Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi bringing sweets for jaggi. jaggi is shocked to see his fav sweet. He asks how do you know about this. She says have it. jaggi says I want a good sleep, please go from here. Didi says I will go, I will not come back again. jaggi says I don’t want to have this sweets. She says have some, I m like your mum. jaggi is angry and says why don’t you listen to me. Didi gets angry and takes out her knife. jaggi is shocked to see the knife. She says will you eat or not. jaggi says I will eat. She keeps the knife back and offers sweets. He is scared and eats. She says now go and sleep. She gives him the sweets and leaves happily.

Didi sings the song Chanda hai tu….while leaving. Simran sees her. Didi comes to her room and talks to her husband’s ashes and says we now know about our son. She says have sweets today with happiness. She says I will make jaggi get his right. Simran comes to her and Didi is not afraid to see her now. Didi says I was thinking why did you not come to me. Simran says it looks like you are not afraid of me. Didi says I m not afraid as I have seen many criminals in jail. She says I came to know about my son. She says I have found out everything. She says jaggi is my son. She says now you see what I do. She says all this property will be on my son’s name and you won’t be able to do anything.

Simran laughs and says you should dream what you can fulfill, else you will be hurt. Didi says you have not seen me, see me as a mum who can turn the world upside down for her son. She asks Simran to do whatever she can. Simran says fine, its my promise that you won’t get anything from this house. Didi says everything will be on jaggi’s name. Simran leaves. Didi talks to her husband’s ashes and says I have thought of everything.

The next morning, Didi comes to a lawyer to make Daddu’s will. The lawyer says its not possible as he is dead now. She gives him Daddu’s signed blank document. The lawyer says its blank. She says you write on it and write that all the property is given to jagbeer. The lawyer says its illegal. Didi laughs and says I know it very well the law and offers him bribe. The lawyer smiles seeing the money and agrees to make the will. He says is this thumb impression true. Didi says yes. She gives him more money and says I think this is enough for you. He says its good now, its enough and I trust you, tell me what you write. Didi tells him.

Tau ji talks to everyone that we will be making the division of the property now. He says I want you all to understand what you are getting. He says don’t ask me anything infront of the divider. He says when Hoshiyar reads the new will, ask me now if you have any questions. Hoshiyar is about to read the document but Didi’s lawyer comes and says this property can’t be divided. Tau ji says how are you. He says I m a lawyer. Tau ji scolds him for interfering in his house’s matter. The lawyer tells him about Daddu’s will. Everyone are puzzled.

The lawyer shows them the real will which Daddu made before dying. Everyone are shocked. Tau ji says are you mad, my Daddu did not walk properly, and you are saying he came to you to make a will. The lawyer says yes, he came when he did not need anyone’s support and I made the will in his presence. He says I have the court’s stamp on it and here are the documents. Tau ji gets the documents and asks him to read and say. The lawyer says Daddu has given everything to jaggi. Everyone are shocked. Didi smiles.

Tau ji and everyone look at jaggi. jaggi is puzzled and is worried. Baldev says read it well. The lawyer says its jaggi’s from today. jaggi says this cannot happen, I did not do anything Tau ji, forgive me, I don’t want anything. Baldev says who is blaming you, be quiet. Simran hears all this. Tau ji asks the lawyer that why did you come so late, why you came today. The lawyer says Daddu wanted me to come at this time. Tau ji says I won’t believe this as Daddu did not tell me anything about it. Didi says Daddu told me about this will. Everyone are shocked hearing this.

Didi says I remember now, he did not tell me whom he is giving his property, but he told me that some lawyer will come after three months and read his will. Didi says I thought he is joking, but the lawyer really came, he gave to agree that Daddu was right. She says now I have to take care of the responsibility which Daddu gave me. Tau ji asks which one.

Didi says that I have to take care that no one rejects this will. She says Daddu trusted me. Tau ji says see Didi, I will agree to this but I don’t know how can Daddu give everything to jaggi. She says see its in the will, we have to believe it. She says who knows Daddu trusts jaggi. She says we have to agree with Daddu. Didi asks the lawyer to give the will to her. She takes it and says now the divider will come, we will make him check this will. The lawyer leaves. Didi tells Tau ji that call me when he comes, I will be praying for Daddu in my room. She leaves with the will. She says Simran could not do anything, where is she now.

Didi is about to kill Tau ji but Rajveer comes in between and gets hurt. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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