Doli Armaanon Ki 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 15th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
urmi is asked by samrat to stay within her limits, and not decide what she should wear or eat and how should he talk to and to whom. he says that she is his wife, and not his behaviour analyst and reminds her of her stature and limits next time she’s talking to him. urmi is shocked at such crude behaviour. He says that if he starts doing the same to her, then she would stand nowhere in front of him. she is hurt while he gets back to his work.

The next day, while working in the kitchen, urmi is still sad about last night. shashi comes in asking whats being prepared. She compliments when she hears urmi is making special dishes. She finds urmi tensed and sends the servant about some work. Shashi then asks umi and urmi tells

about what happened with samrat. She asks shashi to say something to him, as he wouldnt know otherwise that he’s doing something wrong. Shashi pretends to agree, and says that they would themselves talk. urmi tells her that they can talk being samrat’s parents. shashi says that samrat doesnt want to listen to anyone, and its his dad’s silence that has instigated samrat further. she expresses her regret that urmi had to hear for them. Samrat hollers at urmi from outside. As urmi comes, samrat asks for a cd, and asks urmi to get it for her. She goes there, and while flipping through the CD’s, she finds apamphlet of honeymoon pakcage, and wonders that he never told her anything about this. She understands that he’s planning a surprise for him, and gets dreamy eyed again, about her romance with him, on the honeymoon. she keeps the brochure back and takes the Cd and comes down. samrat hollers at her. urmi comes down happily and gives it to her. He asks her why’s she so happy. she starts to be shy. shashi too asks the same. urmi says that she has reason to be ahppy. just then, urmi’s relatives come and they are very happy to see urmi. samrat asks them to satisfy thaat urmi is happy here without any problems. ishaan comes in and sets the mood cheerfullyt as usual. samrat’s family too comes and greets them. Shashi asks the servant to get water. urmi offers to go. But shashi emphasises the fact that they have servants to cater. she asks urmi to sit and chat with them. Ishaan asks them to come and chat together. samrat resignedly sits down, sarcastically saying that sitting and chatting with them is far more important than her work. shashi asks jhumki, the servant to get snackls. She also finds urmi showing anu the house. She and samrat both tell urmi to show anu around the house. urmi’s relatives say that they have to leave now. samrat says that trisha too should be alone for long. Samrat says thats why she is like that. ishaan says that he never got to know what trisha does. samrat taunts that she must be doing law. Ishaan however makes light of this statement. samrat asks about trisha’s marriage, as its difficult to find a match for a girl like trisha. Her mother says that trisha is totally focussed on studies right now. shashi says that they shouldnt delay a girls’ marriage. Herc father says that they cant force her, as she wants to finish her studies first, as its her life descision and she should decide it for herself. Samrat asks ifv there’s no possibility of any love affair, saying that she’s studying outside and may have gotten forward. ishaan makes light of this statement too. samrat’s father too emphasises that she should be self dependant first. trisha’s parents agree. Samrat taunts them that they should tell the prospective in laws the truth about trisha’s over smartness. ishaan says that trisha is such a nice girl. Samrat says that trisha is smart, but who wants a clever daughter in law, who rules the house, according to her wishes. all are stunned to hear samrat talk likle that, while trisha’s parents are shocked. While samrat goes onto joke about it, all are tensed and worried, especially trisha’s parents. Ishaan again says that not every girl is like urmi, and he’s lucky to have urmi in his life. trisha asks about samrat, and urmi tells how he stopped without going to work, to cater to her relatives.

in her room, urmi shows anu the surprise that she thinks that samrat has planned for her.they decide to call trisha and ask for her advise on location spots. urmi calls up, and trisha picks up excitedly, teasing her about her married life. urmi also tells about her parents being here, while they are being pampered in her in laws place. But contrary to that, samrat say that since they arev relateed now, he wants them to know, that the girl is out of reach now, as is commojn with hostel going girls. He asks them that they maybe sitting here, but do they know whats going on with her daughter, Trisha right now, or what nuisance is she upto. samrat says that such girls become free, and irrespective of family’s culture, they forget all festivals, and remember one, Valentine’s day and goes onto say what happens in such cases. All are shocked as he goes on a rant of live-in relationships, also being a possibility, wheer the boy and the girl are under the same roof, where they do everything, excepting marriage. Trisha’s parents are outraged. They are all tensed, at samrat’s callous statements. The screen freezes on Trisha’s father’s hurt face.


Precap: Urmi calls anu to ask what happened, with trisha’s parenst and why did they leave so hastily, without talking properly. Anu says that she doesnt know in detail, but knows this much that they were pretty upset with samrat and were saying that samrat insulted them terribly. Anu tells urmi that trisha’s father even said that he would never set foot in urmi’s house ever again. urmi is shocked and distraught to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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