Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the girls teasing Adi and asks him to play a game. Sheela says she didn’t know any of this game in Dholpur. Chachiji says they have so many games in Bharatpur. Govardhan mama tells about the game. Anuj asks him to play as it is about their family’s prestige. Adi plays the game. Adi loses the game. Payal 1 says you have follow on your inlaws’s sayings and Neha asks him to give nek. Payal 1 asks him to praises them as nek. Adi says he can praises his sister in law and he breaks into poetry….

Jija bole sali se Pankhudi bina mann lage kaise…. Main bolun sali se aap aajayiye iss ghar me rehne chhan me chhan sunawon chhan me dun jawaab….agar sali hain tez taraar toh jija bhi hain la jawaab.

Everyone appreciates his poetry. Chachaji tells Chachaji that marriage is done and Adi has fulfilled his marriage vows before also. He says he is relieved now. Ambika and Susheela asks Pankhudi to call them. Kailash says ladies always cry in vidaai ceremony. Vedika says they wish to see their daughter happy. Chachaji says She will always be happy as she is bhai saheb’s favourite and she will not get hurt. Anuj requests them to forget the past things. Govardhan mama says, lets go to catch the flight. Sameer says we will go also. Sheela asks him to let Preeti stay here as Pankhudi will have grah pravesh now. Nirmala says let us go. Sheela agrees and asks her to come in the morning. Pankhudi meets her parents, relatives and cries. Pankhudi family leaves.

Sheela asks Adi and Pankhudi to stop and asks Avantika to do the grah pravesh/home entering. Avantika does the tilak and other rituals and they take everyone blessings. Kaira says this marriage is amazing, Adi says it is strange too. Harish jokes. Avantika welcomes Pankhudi in the family. Anuj says we all shall sleep now as we are all tired.

Adi comes to his room and one needs to have patience to perform the marriage rituals. Kaira brings Pankhudi in the room and says she will be here from now on. Adi asks her to get out. Kaira asks him to have fun and Adi closes the door. He turns around to see her while the title song plays in the BG. Adi says I missed you and hugs her. Pankhudi breaks the hug and asks, what is this. You didn’t keep the clothes in the cupboard and says you messed up the room. Adi makes her lie on the bed and kisses on her hand. Suddenly alarm voice comes and Adi thinks Rubel and Kaira are behind this mischief. Rubel and Kaira laughs outside. Adi gets angry while Pankhudi is smiling. Adi opens the door and they get inside. They promise him that they will not trouble him. Adi and Pankhudi smiles.

Govardhan mama says we will go tomorrow as the marriage is done. Mami says we have to think about Payal 1 soon. Mama says we will find an alliance soon for her. Susheela mami thinks about Payal 1 and Rubel alliance.

Avantika is massaging Harish and says I was thinking something about her niece Payal 2. She is good, cultured and educated and says she is thinking about Rubel and Payal 2 alliance. Harish says he isn’t sure. He says what if Rubel says no, or Sheela bhabhi refuses. Avantika says they are just suggesting and complications will come not. Harish says didi is very possessive about Payal. Avantika says she has a feeling that Rubel and Payal will be happy together. Harish says ok,lets think about their match. Payal 2 hears everything and smiles.

Payal 1 is talking on phone and says everything will be sorted once she reach to Kulu. Rubel hears it and Payal 1 is shocked. Rubel asks, you are here, whether everything is ok. Payal 1 lies saying she was talking to her friend and talking about the wedding. Rubel says he wants to say something. Payal 2 comes, Payal 1 asks her to give company to Rubel and leaves. Rubel asks her to sleep and says good night. Payal 2 thinks about Avantika’s words.

Pankhudi wonders where is Adi. Adi brings Icecream for her. They have icecream together while the music plays. Adi asks, when they will celebrate the anniversary. Pankhudi says we will celebrate the wedding anniversary 2 times and you will give gift to me twice. Adi says just now you took the vow that you will not trouble me and taking the gift means taking a dowry like. Pankhudi asks him not to blame her. Adi says you blame me again and again and says he will not give her icecream. He gets up saying he is upset. Pankhudi comes and hugs him. She tickle him and they gets closer never to seperate again while the song plays in the BG.

Sameer asks Sadanand about Doctor’s saying. Sadanand says Doctor said reports are correct. Preeti’s one of the kidney is damaged and we have to start her dialysis process. There is no chances of baby’s survival. Preeti overhears it and is shocked…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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