer and cries.

Dadi hugs her. Himmat comes home and meets jaggi. He tells jaggi that you always scare me. jaggi asks why are you worried, what did the baba said, do you believe him. Himmat says I believe him, but the solution is tough. He tells jaggi that the baba asked me to mix this in Didi’s food to make her confess. jaggi asks what sin. Himmat does not tell him and says I don’t know what sin. I have to record what Didi says. jaggi says its simple, make her eat. Himmat says she is fasting today. jaggi is tensed and thinks of some idea. He says she can eat fruit, make her eat in it, she won’t know.

Himmat comes to Didi with the fruits. Didi is happy seeing his love and asks why did you bring this. Did you add poison in it. Himmat says you are like my mum, you always supported me, can’t I do this much for me. Didi says I was joking, give it to me. Himmat says I will make you eat with my hands. Simran, Dadi and jaggi keep an eye on them through the window. Himmat makes Didi eat the fruits. Himmat thinks how he mixed the bhabood on the fruits. Didi says its enough now. She says whats happening to me, my head is aching. Himmat says maybe because you are fasting, eat this, you will be fine.

Himmat asks her about Daddu and how much he loved her. She says yes, Daddu loved me a lot when I was small, but when I grew up, he stopped loving me and became my enemy. Himmat starts recording. Didi says I did what no one did till now. Himmat asks what, tell me. Didi says I….. She faints. Simran sees her plan failing.

Himmat says tell me what you did with Daddu. Simran says what happened to her. jaggi tries to wake her up and asks what did you do, tell me. He puts water on Didi and she wakes up. Didi says how dare you throw water on my face, whats going on in your mind. He says I thought you fainted, so I did this. She says how did I faint, I fast regularly. He says don’t worry. She says you did something to me, tell me the truth what you mixed in these fruits. Himmat says why will I mix, I simply brought the fruits. Didi says I can read faces, your face shows you are lying, else I will make you eat it. Himmat tries ti run but Didi catches him and scolds him.

Himmat says I will tell you. he says I was trying to get rid of Simran’s ghost. Didi gets angry. Himmat tells her about the tantrik and what happened there. He tells her everything and asks did you really gave poison to Daddu. Didi laughs and says you won’t get the answer. Didi is shocked and asks who told you to go there. Himmat says jaggi. Simran and jaggi are shocked.

Himmat says jaggi was praising the tantrik. Didi says take me to him. I want to meet him as he is doing miracles. Himmat says I won’t go there again. Didi says its my command. Simran is shocked. jaggi gets tensed and says now Didi won’t leave me, she will ask me, what will I tell her. Dadi says lie to her. Dadi says you have to meet her there. jaggi says no way. Dadi says you have to. jaggi says she will understand, she can’t become a fool easily. Simran says trust yourself, its a war between good and bad, and you are fighting for the good and the good wins always. Simran smiles.

jaggi fools Didi and Himmat. Simran is unable to fool them. jaggi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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