Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji and Hoshiyar being shocked to see Dharma. Tau ji asks Baldev to beat Dharma. Baldev says I won’t leave him. Everyone are shocked to see Dharma. Dharma says listen to meonce, Simran is innocent. Everyone are shocked. Simran and Rano smile. Dharma says I came here to tell the truth. Tau ji says come here and asks him to be clear and don’t hide anything. Dharma says Simran is innocent, I got money to trap her. He says Simran met me yesterday for the first time, she did not steal the money, she is innocent.

Tau ji says then why did you do this. Dharma says for money. Tau ji says on whose saying. Dharma says Rajo told me to do this. Everyone are shocked. Dharma says Simran gave me fake notes but Rajo replaced

it with real ones, which she stole from your locker. Rano, Simran and Gabru are happy. Tau ji looks at Simran and apologize for not trusting her. He says we all were blind, you tried to prove yourself innocent but we blamed you, we are sorry, I m ashamed for my mistake. He says if possible, then forgive me. Simran says Tau ji, even I was sad, but now its fine that the truth is out, I don’t want anything, my love and respect for this house will never be less.

Hoshiyar also apologizes to Simran. Simran says its ok. Dadi hugs Simran. Simran cries with happiness. Dadi says I was wrong, I believed Rajo, forgive me. Chanchal also apologizes to Simran. Simran talks to Tai ji and takes her blessings. Tai ji hugs her feeling bad thinking how she taunted Simran. Tai ji apologizes. Simran says you have the right of the mother. Dadi and everyone smile. Tau ji looks at Dharma and says take him to the village and beat him so that everyone knows what is the result of lying to us. Gabru says no Tau ji, stop, we can use him and catch Rajo red handed.

He says we will bring Rajo our of Rajveer’s life by using Dharma. jaggi says Gabru means if Dharma tells the truth to Rajveer, Rajveer will leave Rajo and accept Simran. Tau ji asks Simran to trust him and he ill support her and Rajveer has to accept you. Tau ji asks Dharma to tell the truth to Rajveer. Dharma agrees. Gabru says if Rajo denies then what, she is a great liar. Tau ji says you are right, it means before telling this to Rajveer, we have to show that Rajo and Dharma are united. Gabru says I know how to do this.

Tau ji asks Gabru whats the plan. Rano says don’t worry, I will tell Dharma, you come with me Dharma. Gabru makes a plan and explains Dharma and everyone. Gabru says our mission starts now. jaggi comes to Rajveer and asks him to come with him and see the truth. Rano calls Simran and says Rajveer is coming, be ready. Dharma calls Rajo. He says I want to meet you now, come in the coal godown. She agrees and goes to meet him.

Rajo comes to see Dharma in the godown and talks to him. Dharma says some people are after me, I need money. Rajo says what should I do. He says give me two lakhs. She says I don’t have. He says take it from the locker. She says if Tau ji sees me, he will shoot me. She admits her sins and everyone are seeing him. Simran comes with Tau ji and Hoshiyar. Rajo is shocked seeing them. Tau ji looks at Rajo angrily. jaggi brings Rajveer and even Rajveer sees the truth and is shocked. Simran smiles and says you are caught red handed.

Tau ji says I won’t bear this girl in my house, she has to leave this house and go. Rajveer says no, I won’t let this happen, Rajo will stay with us in this house. Everyone are shocked. Everyone look at Rajveer. Tau ji says you saw her truth, then you are taking her side. Rajveer says yes, but she did this for me, for us. He takes Rajo’s side. Hoshiyar says are you fine, your wife was fooling with that Dharma. Dharma agreed to this infront of us. Rajveer says so what, even if anyone says, I won’t believe. Rajveer says you can’t make me agree. Rajo did this for me. He says Simran is no one to me and she does not have any right on me.

Tau ji asks Rajo to leave. Rajveer says even I will leave with her and after I get my share in the property. Simran is shocked. .

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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