Amita Ka Amit 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th November 2013 Written Update

Amu is outside the temple waiting for an auto when she notices Kajri going somewhere in an auto. She hails a can and tells the driver to follow Kajri’s auto. She is confused. Kajri never goes anywhere then where is she heading now? They lose out for a while but the driver finds them. Kajri gets down in a small area. She is holding a small packet in her hand. Amu follows her. Kajri turns once to check if someone is following her but Amu hides in time. Kajri meets a man as Amu watches them from far. She said she dint knew anyone then who is she meeting? Who is this man? Plus what is she giving to him? Kajri hands over the packet to that man. Amu comes out of the hiding place deciding to find out the truth. But she almost collides with a man on bicycle and starts scolding him. By the time she looks back Kajri is gone. She wonders about Kajri and the man.

Amit is worried for Amu. She left without even telling me. I am getting so worried here. Everyone else is worried too. Just then Amu returns home. He asks her about her whereabouts. She asks him if he dint go to office. He says I did but I came back as soon as I came to know you are not at home. I have told you so many times to keep me informed. I get so worried. She lies that she had gone to Batuk bhai’s house. I thought it would be a good change. He tells her to keep him informed. She apologizes. I will take care of it from next time. She asks him about Kajri. He gets confused but she assures him she isn’t thinking anything wrong. I want warm milk for Raunak. She goes inside while calling out for her.

Fallu tells everyone that Amu is here. You all were worrying unnecessarily. Amu apologizes to everyone and tells the same lie. Where is Kajri? Riya is tensed. Kirath tells that she might be around only. Amu doubts she might not be at home only. Fallu and Nani dismiss it. If she leaves without telling anyone then who will trust her? Amu nods. I don’t trust her anyways. Everyone is confused. Just then Kajri comes there. Amu is shocked to see her there. When did you come back? Kajri feigns innocence. I dint go anywhere. Amu tells her not to lie anymore. I myself saw you meeting someone in the market. What were you giving him in that packet? Kajri tells her she must have seen someone else. Amu warns her not to lie. Riya stops her. Enough of your drama! I am watching it since so many days that you keep troubling Kajri for no reason. I wont take anymore. Amu is taken aback. How much will you lie Amu? You say anything anytime. She was playing with Pari in my room in front of my own eyes. You want to say anything else? Amu wonders why Riya is lying for Kajri.

Amu is in her room. She recalls how Riya has been taking Kajri’s side all the while every time she doubted her. She also recalls the priest telling her to keep her son safe for a few years. The danger is lurking nearby. She doesn’t know what is prompting Riya to support Kajri all the time? I have to find out the truth somehow…even if I have to talk to Riya openly.

She comes down looking for Riya and Kajri. She is about to collide with Fallu but stops in time. Fallu tells her to be careful. Amu asks for Kajri. Fallu tells her. Amu notices Riya and Kajri standing in a corner and talking. This is the right time. I should go and overhear their convo. Kajri tells Riya that she is the only one who understands her pain. If you wouldn’t have come on time today then Amu didi would have insulted me again. Riya says it was my duty to save you. Amu is taken aback to hear all this. I was right. They both are trying to harm my baby. You dint do it right. I wont stay quiet Riya didi…not anymore. She again bends forward a little to hear them talking but this time Kajri notices her. Amit pats Amu on her shoulder and she jumps in shock / fear. Kajri hears her gasp and Riya too notices her.

Amit asks her what she is doing here. Riya and Kajri join them. Before Amu can answer, Riya asks her if she was spying on her. Amit says they are stretching the issue for no reason. This house belongs to everyone so anyone can go anywhere. I have come here to tell you that Raunak’s naming ceremony’s pictures have come. Let us all go and see them. Riya tells AA to go ahead. We will join you. Amu asks her as to what important matter were they discussing that they cannot come. Amit tells her to come along. They will come. AA leave. Kajri shakes her head.


Everyone is gathered to see the pics. They cannot stop complimenting Raunak. Kajri compliments Pari. Amu is watching them closely. Riya tries to show some pic of Pari to Nani but Fallu distracts her for another pic of Raunak. Riya is put off. Tina, Kajri and Amit notice this. Amit asks for the pic from Riya. Before he can look at it, Baa tells him to book her ticket for Vaishno Devi as she had prayed for AA’s baby. Riya is sad again. Kajri tells Riya she has kept the right name for her daughter as she looks just like a princess. Riya thanks her. atleast you are noticing my daughter. Kajri takes up the opportunity. I shouldn’t say it but I too have seen it that the family members take extra care of Amu’s baby than Pari. Why so? Amu is hearing / watching them both intently. Riya gets uncomfy. They only would know.

Fallu asks Amu to come inside and help her in the kitchen but Amu seems lost. Amit makes her come out of her trance. Amu apologizes. Riya says Amu needs to take a little rest. Amu agrees. Tina asks her why is she so quiet these days. What has happened to you? Riya affirms. I thought that after becoming a mother a woman stays happy but this is different. She stays worried as she has so many responsibilities of the baby. Amu declines. I am not worried about responsibilities. I am very happy to be a mother. I only know this. Riya asks Amit why Amu takes everything so seriously. Fallu asks Amu again to help her in the kitchen. Amu and Fallu leave.


AA are sleeping. Raunak starts crying. She immediately gets worried and tries to calm him down. Amit tries but in vain. She is all panicky. Everyone else comes there too as they hear Raunak’s cries. Kajri comes there wondering what has happened to him. amit tells her that they don’t know the reason but he is crying incessantly. She tries to take Raunak from Amit but Amu stops her. Amu takes him. I will make him quiet. Riya says if you would have known it then you would have already done it. I am requesting you not to be so obsessive about Raunak and let Kajri help you. Everyone is awake in midnight here. Kajri again asks for Raunak. Amu declines. I will do it myself. Amit tells her to do it. Nani too tells her to give Raunak to Kajri. Amu has no option but to agree.

Much to everyone’s amusement and Amu’s shock, Raunak goes all quiet as soon as Kajri picks him up in her arms. They cannot help wondering what magic Kajri has. Amit thanks Kajri. Tina too compliments her for her work. Kajri thanks her. She kisses Raunak on the forehead and returns him to Amu.

Precap: Amu tells Riya that she cannot find Raunak’s photos. Riya retorts if she doesn’t have any other work then taking care of her son’s photos. Amu watches Riya hiding something in her closet. She comes back at night to check in Riya’s room. This has something to do with my son. She opens the cupboard and pictures spill on the floor. They are all torn. Amu is shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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