Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Simran telling Laali’s truth to Rajveer. She says even Didi had a doubt on her, she told her about Laali acting sweet and she did not believe Didi. Rajveer says its fine, we will tell this to Tau ji and Tai ji. Simran says no, they will not listen to me without proof. Rajveer says it means we need proof. Simran says we have to do something, to unite Tai ji and Chanchal, they are like own sisters. They shake hands to try. She says I will talk to Gabru. Simran and Gabru come to see Tai ji and Chanchal sitting apart and working.

Simran comes to Chanchal and says I have to make tea. Gabru wants to have it. Chanchal smiles and says about Tai ji’s hand made food. Chanchal says now everyone will miss the parathas that Tai ji makes. Gabru talks to Tai ji and reminds her of the family loving her and the food she made. Tai ji says I don’t care, I separated the kitchen, but did not stop them from eating, I can cook for everyone. Gabru says poor Dadi, she is eating food from temple. Chanchal cries and says she is very adamant. Simran says you too. Chanchal says why me.

Simran says why did you not tell anyone. Chanchal says its not my mistake. Simran says you should have talked to Tai ji and made her realize her mistake. Tai ji says I deserve a separate kitchen. Gabru says Chanchal saw a dream in which you and she was cooking together. She woke up and cries as she was missing you a lot. Tai ji says I also miss Chanchal but……. Gabru leaves. Chanchal comes to Tai ji. She gives tea to Gabru. Simran nods no to Gabru.

Everyone sit in the hall. Hoshiyar says Chanchal you made a good tea today. Tai ji says Tai ji also made a great tea. Rajveer comes and claps. He says great, first two kitchens and now a big wall in between everyone, soon the family will break. He says if you don’t understand me, I got the man so that you realize your mistake. Tau ji asks who. Rajveer brings the man who spoke against Hoshihyar. The man apologizes to Tau ji folding his hands. Tau ji says why did you bring him again.

Rajveer says to open your eyes, he lied to us yesterday. Tau ji says what. Rajveer says now he will tell the truth. The man says the truth is I lied yesterday. He says I did this to make Hoshiyar fall in your eyes, its true that Rajveer’s wheats were watered so that he does not win. Tau ji is shocked and asks why did you do this. The man says leave it. Tau ji says tell me the name. The man says Kuldeep Singh. He says I m a labour, I m sorry, I won’t do this again, forgive me. Tau ji says I will forgive you, if you listen to me, don’t tell Kuldeep that you told me the truth, else I will not leave you. The man leaves.

Tau ji looks at Hoshiyar and feels bad. Tau ji comes to him and apologizes to Hoshiyar. Simran looks on. Tau ji says I did a big mistake doubting a brother like you. Hoshiyar says I don’t regret, but I have spent two days without talking to you. They hug each other and smile. Tau ji says I have given a separate kitchen to Tai ji and I did mistake, I can’t take it back now, she will not be quiet now. Hoshiyar says I know, but we have to shut the other kitchen. Tau ji says yes, tell something. Simran smiles and says I have an idea.

Hoshiyar packs his bag and Chanchal is shocked. Tau ji also packs his bag and says I m going. Tai ji is shocked and asks why. Tau ji says I m leaving this house alone, I can’t stay here. Chanchal asks why, what did I do. Hoshiyar says ask yourself, relations are breaking, so I m leaving this house. Chanchal says how can you go leaving me alone. He says the whole family is with you. She says a husband is important for a wife. He says I don’t know this, I will go. She asks how will you stay alone. Tau ji says Hoshiyar and I will stay together. Tai ji asks why.

Tau ji says our wives created problems between us, but we can’t bear this now, it affects us, we are brothers, we will stay fine away from this house. Tai ji says no, don’t go, stay here. Tau ji says this can’t happen, you can give me a tea before I leave. She gets worried. Tau ji smiles. Tai ji and Chanchal talj. Chanchal says there is one way left now. Tau ji asks what. Tau ji and Hoshiyar greet Dadi saying they are leaving. Dadi says fine, I can’t stop you and my tears. Laali thinks what is happening, why is this two old men running from here. Tai ji and Chanchal together bring tea. Laali is shocked seeing them. Everyone are happy.

Tai ji says you have to take this tea. Chanchal says we made the tea together, in our single kitchen. Tai ji and Chanchal fall in their feets and apologizes. Tai ji says I realized my mistake, please stay here, now we will cook only in one kitchen. Tau ji asks about her kitchen. She says take the keys. I don’t want this. Tau ji asks Hoshiyar what to do now. Hoshiyar says we should give them one chance. Tau ji says fine, we wil stay here if you say. Tai ji and Chanchal smile. Laali gets angry. Everyone look happy. Laali leaves.

Simran comes to talk to Laali and challenges her to do what she wants and she will stop her from doing wrong in this house. She says don’t try to divide the family else you will be out. Simran taunts her and leaves. Laali says I won’t lose so easy and eats a chilli.

Rajveer hugs Simran with eyes closed. Its Laali with him. Rajveer is shocked seeing her. He says I m sorry, I thought its Simran.

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