Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kamini mami calling Pankhudi and proposes Rubel and Payal 1 alliance. Pankhudi says it is a good thing and Sheela mami is searching for a bride for rubel. Kamini says she saw Rubel and Payal 1 together and thinks Rubel likes Payal. Pankhudi says she will discuss with everyone and tell to her. Pankhudi thinks to talk to Rubel first. Rubel remembers her and smiles. Kaira comes and asks him to help her in fixing the photos in the album. Rubel says he have some work but seeing the photos, he comes and sits to help her. He looks at Payal 1 photo and hides it beneath the pillow. Pankhudi sees this and smiles. She sits, Kaira tells her that Rubel is doing work. Pankhudi sends Kaira to her room and tells Rubel to make his seperate album. Rubel asks her not to irritate him. Pankhudi asks him to give the hidden photo. Rubel says no. She takes the photos out and smiles.

Rubel says he thought to courier Payal’s photo and she might like it. Pankhudi asks, do you like her? Adi asks Avantika that Payal 2 and Rubel will come closer if they interacts with each other. He asks her to do as he said and hopes that everything gets set between them. Rubel says no and then says yes. Pankhudi says she understood and says she will make a call to Kulu. Rubel smiles.

Sameer asks Preeti, are you okay? Preeti cries and asks why? Sameer asks, you are talking about what? Preeti says one of my kidney is damaged naa and I am going to lose my baby. She cries and says she don’t want to lose her baby. Govardhan mama tells Payal that they are doing for her betterment. Payal 1 says she knows her betterment. Payal 1 father says, why you told her everything. Mama says we have to think about Payal’s happiness and also about Pankhudi. Kamini says they will accompany them to Mumbai and may be we can make her understand after meeting with Rubel.

Sameer tells Preeti that kidney transplant is not a big deal and we will go to a good doctor. Preeti says but if I don’t get pregnant again. Avantika calls Preeti, Preeti asks Sameer not to tell anyone about this as happiness came after a long time. Avantika asks for the report, Preeti says it is normal pain. Preeti disconnects the call and cries again. Avantika thinks to meet her.

Pankhudi calls Adi and Adi says he wants to talk about Rubel and Payal. Adi thinks she is talking about Payal 2. He gets happy and says their bonding is good. Adi and Pankhudi are unaware that they are actually talking about the different Payal. Payal 2 comes to office, Adi asks her to give lunch to Rubel. Latika sees her and wonders who is she? Adi asks her to go fast. Rubel is looking at Payal 1 photo. Payal 2 comes and greets him. she says she got lunch for them. Rubel asks her to sit comfortably. Rubel calls Adi and asks him to join for lunch. Adi says he will come and asks them to start the lunch. Adi asks Rubel to treat her nice. Rubel says we will start with the lunch. Latika wonders to know about the girl and enquires about Payal 2. Someone says she is Adi’s cousin. Adi asks Latika, what she is doing here as her work is there in the back end. Latika says sorry. Adi asks her not to create any problems in Rubel’s life and asks her to leave.
Latika thinks Rubel has move on in life with this girl. Rubel comes back and they start having lunch. Latika eyes them. Rubel praises the good and says he have to order food from outside for Adi. He praises her smile. Nirmala asks Preeti to drink water. Preeti says, what if dialysis is not a sucsess. nirmala asks her to think positively. Sameer says, they have kidney transplant as the option. Preeti shares her worries. Sameer asks her to act positively. Nirmala goes to open the door. Something falls on the floor, Payal 2 says she will clean the mess. Rubel says he will manage and asks her to sit. Rubel asks Payal 2, why she is conscious? Payal 2 says she can’t change herself. Rubel says every person is unique on her way. Adi looks at them and smiles.

Nirmala opens the door to find Avantika. She tells Preeti that Avantika came. Adi asks Pankhudi, with whom she is going on a date? Pankhudi asks him to stop being jealous. Adi says you were not talented before? Pankhudi says because she married twice. They talk about Rubel and Adi talks about Payal 2 and Pankhudi talks about Payal 1. Adi shares with her that he saw Rubel with Payal. Pankhudi says Rubel was blushing seeing Payal’s photo. Adi tells her that Payal got food for him and he was smiling and eaten the whole food. Payal is the right girl for him.

Avantika tells that Harish is getting lazier day by day. Avantika looks at report and says may I have a look once. Preeti, Sameer and Nirmala gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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