Jee Le Zara 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 27th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi wishing good morning to Aaji and Nani. Aaji and Nani doesn’t talk to her. Saanchi asks Advait, what she shall prepare for him. Advait says he isn’t hungry. Aaji tells nani that she is going to her room as her head is paining. Saanchi asks Nani, will you not talk to me. Nani says you hurt us and asks her to go to office. Saanchi is hurt. Ulka kaki along with the other neighbours taunts Saanchi. Dilshaad taunts them and asks her to take care of their own daughters. Ulka kaki says you don’t have values. Dilshaad speaks in favour of Saanchi and point out their mistake. Ulka says she did a mistake. Dilshaad asks, don’t you think her as your daughter. Then why you are gossipying about her? Ulka says she brought a bad reputation. Dilshaad asks them not to speak anything bad about Saanchi and Dhruv else she can speak more badly about them.

Dilshaad asks Dhruv to have patience. Dhruv says he is concerned about Saanchi as she might be bearing Nani, Aaji and Advait’s anger. Dilshaad says Saanchi will manage everything and says she is strong. Nani comes to the balcony to dry clothes, she don’t see Dhruv. Saanchi comes to the office and sees some guys speaking badly about her. yadav kaka gets angry on them. Mugdha says they are speaking nonsense. Saanchi comes to her cabin and looks at her parents photo. She cries miserably.

Dhruv comes and asks her not to cry. Saanchi says she hurt them. Dhruv says you have given them happiness also and it is their turn now. She says she can’t go against them. Dhruv asks, what about your feelings? Saanchi says she can’t go against her family. She can’t be happy by hurting them. She says we were destined to be together till here. She removes her engagement ring and gives it back to Dhruv. She says sorry. Dhruv is pained and asks her not to do this. Saanchi asks him to go. Dhruv says he won’t go and says I love only you. Saanchi says everyone feels our love is wrong. Dhruv says we will make them understand. She says she can’t fight with them. Dhruv says, you can give me pain….Saanchi turns away. She cries after Dhruv leaves. She says sorry.

Dhruv is walking on the road and recalling their romantic moments while the song Bin tere bin tere… plays in the BG. Saanchi wake up Advait and says she has prepared breakfast and milk shake for him. She says she will clean the room. Advait says he knows everything and asks her not to pretend to be normal. Pradeep calls Sunil and tells him about Saanchi and Dhruv’s love affair. Sunil says he is very young. Pradeep asks him to manipulate Prachi against Saanchi. Dhruv shows the ring to Dilshaad and says she returned the ring. He says he will make her understand that he is always with her. Dilshaad asks him not to go now. Saanchi gives the medicine to Aaji. Aaji says she will have it and asks her don’t show concern for her. Saanchi asks her to take out her anger and cries.

Prachi tells Saanchi that she can do anything on Dhruv’s issue but you have to settle the other issue with all of us. Saanchi asks what? Prachi asks her to give their share of land to them and settle down with Dhruv.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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