Punar Vivah 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 29th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
While kamla is tensed, as divya returns, divya retaliates by saying that she didnt get the police after telling her what sarita told and advised her. kamla stands guilty, as divya says that sarita is very noble and she wopnt let anything happen to her. divya leaves disgusted.

The next morning, kamla comes with medicines to divya, but she throws it away. kamla tels her not to behave like this, as she would lose all relations like this. divya sits disgusted.

Scene 2:
Location: The court room
Soham and his family, except for kamla, are there, to wish her well, as sarita and vikrant come withg the police. soham says that had he got his way, he would have taken the blame, bjut the court doesnt allow such emotions. Vikrant also thanks raj and his family for their support despite the fear of being implicated. raj says that he couldnt do enough. Sarita tells him that he doesnt need to feel bad, as she’s lucky to have a family like her by here side. she asks for divya. Shiela tells her that divya hasnt slept all night and has fever too. Sarita says that she must be tensed for her, and god knows when they would meet again. Vikrant clutches sarita’s hand and takes her to the convicted stand. Meanwhile, the court proceedings continue wherein vikrant and sarita are convicted. The lawyer is confused, as both sarita and vikrant procliam to be kajal’s murderer, each trying to save the other. The lawyer and the court finally deduces that they both are equally guilty. the lawyer asks vikrant that he may have been a man of influential means, but he wont be able to buy the law. The lawyer asks him if he too was involved. as sarita is about to confess, vikrant takes all the blame on himself. The lawyer emphasises that they both are involved, and should be given stern punishment. The judge pronounces the verdict, but before he can, a female voice calls out, for him to stop. all are shocked, including raj and his family. they turn around to find a dishevelled kamla, proclaiming to be the murderer, while all are baffled and shocked. the lawyer asks her to come and stand in the victory stand, and then say what she wants to. Kamla complies, and after taking the oath of truth, is questioned by the lawyer, about the details of the murder. kamla says that she has the evidence. raj gets furious as to what his mother is upto. Divya tells him that what she’s saying is the truth. the judge asks them to sit down. Kamla says that she has the evidence that would prove that she is the culprit, and vikrant and sarita are innocent. she demands for punishment for herself and aquittal for them. she breaks down on the witness stand.

The judge later pronounces that on the basis of kamla’s evidence, both sarita and vikrant are inncoent and are aquitted. He also pronounces kamla to be aquitted, as what she did was in defence of her daughter, as the murder was plotted by kajal, and she tried to just defend her daughter, even though it led to another murder. all are relieved and happy.

Scene 3:
location: Jagotia’s residence
After a month, a grand celebration is on, wherein divya is greeting everyone, while she and granny discuss about shiela’s wedding with rohan. raj tries to flirt with her, but she shoves her away teasingly. granny teases raj on the same. Raj finds vikrant too tensed, and they start arguing about who’s going to give a better performance at the Zee tv Rishtey Awards.

Divya goes to shiela’s room and finds her dressed as a bride, and compliments her profusely. She teases shiela on rohan’s name, where munni too joins her. Divya asks shiela if she finally got what she wanted. shiela asks for kamla, and at that moment she turns up. Shiela says that she always wants to be her daughter. kamla jokes with her. abhi comes and clicks a pic of shiela, and goes on to show rohan. Abhi shows rohan and vandana the pic, and all are happy, and he wonders how all of them are so happy and peaceful in such a short span of time. Vandana gets emotional, while shiela comes and wiping her tears tells her that she wont let her cry ever. Vandana compliments her. The priest calls for the couple. Vandana takes them there. Divya enquires about sarita and vikrant, and raj says that they must be around somewhere.

In their room, vikrant goes on to romanticise sarita, as he finds her alone. He asks her not to make him wait any longer. he takes her in his arms, and puts her on the bed. sarita tells him that he doersnt look nice romancing, like he does in fighting. He says that her love made him like this. Sarita tries to get up, but vikrant holds her pallu, and pulls her towards him, causing a physical intimacy. He pins her under him, and goes on to shower innumerable kisses, as she burns in the fires of passion. As she lays her head on his shoulder, he unthreads her blouse, as she lies melting in his arms. Finally, sarita and vikrant consummate their marriage, that was awaited for a long time, while rohan gets remarried to shiela by customs and traditions. the screen freezes for the final time on Sarita’s and vikrant’s face.

Precap: Vikrant tells alongwith sarita, and promote for Urmi, the protagonist in Doli armaanon Ki, as their serial comes to an ending.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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