Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Khanna admitting that Simran is educated. Tau ji is shocked. Khanna says Simran learnt when she was six years old. Khanna changes the topic and says Simran learnt from life’s experiences. Khanna says she did every work at home and learnt different lessons. Khanna lies and says she did not educate in school or college, but through life. Khanna says she wanted to go to school but did not tell me. Khanna says Simran has always been serving me and the household. Simran cries. Khanna asks Tau ji that did you not find anything before selecting Simran, and why are you blaming her only because of a mobile phone. Khanna says you are doubting on her only because of a mobile phone.

Khanna asks Baldev do you have a phone.

Baldev says yes. Khanna says are you educated then? Khanna says you also know how to use phone, so are you educated. Tau ji is stunned. Khanna says did I tell anything wrong, this is your sister’s mentality. Khanna says didi thinks those you have mobile phone, they are educated. Khanna requests them to scold Simran on mistake, but not blame her for false things. Khanna says Simran got a mum in Chanchal and got your love also. Khanna says I am sorry if I said anything wrong.

Tau ji goes to Khanna and says no, you don’t need to apologize. I have trust on your every word. He says its my mistake that I doubted on your daughter. He says rules are same for everyone, so Simran has to obey them. Khanna agrees. Tau ji says take back the phone. Tau ji smiles and asks everyone to bring food for Khanna. Didi gets angry. Tau ji asks Didi to forget everything as the whole family will dine together. Didi taunts Khanna and calls him a liar. Didi says this daughter and father are liars. Didi says they are lying to us and shouts on them. Didi leaves in anger.

Simran talks to Khanna. He says where are you living. He says I could have done anything for you in Singapore, but what are you doing here. You can’t even talk here. He gets sad and says Rajveer is not loving you. No one needs you, leave this madness and come with me. He says listen to me. Simran says I can’t do this. He says I knew you won’t listen to me, but I m your dad, thats why I m requesting you. He says you do what you want, even if I die. He says what should I do. He says I wish your mum was here, she could have explained you well, its my mistake. Simran says its my decision, don’t blame yourself. Simran says I m very happy here, I m sure everything will be fine. Simran says I have Rajveer with me. Simran says nothing will happen to me till he is with me. She turns and sees Rajveer standing. Khanna leaves. Simran asks him not to go. Rajveer says you have to stay here tonight.

Khanna says I won’t stay. Rajveer says what will everyone think. Khanna is adamant and walks out. Dadi comes to Didi and asks her to open the door. Didi asks everyone to leave and says treat your guest. Didi is angry and locks herself inside. Khanna says you want me to stay here to hear this. Dadi says call Tau ji, he will decide about her. Khanna starts leaving. Simran and Rajveer follow him. Tau ji stops Khanna and asks where are you going. Khanna says it would be good if I leave. Tau ji says I won’t let you go. Khanna says I can’t stay here. Didi shouts aloud and says Simran is fooling everyone and her truth is something else. They hear her. Tau ji looks at Khanna. Khanna greets him and leaves.

Tau ji comes to Didi. Didi asks him to leave as she is very angry. Tau ji says come out and speak to me. Didi opens the door and looks at them. Didi tells Tau ji don’t forget that I always told you about Simran that she is fooling everyone. Didi cries and closes the door. Khanna requests Rajveer not to break Simran’s trust. He says forget your rules for few days,
I don’t want her reality to leak, I won’t send her back after the patphere rasam. Rajveer agrees and says I m helpless, forgive me. He says I know I can’t keep Simran happy but I will try to make her few days happy. I promise you I won’t break your trust. Khanna says if anything happens to Simran, I won’t forgive you.

Khanna blesses Simran. Hoshiyar stops Khanna. Khanna says don’t stop me now. Hoshiyar says I m ashamed by whatever happened in my house. He says I can’t even apologize to you.
Hoshiyar says I m sorry. Khanna scolds him. Simran says don’t blame him, he has always supported me. Simran says I don’t miss you as he is with me. Hoshiyar says trust me, I also want that Simran lives here forever and be happy. He says if I could do it, I would have done it. He says I can’t change the rules. I can’t change Tau ji’s and Rajveer’s mentality. He says sorry for everything that happened and promises that he will always take care of Simran.

Simran hears Didi chanting some lines. Didi sees Simran came to her room and overheard her mantras.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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