Amita Ka Amit 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 27th November 2013 Written Update

Fallu comes in AA’s room. They are discussing about the breakfast when they hear Amu shouting for Raunak. Raunak is in Kajri’s arms and Amu is trying to take him from her. Kajri denies to give. Fallu shouts at her to return Raunak to her mom. What’s happening? Kajri explains that there is a problem with the water in the tub. Amu has mixed bleach in the water instead of soap. This is what I have been trying to make her understand. What will happen to this small kid if he bathes in bleach? She tells Fallu to check the water if she doesn’t believe her. fallu smells it and it is indeed bleach. Amu is shocked. How can this be? I myself added bubble bath soap in the water. Trust me I dint do it. Amu mistakenly picks up the bleach bottle exclaiming it to be soap. She herself is shocked to see that the bottle has been replaced. Amu looks at Kajri disbelievingly. Tell me the truth. You have done it right? Kajri acts innocent again. Amu warns her not to lie. I cannot commit such a big mistake. Amit shouts at her to stop it. You always blame Kajri for all your mistakes. You belong to such category of people who put their blames on other people. Kajri tells him to calm down. Don’t stretch the issue because of me. amit immediately cools down. He tells Kajri to bathe Raunak but Amu still tries to get him. You wont do anything for my son. I wont let her even clean his face forget about bathing him. fallu and Amit look surprised. Fallu tells her to calm down. I know Kajri. She can very well take care of Raunak. She takes Raunak from her and gives him to Kajri to massage him and then bathe him. All 3 of them leave. Kajri is happy.

Kajri is taking Raunak with her. Riya and Tina are playing with Pari. Riya asks her as to where is she taking Raunak. Kajri is taking him to her room. Riya is surprised. Amu gave you permission? Kajri asks her if she thinks Amu will allow her. It is Amit ji who told me to take him with me. Amu didi is making so many mistakes these days. He can be affected by it. He can be in a problem. Riya tells her to massage Pari as well once she is done massaging Raunak. Kajri nods. Don’t you find Amu didi a little strange these days? She keeps on blaming me all the time. She keeps on fighting with Amit ji too for no reason. She was speaking ill about you too. Riya stops her. You are speaking too much. Next time think before saying something about the family members. Kajri still tries to talk but Riya sternly tells her not to. Go to my room and do Raunak’s massage. Kajri wonders how Riya is all good now. What has happened to her? Riya watches Kajri intently as she leaves from there.

Amu and Fallu are cooking in the kitchen. Fallu asks her for sugar but Amu absentmindedly hands her the wrong container. She makes another such mistake. Fallu asks her what the matter is. You seem lost. You can share your problem with me. Amu says I have only one problem – Kajri. I don’t know why but I am not able to trust her. You all feel like I am being delusional. Fallu says I have more experience in life than you. Kajri lives with us too and she is all nice with all of us. I think you should spend more time with her. Give her a chance. You might start trusting her. Plus it is tough to find a nice nanny these days. Amu nods in agreement. Maybe I am not able to understand her properly. Fallu tells her to make tea while she goes to do something else. Amu thinks I don’t want to force my thoughts on anybody but the truth is whenever Raunak is with Kajri then I feel restless and weak.

Amu goes upstairs to check on Kajri. She hears her talking lovingly with Raunak. She peeps in and notices her happily playing with Raunak while doing his massage. She is confused. Is this the same Kajri who wants to harm my son? Just then she is shocked as she hears Kajri calling out to Raunak as Surayansh. She is addressing him as her Suryansh. Amu is unable to understand why she is calling him thus. Plus how come she is being so nice to him? Amu comes there and picks up Raunak saying enough of massage. Kajri tells her it is still incomplete but Amu leaves with Raunak. Kajri is angry.


Amu is praying while Fallu watches her from afar. Amu says no one trusts me that’s why I am giving it all up to you. Nothing is hidden from you. Please take care of my Raunak and bring out Kajri’s truth in front of everyone. Kajri comes there and looks at Fallu. This isn’t the time to pray then what is Amu didi doing there. Fallu replies that a worried / troubled person gets peace there only. Kajri says who is not worried mummy ji. She asks for her permission to call her that. Amu didi’s worries are very strange. I am telling you keep her busy in work so that no ill thought comes to her mind. Fallu likes the idea. Kajri leaves from there just when Amu comes to give aarti to Fallu. Amu eyes Kajri suspiciously. Fallu asks for Amu’s help for sorting some sarees. Amu agrees to help her. She goes to give aarti to Raunak. She puts the puja thaal on the table which is far from him. She tells him that she is going to do some work right now but Kanha ji’s diya will protect you from every problem. She exits and Kajri makes her entry in AA’s room. She closes the door and picks up the thaal. I couldn’t take the credit for saving you yesterday in the puja but I wont let go of this chance today,

Fallu is showing her sarees to Amu but she is not paying much attention to her. fallu has kept aside many sarees for her. Fallu notices her looking lost. Amu says I dint keep a pillow next to Raunak. He might fall. She rushes out to check on him. There, Kajri crosses Raunak’s pram and goes to the curtain nearby. She puts the thaal under it. Right then Amu comes there and notices Kajri in her room. What are you doing here? Kajri turns a little shocked.


Kajri says I had come here to take care of Raunak. Amu cross questions her if she had told her to do so. I know your intentions very well. Tell me straight what you are doing here. Kajri acts naive. Amu tells her she has heard her addressing Raunak as Suryansh. Kajri is shocked. Who is this Suryansh? Tell me quietly what you want or you will regret it. The curtain catches fire by now. kajri pushes Amu who falls in Amit’s arms. Kajri is shocked to see him there. Amit angrily asks her what she was doing. At the same moment, Amu notices the curtain on fire. She shouts for it. Kajri rushes there in an attempt to blow it out. Amit moves her aside and covers it with a blanket. Everyone else has come there too. They all are trying to douse the fire. Amu has Raunak in her arms. Amit looks at Kajri’s hand which got burnt while dousing the fire. It isn’t burnt much but you will have to put on ointment. Amu looks at him confused.

Amit asks about the puja thaal. Who kept it there? Amu blames Kajri. She did it knowingly. All the family members look shocked. Kajri tells her not to lie. You came to keep it here. I had come to be with Raunak. She asks Fallu about it. You saw her coming right? Amu calls it her drama. She is instigating you all against me. Try to understand what she is doing. Amit is getting angrier by the minute. She wants to kill my son. He is not safe try to understand it. He very calmly takes Raunak from her. You are right. Raunak is not safe. He looks at Kajri and goes to her. He is not safe with you. Everyone is stunned to hear him say this.

Precap: Kajri is enjoying Amu’s situation. You still think the family members will believe you? Be it about the pram or fire or bathing Raunak in the bleaching powder. Amu shouts at her that he is my son, my Raunak. Kajri shouts more loudly at her. Stop! His name is Suryansh. Amu looks shocked / scared.

Update Credit to: pooja

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