Pavitra Rishta 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari seeing Ankita with Naren. Ovi, Manav, Archana come there and take her from there. Archana informs Manav how Naren saw Pari and then got unsconscious. She says it is confirmed that Pari is Naren’s Ahana. She says she cannot let Ankita suffer as Ahana is Naren’s past, she cannot let anything wrong happen to Ankita. Damodar says he does not know if Pari and Shekhar’s marriage will happen or not. Archana says whatever the reality is, Ankita is Naren’s wife and his present and Pari his past. MAnav says Archana is right, it is good that Shekhar knows about Pari’s past now. We will see what we can do now.

Doctor examines Naren and says his pulse is very low, it is strange any treatment is not working on him. Ankita says there must be some way with which Naren will get well. Doctor says with her positiveness, Naren will get back to normal. He says yesterday night Naren went to another patient’s room and called her Ahana.

Ankita says Pari is real Ahana. Doctor says to get back Naren’s consciousness, she may be needed. He says though patient is asleep, his senses will be awake, so we allow patient’s relatives to be with the patient. He asks Ankita to bring Pari as she is the one who can save Naren. Ankita agrees and says whatever happens, she will brring Pari.

Pari says Archana that she is not hungry. Archana says she has to eat and asks her to order what she like. She asks her to come out and meet the family members. Pari says she is fine here. Archana asks if she is still ready to marry Shekhar. Pari says she is ready. Archana asks what if Naren would be there and then says she knows now that Pari is Ahana. She tells Pari incident happened and asks her why did she hide it from here. Pari says she did not want to tell the past and break ankita’s marriage.

Soham comes to see Naren and enters his room. He says Naren that his sasur/father-in-law has come and asks him to wake up. Naren does not get up, Soham goes out of the room. Mansi sees him and asks why is he here. Soham says he came to meet Naren, but he is not talking to him.

Ankita comes to Archana’s house and asks her how is Pari. Archana says she is fine. Ankita insists she wants to meet Pari. Archana says Pari knows everything now and is very disturbed. Ankita says it is very important to meet Pari as she is the only one who can save her husband Naren.

Ankita goes to Pari’s room and closes the door saying she wants to talk to Pari. She asks Pari if she was crying on engagement day seeing Naren. She asks if Naren is her Aman and asks her why did not she inform her. Pari says Naren was his past and he betrayed her. Ankita says Naren did not betray her. Pari says he cheated her and never came back. Ankita asks her to tell the story about her and Aman/Naren. Pari tells Ankita about their story and how they fell in love. Sun raha hainaaa tu… song plays in the background. She tells her futher story about confessing their love for each other, she met with an accident and was waiting for him in the hospital, but he did not come. She searched Aman Mathurr, but did not find him at all. She tried to forget him, but he could not remove him from her heart, but she cannot waste her life for Naren. Ankita says Naren did not cheat you at all, Naren saw you car burning and then he lost his memory and became mad. She says he even thinks her as Ahana and how can he cheat her, he loves only Ahana. Pari says he is her past and it does not matter her at all, he is Ankita’s husband now. Ankita asks her to help her for her old day’s sake. Pari says she cannot help her. Ankita says she experimented on Naren once, but now when he will see his real Ahana, he will get well. Pari does not agree. Ankita pleads to come with her.

Ankita brings Pari to the hospital and informs doctor that she has brought Naren’s Ahana. Doctor asks Pari if she is ready. Pari asks what she has to do. Doctor says she has to remind Naren about their old days. Pari gets emotional and says she cannot do it. Doctor insists her.

Precap: Naren sees Ankita and asks who is she.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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