Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran seeing Rajveer’s photo. She cries and leaves. The guys think what happened to her.
Rajveer, on the other hand, is making the guests list. Tau ji asks him did you write everyone’s name. Tau ji asks Baldev to distribute the cards. Baldev says how will I know what name is written on it. Himmat says add a photo along with name. Tau ji likes the idea. Daddu and Dadi share a light moment, and Daddu asks what will I wear in Rajveer’s marriage. She tells what will you do getting ready, you are old. Daddu says I will remarry, Dadi says ok, marry.
Rajveer is sitting quietly. Daddu calls him, and asks him what he is thinking. Daddu tells him see how your Dadi told me. Rajveer goes to him and touches his feet.
Daddu blesses him.

Simran tells Khanna that she went to Urmila’s home, and she came to know that Urmila is in love with some guy. Urmila does not want to marry Rajveer. She said she will die but not marry Rajveer. Simran convinces her dad that if this marriage happens, four lives will be ruined. Simran says we cannot tell them that the girl loves someone, Dimpy says its from the Lord to unite Rajveer and Simran. Simran tells why not we help Urmila and Om, and make them run away. Khanna says if they come to know that we helped them, we will get into trouble.
Om is not ready to run away and marry. Simran says we will convince Om. Dimpy’s dad asks Simran not to get into these things. Simran says I m into it already. She asks Khanna is he ready for this, he says yes, I will cancel the tickets. Simran thanks him.

Rajveer sees his wedding cards and there is Simmi written on them. He thinks why did he keep her in his heart. Why does he think of her.
Om is thinking about Urmila, and her bitter words, as she said she will die if he does not marry her. Om is tensed. Someone knocks at his door, and he is shocked to see Simran along with her family. Om says he does not have anything to do with Urmila. Simran says Umrila loves you, and you don’t have courage to admit your love. He says he loves Urmila a lot, but I m helpless. I cannot break my father’s trust. His dad hears all this. Om is shocked. Simran tries to convince Om’s dad. She tells him that if Om does not marry Urmila, his life will be ruined. His dad asks Simran who she is, and what she has to do with this.

Simran says my story is similar to Om and Urmila, and she thinks if she helps them, it would be great. Om’s dad says I don’t know what to say. You have broken my trust. His dad says he has nothing to do with this, and his work is not greater than his love. He asks Om to listen to his heart. Om cries and hugs him. Simran says sorry to Om, and says we have less time, and we will explain you the plan.

Scene shifts to Rajveer’s house:

Tau ji asks Rajveer are you going to town. He says yes. Tau ji asks Jaggi to go with Rajveer as it will help Rajveer, Tau ji says Baldev went with Himmat. Tau ji gives him money and leaves.

Scene shifts to Urmila’s house:

The sangeet function is going on. The guys think about Simran. They wish Simran comes, and Simran comes with Dimpy. The guys are happy to see them. They greet them, and say we were thinking about you.

Urmila sees Simran, and her mum says these girls came from city. Simran says she wanted to see how marriage takes place in villages, so we came. Simran sits beside Urmila and tells her to wear the dress and come, you will find easy to run, as you want to marry Om. Urmila asks who are you. Simran says I will tell later, and come soon as everyone are waiting for you, we have less time.

Rajveer and Jaggi and on the way. They argue as they fought the previous night. They both stare each other and laugh. Rajveer says sorry and forget everything he said yesterday night. Jaggi forgets it, and says you have not done right with Simran.

Simran, Dimpy and Umrila get together and Simran hides her face, they run and Urmila’s brother comes and sees them. He asks what are you doing here. They get tensed seeing him.
Simran shouts run Umrila. He follows them. They run in the car. Everyone follow them.
Simran asks Khanna to drive faster. Dimpy says they are approaching us. Khanna’s car stops, and the guys chase them. Khanna tries to start the car.

Simran hide Urmila. Umrila goes to Rajveer to take help. Urmila hides in his tractor.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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