Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi seeing Simran again. Simran says you won’t succeed in your goal, you won’t get any share in the property. Didi thinks how can this happen, why am I seeing Simran everywhere, how was I hearing her voice so clearly. She says did Simran really came back. She is scared. She says someone is doing this to frame me. She closes the door thinking Simran can come in. The power goes in her room and Didi says how did the power go like this. It comes back and she is thankful. She sees Simran in the mirror and turns to see her. She disappears. Didi says Simran has made my mind bad. Simran says I made to tell you that I m not your imagination. Didi is shocked to see her. Simran laughs.

jaggi comes to Rajveer and asks why did he call him. jaggi sees Rajveer lost in thoughts and asks him are you fine. Rajveer asks him can you believe that Simran is not with us. jaggi says yes. Rajveer says I m doubtful. jaggi asks what. Rajveer says I have some questions, why did she go to the cliff and jump, did she really die, I did not get her body. jaggi says what are you thinking now. Rajveer says because of this, jaggi says this. Rajveer says this is Simran’s gift to me and she said I should see this when I miss her.

He says after she died, I kept this in the cupboard, but I got this in my bed, I think someone wants to tell me that Simran is fine, I feel Simran is doing this. jaggi says I know you loved her a lot, and you can’t believe this, it may be that you have kept this on the bed. Rajveer says believe me, but something happens with me, someone comes and covers me with the blanket daily at night. He says something happens which makes me believe that Simran is alive. jaggi says you are not well, you need rest, else I will take you to doctor. Rajveer says you mean I m mad. jaggi says no.

Rajveer gets sad and asks jaggi to leave. jaggi leaves. Didi talks to Simran and says you left this house and this world, why are you after me. Simran says I did not start anything yet and you lost. Simran scares her. Didi thinks I don’t know who she is, human or a ghost, but she has something that she is warning me. Didi tries to take her in her talk. Simran says I have a big wish which I have to fulfill, I came to fulfill it, and you know whats it. Didi says yes, I know, but listen to me, you did not wish bad for anyone, now will you take revenge from me.

She asks Simran about her son. She says I know and believe that I have ruined your happiness, but if you tell me about my son, I promise I will pray for your peace. Simran laughs and says great, I see you now. Didi acts infront of her and cries. She asks about her son and says I want to hug my son. She says let me meet my son, tell me my son’s name, I promise I will forget my revenge. Simran says really, can you forget the revenge. Didi says yes. Didi says I will agree to whatever you say. Simran says ok, go and tell everyone that you killed Daddu, that you have mixed poison in his food, if you do this, I will tell you your son’s name. Didi says what are you saying, if I tell everyone, then I will have to go to jail again, what will be the use knowing about my son, I want to live my life with my son.

Didi says no, don’t kill my hope, tell me about my son, tell me his name. Didi requests her. Simran says fine, hear it, your son is the one for whom your heart beats. Simran laughs. The power goes and Simran disappears. Didi cries. Didi says I m mad to trust the one who came to kill me. She laughs loudly and says its fine, I will find out about my son. She says I feel jaggi is my son, as his parents are not known. She says they brought jaggi from a orphanage, once I find about it, I can know everything about jaggi.

Tau ji comes to Hoshiyar and asks him did you make the property list. He says yes, but I want you to think again. Baldev says yes, I m unable to sleep listening this. Hoshiyar says don’t do this. Tau ji says I m taking this decision in all my senses, this is only land’s division, not in our love and happiness. He hugs his brothers. He gives the keys to Baldev and asks him to bring the land’s papers from the locker. Didi hears all this.

Didi follows Baldev and sees the locker. She thinks it will have some secrets also in it. She thinks maybe it has some secret about her son, today is the chance to find out. She calls for help. Baldev hears her and runs to her. She says I fell off and got hurt. She says go to my room and bring the balm. He says but the locker. She says go, I m here. He leaves. Didi goes to the locker and gets to know about a paper on which baby’s photo is there. She says I m not educated so I can’t read whats written on this.

She talks to Simran and says I came to know everything. Rajveer calls out Simran and her dupatta goes and falls on him. Simran cries seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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