Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th August 2013 Written Update

Episode continues from Friday with Manpreet telling the other two women about Rano and wondering where she is. Rano seen wandering near the house and adds to the count of days of waiting on some wall. She still has hope that her husband will come back and take her home. Manpreet tells that like Rano Bani also does not know that her husband will never come back. Says dates have changed but times haven’t. When she thinks of Bani, she is reminded of Rano – how she could never do anything and feels bad that she destroyed Bani’s life by getting her married to Parmeet. Gagan asks about Rano’s whereabouts and Manpreet says they have no idea

Manpreet remembers how Balbir left for Canada days after marriage. Rano was with them for a year but when Balbir did not call or mail, Daarji decided that Rano has to leave.

Daarji stopped all communication with Rano’s family as well and so no one knows what happened to her

While Manpreet is recounting the story we are shown scenes of Rano hugging the wall where she has made the count of days. Then we see modern day Rano (Bani) marking days on calendar and waiting for Parmeet’s call (that must be the modern substitute for going to the train station) **Very nice scene with the background music**

Rajji serving everyone. Sohum thinks that Rajji has to go back as he can’t see her hurt. He promises in his mind to stand with her but not let her know his support. Rajji’s father calls Sohum and says Jas’ marriage is fixed. He invites Sohum’s family for roka the next day

Sohum tells his family and Buaji comments who knows which poor person’s life will be destroyed this time and what all lies must have been told to get this engagement fixed

Rajji is removing clothes from the line. Simran come to advice her. Says that she knows that all her efforts are not sufficient as she is concentrating on becoming a good bahu and she will most likely be successful in that . But she needs to think about Sohum as well and become a good wife as that is more important than becoming a good DIL. Tells Rajji to become more bold and take Bani’s place in Sohum’s heart. For the first time Sohum stood up for her but if Buaji tells her to leave then Sohum wil not support Rajji unless she wins Sohum’s heart.

Rajji left wondering how to win Sohum’s heart. She sees a falling star and remembers Bani telling her that if you wish seeing a falling star your wishes come true. Rajji prays that she is proved a good DIL and wife

Manpreet on the phone to Daarji and tells him that she has sent Bani home as per his wishes.

Rajji in the bedroom when Sohum comes for changing clothes and she starts doing eberything for him – get clothes for changing, milk to drink, etc. Finally he gets irritated with her fluttering around and shouts at her. Rajji lies down and wonders how she will make him like her when she can’t even open her mouth in front of him. Plus she doesn’t know whether she even likes him anyway

Next morning Rajji is still wondering and thinks who she can ask but is conscious that she can’t ask others such things. Then she decides that she should take tips from the few movies she has seen First is Sholay but discards the idea as in that Basanti learnt how to fire a gun. Then is Mugaleazam. In that Madhuala danced and sang – how can she do all that. Then she thinks of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but in that Kajol wore those skimpy clothes. She scolds herself that she has not seen even one movie that is of use Then she gets an idea.

Family tells Bani to call her in-laws and Rajji and ask when they are coming. At Parmeet’s house, it is as if the three devis have not moved the entire night. Manpreet again starts about Bani and finally we are told that no one is going to Jas’ function

She brings Sohum his tea/coffe in bed and then starts drying her hair and doing shringaar, Soum is seen staring at her **O re manwa tu to baawra hai song in background** But when she looks ta him, he has already turned his head. Thus Rajji misses his looking at her. Cute scene to banta hai boss.. So Sohum walks past her and she throws her hair back , hitting his face

She makes him sit and blows into his eyes. He leaves after getting wifey’s ministrations.. Rajji thinks ‘Le, he didn’t even look at me and here she was thinking she could impress him’

Precap: Gagan picks up Bani’s call. Bani asks when they are reaching and Gagan asks hasn’t anyone told her yet that she is not coming back

Update Credit to: Bullzeye

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