Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi getting angry thinking about Tau ji’s words. She thinks she will expose Simran in some way or the other. She sees herself in the mirror and asks who are you. The mirror image says your soul. Didi says how can I see you. The image says you have less time, if you want to save Rajveer, then… Didi says tell me how to prove that Simran is a ghost. She thinks if Chanchal dies, whom will Tau ji give Rajveer’s responsibility. Didi laughs and says now its Chanchal’s turn after Daddu and Simran. Didi digs some land and takes out the poison bottle. She says first Daddu tasted it, now its Chanchal’s turn to taste it. She says this will kill Chanchal and everyone will think she died seeing Rajveer’s state.

Simran comes there and taunts Didi. She says no one does with strangers like you are doing with your family. Didi laughs saying I got scared. She says I don’t get afraid by you, I will do what I thought of. Simran says I heard you, I could save Daddu, but will not let you touch Chanchal. Didi says ok, go and tell everyone that I m giving poison to Chanchal. Didi says Chanchal will die today, its decided and leaves. Simran looks on.

Its night, Didi is sleeping in her room. Simran comes to her and Didi catches her holding her hand. Didi handcuffs her with the almirah and laughs. She says now you are caught, if you are a ghost, go from here, else you will be standing here. Didi says I was not giving poison to Chanchal, I was planning to catch you. Simran says leave me else. Didi says else what. Didi says if you have guts, go from here. Didi laughs. jaggi comes to her and is shocked to see Simran. Dadi also sees Simran and is shocked.

Didi thinks they can see Simran but actually they did not see her. Didi locks the door and goes to call Tau ji. Tau ji asks what do you want to show. Didi says come and see what I want to show. Didi is shocked to see that Simran disappeared. Tau ji says I m going mad seeing the empty room. Didi says Simran was here, she run away. Tau ji says you have gone mad, this is your rumour. Didi asks Dadi ann jaggi to speak up as you have also seen her. jaggi says I did not see anyone. Didi says you are lying.

She asks why were you shocked then. jaggi says I was shocked to see the handcuffs. Dadi says even I got worried seeing it. Tau ji scolds Didi. He says you could not prove anything, from now on Chanchal will be taking care of Rajveer, stay away from him. Didi tells jaggi that you are with Simran, you have helped her. jaggi says no one was there in this room, and you had the room’s keys. jaggi says lets go Dadi. They leave. Didi says I told you that Chanchal will get her right, I fulfilled my promise. Simran laughs. jaggi and Dadi meet Simran in the store room. They look at her shocked.

Dadi hugs Simran. jaggi smiles. Dadi says Simran is not a ghost, she will live more. Simran says I want your love. Dadi says our love is with you. You are saving us. She praises Simran. jaggi says Didi is after Simran and Rajveer. Dadi says yes, she poisoned her dad and she became a devil, I want to see her getting punished. Simran says so I came, support me, we will make her get punished for her sons. Simran, jaggi and Dadi laughs joining hands.

Chanchal is making food for Rajveer. She comes to Rajveer and talks to him. She shows him his fav food and makes him eat. He does not give any response to her. Chanchal asks him tell me how is it. She makes him have badam milk saying I brought this for you. Dadi, Simran and jaggi see them and gets upset. Dadi hugs Simran. Simran asks what happened. Dadi blesses her that a mum got her lost son again and you did for Chanchal and all of us. Simran says I did this by your help. jaggi asks them to be happy. Simran says not yet, we started now, we have to take Daddu’s death revenge from Didi. Dadi says do what you want, I m with you. Himmat comes out of his room and bumps into Tau ji. Tau ji says don’t be afraid. Didi says stop it, don’t say anything to him. Tau ji argues with Didi.

Simran plans to break Himmat showing him some ghosts.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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