Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th January 2014 Written Update

Everyone is enjoying makar sankranti on the terrace. The fun is on in full swing. Sharda gives ladoos to offer to everyone or they will forget they have to eat. Dadi calls out for Sharda asking her to tie the thread of the kite. Sharda does it easily while reciting a poem for Diya. All set, Dadi and Diya go to fly it and enjoy. Suresh is amazed that Sharda hasn’t forgotten it all till date. She happily recalls how they used to wait for this day for weeks. We both used to fly kites back then and will do it today as well. Suresh turns all businesslike. Those who can fly higher than the kites don’t do all this. You can do it. Sharda is again called by Dadi so she leaves. Prateek greets Suresh. He is about to touch his feet when Suresh moves away from there while making a call. Diya

comes and hugs Pratek next. Latika is surprised to see him here. I thought you were busy. He replies that some of us take out time for their family even if they are busy. Latika tells him that she and Diya were missing him. sharda joins them telling them this is precisely the reason why I called him here. Prateek thanks him. Karan is happy to see him here. We have a boys vs. Girls kite flying competition. Now our team would be much stronger. They leave from there.

Karan, his friends and Prateek are going when they hear the sound of anklets and stop. Sakshi comes all dressed up in a saree. Saiyaan re plays in the background as Karan looks at her mesmerised. Sakshi’s friends join her. Both the teams come face to face ready for the challenge. All the men join Karan and all the ladies join Sakshi. Karan boasts of his friends, his BIL (Prateek) and all the other people while Sakshi brings Sharda in her team. Karan and his team go aside all set for the competition. Sharda remembers she has some work to do. Sakshi asks her to be back soon as they wont be able to win without her.

Sharda is going to get more ladoos as the tray is already empty. Bhavesh ji is waiting for her. I forgot to get your thumb impression on a few papers that day. If sir gets to know then he will scold me. He is looking hesitantly towards the terrace. Sharda is putting her thumb impression on one of the papers when Sakshi comes there. Sharda reiterates Bhavesh ji’s words and continues putting her impression on the other papers. A few papers fall from Bhavesh’s hands and Sakshi bends down to pick them up. Sakshi is about to read them and Bhavesh ji looks a little worried when they hear Karan calling out for Sakshi. He is taunting her in a very sweet way. Sakshi is distracted. She gives the papers back to Bhavesh ji without reading them when he asks for it. He leaves. Sharda asks Sakshi to go upstairs while she will go get more ladoos. Sakshi is about to go when BHavesh’s phone rings as he is heading out of the house. He tells someone ‘the work is done’. Sakshi is confused but then Karan again calls out for her from the terrace calling her a scared leader. Sakshi runs upstairs.

Sakshi and Karan stand holding their kites in front of each other. All their team members join their respective team leaders. Vicky boasts of Karan’s kite flying skills and boo’s Sakshi. Their friends get into a sweet banter followed by Karan and Sakshi. Karan warns Sakshi to be careful while flying kites. It doesn’t suit you girls. Sakshi’s friend tells him it is all about eyes and boys are the weakest in that. Be careful, what if your eyes stick to such a place that you lose out on your kite. Both the girls’ and guys’ team is ready and starts the challenge with ‘kai po che’.

Dheel de song plays as Karan and Sakshi play kites while all the other people are cheering for their leader. Karan gets a cut in his finger. Sakshi immediately tears her saree from a corner and ties it over his wound. They get into an eye lock. They both get back to their work again. Sakshi loses. Sharda gives another kite to Sakshi to fly. The girls and boys keep challenging each other as the song plays. Another round starts. Sharda is supporting Sakshi. Suresh too is watching it earnestly. Karan looks at Sakshi and she winks at him. Karan’s kite gets cut because of this. Sakshi hugs Sharda in happiness. The boy’s team looks upset. Karan tells Sakshi she has done cheating. Sakshi asks him not to talk like a loser. Karan stays put but goes quiet as he isn’t able to say it out loud about the wink. Sakshi is enjoying it. Karan doesn’t say it and leaves in a huff. The girls enjoy their victory.

Karan is standing alone in a corner when Sakshi joins him. she says I will be happy when you will go to office. Karan smiles. I would have gone for sure if you would have won it on your own. You have done cheating. Sakshi replies that everything is fair in love and war. You must have heard it. He asks her what this is. She answers, love. saiyaan re plays. She snaps her fingers to bring him out of the eye lock. She calls it war….to bring him on the right path. They both stand facing their backs towards each other in a challenging way. We will see!

Sakshi is putting her kite on one of the walls in their room when Karan comes there. He asks her what she is doing. Sakshi tells him she is keeping her victory kite on display here. How’s it looking? He says she cannot put anything on his house’s / room’s wall without his permission. She reminds him she is his wife. No mine or yours…it is ours. He calls it funny. She corrects him he will be funny tomorrow when he will wake up early morning all set to go to office all crying like he would have on his first day to school. You forgot you lost? He again points out about her cheating. She reiterates that everything is fair in love and war. She leaves. Karan has made up his mind. War will be tomorrow.

Sakshi and Sharda are serving breakfast to Suresh and others. Suresh asks about Karan. Is he going to do a favour to office today or not? you (Sakshi) took the responsibility. Sakshi nods. I will certainly fulfil it. He must have been ready by now. Suresh still doesn’t buy it. Karan sir definitely dreams of becoming a big man but cannot take the second step that is necessary to fulfil them…of waking up. Sharda is sure Karan will go to office today. she asks the servant to get the juice ready for Karan. I will send him after making him breakfast. Suresh asks her to check first if he is up or not. Sharda is sure he would have by now. I will go and get him. Latika comes with Diya just then. She asks her mom to make Diya eat something as she doesn’t eat anything at home but gets hungry as soon as she is here. Sakshi offers to do it and calls out for Diya to sit.

Sharda comes calling for Karan in his room but finds him sleeping. She goes to wake him up but notices that his temperature is high. She calls for everyone telling them that Karan is unwell. Sharda is immediately worried. Suresh is about to call the doc but Karan asks him if its ok if he will join him in a while. Dadi says someone’s ill eye fell on him. He doesn’t buy any of it. I know it very well what has happened with him. his auspicious time to go to office wouldn’t come so easily. He leaves with Latika as they have a meeting. Karan rues (acting) that dad again mistook him.

Dadi and Sharda get busy with what they have decided to do. Karan asks Chirag to press his legs as he is feeling weakness but Chirag leaves from there telling him to get lost. Sakshi is observing all this intently. She offers to do it but instead tickles him. Karan sits up on the bed. She catches his lie. Papa was right. He says he is unwell. She points out he would have been on the couch only if that was the case but this is all in front of the family members as you cannot show it to them that you sleep separately on the couch. He agrees. She calls it a cheating while he reiterates her lines of everything being fair in love and war. This is war. This was a fever of onions not love. she decides to go tell it to Sharda. She only will send you to office. Karan tells her to go ahead. Do what you want to. I have to go to a bike expo so I will go get ready.

Precap: All the family members are gathered in the living room. Suresh says, Sharda Suresh Modi is the name because of which people recognize me…on whose name we do business of crores, she doesn’t know how to write her name on a paper. You don’t know anything? If you would have had a little knowledge then you wouldn’t have put your thumb impression over just any paper because of which I lost crores. You are such a wife who is responsible for my failure and loss. Sharda is shocked / hurt and so is Sakshi.

Update Credit to: pooja

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