Mahabharat 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 15th January 2014 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with the Pandavas in Hidimb’s forest. Arjun tells Nakul that they are in a mayavi forest, and Kunti looks afraid. Yudhishitra explains to Kunti that the forest belongs to rakshasas. Yudhishtira relays the story of when Bhishma defeated a rakshas (flashback to the first episode!) and decided that the descendants of Bharat and the rakshasas would not enter each others lands.
Sahadev adds that this is why this forest is mayavi, humans can enter the forest of their own will, but cannot escape without permission of the king. Arjun teases Nakul saying that we had learnt all this in Gurukul, but you were too busy looking at your face instead of Guru Drona’s.
Pandavas all enjoy the joke but Kunti still looks tensed.

Next we’re taken to Panchal. Draupadi

arrives with her sakhi. Shikhandini arrives, wearing full battle armour and tells Draupadi that it is time for the Anna poojan, which is supposed to be the first pooja of your life, and since she and Dhrishtadyumn have only just been born, they must perform the pooja now.
As they walk, Shikhandini notices Draupadi smiling to herself, and asks the reason why. Draupadi says she wonders how newly born children can sit in the pooja, and Shikhandini explains that they would lay in their mother’s lap.
Draupadi replies that an older sister can also be in place of a mother. So does that mean you will make me sit in your lap? Shikhandini says everyone watching will laugh at us. Draupadi says fine then, I will hold your hand and sit next to you. Shikhandini smiles sadly and asks Draupadi for forgiveness as she must organise the army.

Back in the forest…Kunti looks at her sons and sheds a few tears. Arjun asks why she is crying again! She says these are happy tears and tells her sons she is proud of them for remaining cheerful in these difficult times. Arjun says times are only difficult when we forget to laugh. Arjun asks Kunti to rest. Bhim argues and says how can they rest here, they need to defeat the rakshasa king and find a way out.
Yudhishtira stops him and says they won’t be able to find him in this forest. He likes to eat humans so he will come to them, rather than they go looking for him. Arjun says to Bhim, the way you manage to sniff out your ladoos, the rakshasa will find us the same way. Yudhishtir and Arjun laugh saying that we are his dinner. Bhim doesn’t look impressed, and Nakul teases him saying don’t be afraid, I will protect you!
Even Kunti laughs at this joke. Bhim grabs Nakul and says you protect me! You’ll remain in the rakshasas teeth the way mukhvaas does You won’t even reach his stomach! Bhim declares that the rakshas will die at his hands.

A little way away we get our first glimpse of Hidimb He says he will kill the biggest human first and his meat will last them for an entire month. We are also shown Hidimba next to him…

On the way to the Parvati mandir, Drupadi is sad that Shikhandini won’t be with her for her first pooja. Shikhandini explains that she is Panchal’s senapati so her responsibility is to organise the army as Drupad has declared war on a nearby city. Draupadi is happy to hear that Shikhandini being a women is also the Senapati.
Shikhandini says that their grandfather and father have always treated her like a son. Shikhandini says she is happy being at the head of the army and when she defeats Panchal’s enemies it feels like her past life’s burdens fall away.
Draupadi agrees with her decision to stay with the army and says she is proud of Drupad that he doesn’t see any difference between men and women. Draupadi watches as Shikhandini rides off at the head of the army. Draupadi tells her sakhi Malini, that after Drupad, Shikhandini is the most powerful person in Panchal.

Draupadi enter the mandir and prays to mata Parvati (they should have played a relevant mantra not the narayanam namaskrita one here) After the pooja is finished Drupadi receives prasad.
Dhrishtadyumn arrives and says he was told by Drupad to receive prasad.
Draupadi says that they were born at the same time out of the same yagya vedi, but Dhristadyumn has no happiness for life. He says he has no time for happiness, his was born to cut off Drona’s head.
He says he cannot think about anything else. Draupadi replies that if he makes someone’s death the centre of his life, then this is his misfortune. Dhrishtadyumn gets angry and calls her a fool. He says a woman should not give advice to men.
Draupadi also gets angry now and says this is nonsense, if Drupad felt this way why would he make Shikhandini the Senapati. Dhrishtadyumn smiles and says he has replaced her as the Senapati. Draupadi is shocked when he tells her Drupad dismissed Shikhandini in front of the entire army.
The prasad falls out of Draupadi’s hands hearing this. Draupadi is worried as to how Shikhandini must be feeling, but Dhrishtadyumn tells her to worry about Drupad instead. Draupadi runs away from there.

In the palace of Panchal, Shikhandini is angry and upset. She picks up her sword and makes a decision. Draupadi is shown running towards Shikhandini’s room. Shikhandini places a tilak on her sword and prays.
She remembers all the nonsense sprouted by Drupad about daughters being useless etc etc, and brings the sword against her neck. Suddenly Draupadi appears in the doorway.

Precap: Drupad is about to do a tilak on Dhrishtadyumn’s forehead when Draupadi interrupts saying that this honour should be given to Shikhandini.
She asks if he trusts Dhrishtadyumn then why doesn’t he trust Shikhandini? Drupad gets angry and says because he never accepts defeat. Draupadi says even you must have experienced defeat.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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