Tumhari Pakhi 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 15th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman being shocked knowing everyone agreed to him and asking him to take Pakhi with him. The dhol plays and everyone dances on the beats. Anshuman is being treated like a groom and he gets tilak done and wears a pagdi. He does not understand whats happening all of a sudden. He says stop all this. Everyone looks at him and the dhol stops. Raghu asks what happened. Anshuman says I want to know, whats all this, you all were not sending Pakhi with me, then what happened now. How can you send Pakhi with me. Raghu apologizes to him for mistreating him yesterday. Raghu says we forgot about your relation with Pakhi. He says when Pakhi is ready then what can we say.

Bhabhisa says Pakhi explained us about you, after you spoke to her at night, your trueness has touched Pakhi. He says so is it because of what I told yesterday. Raghu says yes, we also wanted you to take Pakhi with you, but we did not say yes because of our ego. Pakhi is right, the Lord makes the relations, after a 18 yr old wait, how can she marry someone else forgetting all this. Raghu says the Lord has send us. Raghu says we will forget everything now, we are happy and want to give Pakhi back to you happily. Anshuman says when did you do all this. My family is not here, you can do when they come.

Tausa says the marriage is already done, this is the vidaai, the next good time is after six months. Anshuman says we can do this after six months. Bhabhisa says you have waited for 18 years, now we won’t let you wait again. Everyone make him sit with Pakhi in the mandap. He looks at the divorce papers and thinks of his promise made to everyone. Pakhi gives her hand to him and thinks of their marriage done in childhood. The marriage is done again.

Anshuman fills sindoor in her maang and music plays. Bairi jiya…. plays….. Pakhi smiles. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Everyone cracks joke and laughs. Everyone claps for them. Pakhi stands up and everyone ask Anshuman to stand up. Tausa asks them to take rounds as they did not take seven rounds in childhood. Raghu explains him the marriage done in childhood and the Gauna whats happening right now. He explains him the promises that the groom makes to his bride.

They take rounds. Bol dil se….. plays….. Pakhi thinks about the promise Anshuman made in childhood. Pakhi says the promises now as the pandit asks her to say. The pandit says the Gauna is completed. Everyone say now Pakhi is yours. Everyone congratulate each other and laugh. Raghu calls a marriage registrar and asks Anshuman to sign. Anshuman is shocked and thinks. Tausa says don’t be shy, sign it. Anshuman signs on it. Pakhi signs after him.

Everyone are happy saying Pakhi’s marriage got completed. Pakhi smiles while Anshuman is upset. Some women are dancing on the traditional music and Anshuman and Pakhi are brought there. Anshuman asks where are we going. Tausa says its our Kuldeva mandir. Anshuman says I don’t want to go there. Raghu asks why. Anshuman says I don’t believe in Lord. Pakhi is shocked. Bhabhisa asks why don’t you believe. Anshuman says I m like this, you can’t ask me to pray. He says we are not religious, we don’t believe in this.

He says your daughter will be like we are. Tausa says see, if you don’t believe in Lord, I think. Pakhi says we think you are right. Everyone are shocked. Anshuman looks at her. Pakhi supports him saying the puja must be done if its done by heart, you can’t force anyone to pray. She says its fine if you don’t want to come in the mandir. She tells him about a fountain, and asks him to come there. She walks away. Anshuman looks at her. Pakhi wishes that she will come to the mandir, but not alone, with Anshuman. She says I m Anshuman’s wife now, my journey starts from here. Anshuman sees her praying near the fountain.

He asks her do you believe in Lord, I don’t, don’t you feel bad, why did you agree to come with me knowing my reality, why. She says why, I should not have? He says no, be careful. She says you have the answer yourself, you are true so I agreed. She says you say whats in your heart, and whose heart is true, the Lord lives in their hearts. She says whatever you told me, I decided seeing you true, and whatever happened in the mandir, I m sure of my decision. He says lets go now. Pakhi looks at him and smiles.
Pakhi’s vidaai is shown. Pakhi cries with everyone. She performs some rituals of vidaai and hugs everyone crying. Bhabhisa asks Anshuman to give the gufts they have given for his family and asks him to invite his family here to meet them. Chutki talks to Pakhi and says people say girls forget their family when they go to their inlaws house, will you also forget us. Taisa talks to Anshuman and asks him take care of her. Tausa apologizes to him if anything they did went wrong. Bhabhisa asks him to keep their trust intact by taking care of Pakhi. Raghu tells Anshuman that we thought you won’t come, but you came, don’t break this trust else we will kill you. Anshuman is shocked.

Anshuman comes in a party and Pakhi is happy with him. He introduces Pakhi to everyone, but Dipti’s mum taunts Pakhi and Pakhi replies her well.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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