Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya and Pihu in the restaurant. Priya tells Pihu that Shruti is her college friend. She asks Pihu to eat something, Pihu says she will not eat it or else she will gain weight and looks like Papa. Pihu says she wants to looks like her mom. Priya says excuse me and says my husband is very handsome. Ram calls her and asks about kids. Priya says they are outside and Pari and maira will soon join them. Ram tells the twon girls that he will surprise their mom.

Ashwin’s place:
Varun comes to Ashwin and asks do you know Pihu’s mom from before. Ashwin says what rubbish are you talking about. Varun says I am sorry and says Pihu drag the issue and he didn’t do any such thing with Pihu. Ashwin says yes, he was about to marry Priya, but

left her and married your mom and says if they had money power, then they would have thrown them out of the college.

Pari and Maira comes to the restaurant and says we have a big surprise for you. Priya asks what? Ram comes and greets them. Priya is surprised. Priya says lets order.

Vikram’s place:
Sammy thinks to call Param. He calls Param and says he called her just like that. He speaks about her eyes and says it is very beautiful. Param says she knew as she wears contact lenses. Sammy says you looks younger than your age. Param asks him to come straight to the point. Sammy asks her to come for the date. Param says ok. Sammy is on cloud nine. Param says you messaged me the venue and I will come there. Vikram comes and asks him to come with him as Ram invited them.

Ram thanks Vikram’s family for coming. Priya tells Ram that Pihu is not eating Chicken. Ram says ofcourse he knows his children. Neha says let it be. Varun calls Pihu, who didn’t pick her call. Sammy takes Pihu with him.

Ashwin’s place:
Varun thinks because of Priya, my mom and dad had a fight together. He plans to take revenge on Pihu.

Vikram asks Ram how do you feel? Ram says stressed. Ram says Sammy and Pihu looks good together. Vikram says he saw Sammy having a crush on some other girl. Ram says he just thought. Ram asks Priya, why you are not talking with me. Priya don’t say anything.
Pihu tells Sammy that love is not in the air. Sammy says you are just 15 and in this age, we do mistakes and our parents might have done mistakes in the past. Pihu says never. Varun again calls Pihu. Pihu picks his call and Varun says he is coming to meet her.

Pihu tells Ram that she is going with Sammy to show him her project. She comes out of the restaurant where Varun is waiting for Pihu. Varun says he came to say her sorry. Pihu says she is not interested and is about to leave. But Varun says this happened even with our parents. Varun tells Pihu that your mom was my dad’s girlfriend and my dad dumped her. She wanted to marry my dad but my dad married your mom’s best friend. He says everyone does mistakes and asks her to asks her mom Priya, if she thinks he is lieing. Pihu is shocked and sad. Pihu comes back and looks lost. Priya asks what happened. Sammy says Pihu showed him her project and it was good.

Ashwin’s place:
Varun searches for the photos of Priya and Ashwin. He smiles when he finds the same.

Priya tells Ram that she don’t have any problem with her kids. Ram asked why you are giving me updates of kids. Do you think I am just concerned about kids. Priya asks what am I? I am just a mother for your kids. No one calls me priya since many years. I just hears Mrs. Kapoor. She gets angry on Ram. The episode ends.

Pihu hesitantly asks Priya that did you loved any body else before my papa. Did you know Varun’s dad? whether you was his girlfriend. Priya is speechless.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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