Veera 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Scene start with Karan and veera walking into market and karan says you said that you came here for urgent work, but you came here for only shopping. Veera says to karan, please check the fitting of sweater, and she see the back and its spelling mistaken. Veera come out from shop. Katan says, you want to do some more shopping.

Ranveer travel into bus and talk to some stranger, veera was in 3 class and now she has completed its studies thats why I am going to take her home. I am taking her to progress of our village. Veera’s friend teases her on Karan’s name. Veera says, My veerji sweater got wasted.
Ranveer ask everyone, bhaiji this is your lamb, but everyone refuses it. He talk to lamb, how will i take you to veera’s college and gurudwara. Someone in gurudwara says to ranveer, bhaiji toda to kurta hi fat gya ji. ranveer gone to darji and he heard that a girl forget to take her graduation dress he spells her name and ranveer says veera, then ddarji admits, ya veera.

Veera feel so guilty that she forget that dress. ranveer says to darji, please take that lamb but darji says, i am going to namaj. Veera request to principal to allow her, in convocation without graduation dress. ranveer reaches veera college by running.

Ranveer meets Veera and take her name. Veera got very happy and hug him. Ranveer says to veera, isnt your convocation get started? Go and get ready. I know you cant allowed without that dress and does your friend have my size of kurta because my kurta got teared…

Chaiji prays to rab ji that please help my both child so that they can live easily in this world.
Chaiji and ratan parjai talk each other. chaiji says many years spent very early. i have made a suit for her. Do you have some thing him? Ratan parjai says, Veera and my differences become more wider. Chaiji says please do it for ranveer.

Precap:- Ranveer run towards veera and says, are you getting late. Veera says, veerji how do you get injured. then ranveers says, some notorius boys done that.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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