Amita Ka Amit 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th June 2013 Written Update

Ammu gets a call from Jigna. She wants her to meet Preeti as she is worried over something. Ammu asks about it but Jigna suggests talking face to face. She tells her to say her hello to Amit as she couldn’t speak to him in the morning. Ammu smiles but then asks her where she saw Amit. Jigna’s answer puts her in dilemma. He was in Bandra cafe and looked like he was waiting for someone. It was around 11.30 am. Ammu is confused but tells her that he had gone for a meeting. They disconnect the call. Ammu recalls Amit telling her about going to Parel to meet his travel agent. She wonders about the same. First he said he has some work in office then when I dint find him in the office he told me about meeting his travel agent in Parel. But he was in Bandra?

She comes in her room still confused and trying to figure out the truth. Why did he lie to me? He never lies. Maybe I only mistook it but Jigna said. Amit enters interrupting her thoughts.
He tells them how everyone in his office loved the aamras brought by her. His head HR, Mrs. Lalwani is looking for a bride for her son. She asked me if you have any sister hinting at the bride for her son.
Amita asks him directly. You went to Parel to meet your travel agent? He gets alert. Yes why? She dismisses it saying my uncle stays in Parel so remembered it. He goes to get his clothes from the cupboard when she tells him about JIgna seeing him in Bandra Cafe. He in turn asks her if her friends are spying on him. She nods in a no. You earlier said about going to office but then went off to Parel then how come you reached Bandra? He says should I be telling you everything? You will get to know everything when it is the right time. By the way did Jigna saw me with anyone?
Ammu denies. She said you were waiting for someone. He nods. Yes I was waiting for my travel agent. He was to come to Parel first but then we ended up meeting at Bandra. Do you want to know anything else? She apologizes to him. But I am not wrong to worry about it as you looked worried. Leave it. You change while I will go and get tea for you. She leaves and he heaves a sigh of relief (literally!).

Fallu calls out to Ammu. She shows him something which has come for her & Amit. Ammu sees that it has come from the Resort they had stayed in in Lonavala. She opens it and is very happy to see a photo frame containing her & Amit’s photo (very cute photo <3 ). She recalls dancing with Amit and smiles. Cute music plays as she caresses the photo. She shows the photo to Fallu. She comments that the photo is indeed beautiful and you both look so happy. ammu smiles. Yes we had so much fun there. We were very happy. fallu blesses them to stay happy always. Ammu takes the photo frame to show to Amit. He has already made himself comfortable on the couch (ouch!). She notices this and asks him if he is sleeping. He replies no watching tv with closed eyes. You know it is already 9.30. I have a habit of sleeping accordingly. She tries to show him the photo saying it is very beautiful. He tells her off. What is beautiful today will remain beautiful tomorrow as well. Let me sleep. She gets a little miffed with him. Not even tomorrow, don't watch it ever. Just then Amit’s phone rings. She goes to check. She asks him if I should tell the caller that you will talk tomorrow. It is again an ISD call. He gets up with a start snatches the phone and ends up dropping the photo frame on ground. The glass breaks while he runs in the bathroom to attend the call. She gets upset. Broke it without even seeing it. He comes out and notices Ammu picking up the glass pieces. Sorry, I will get a new frame tomorrow. She asks him if he wasn’t sleepy when he took the call. He says it was urgent. She says so urgent that you had to run off to bathroom to attend it? You speak with your US client in bathroom? I know I am a little stupid but not stupid enough to disturb you while you are talking on phone with your US clients. She turns to go. He asks her to show it. It is indeed very good. And our sweet Ammu’s anger disappears. She beams up to see Amit smiling. He promises to get a new glass and bids her goodnight. She says again? Ok, tomorrow Preeti & Jigna are coming over to discuss something. Jigna said that Preeti is upset over something. Amit tells her not to interfere in other’s lives. She says Preeti isn't someone else. She is my best friend. Her troubles are mine too. Ammu goes leaving Amit wondering over something. Next morning, Preeti & Jigna are waiting for Ammu in her room. Amit asks them if they need anything. They nod in negative. He turns to leave for office when Jigna tells him to wait as they want to talk to him as well. Ammu comes there. Amit gets a chair for her (so sweet!). Preeti stutters. Jigna takes over and tells that Sanjay has again postponed the wedding date. They are unable to understand the reason behind it. Ammu asks Preeti if she spoke to Sanjay about it. Preeti says she did. But he only said that there is some urgent work which he needs to wrap up before wedding. Ammu tells Amit to speak with Sanjay regarding this as Preeti’s family has to suffer because of this. Amit replies if you girls have nothing else to do but hurry up about everything. Everything happens on time so things will happen accordingly only. I am sorry but I cannot speak to Sanjay regarding any of this. He gets up to go when Preeti stops him. The wedding is not only of Sanjay but mine too. It concerns my life too. I have every right to know the reason behind the delay. Is it because he doesn't like me after the engagement or anything else? You must be knowing it. Please tell me as well. Amit very sweetly tries to make her understand. He is busy and wants to wrap up everything so that he can spend quality time with you after the wedding. Ammu smiles hearing this. If this is the reason then it is perfectly ok to delay it. But Preeti is adamant. This doesn't tell the real reason behind postponing the marriage. -Break- Rohan is taking out all the files of Wise Investments (WI) out of his room. Ria asks him about it. He says it is urgent to remove every stuff relating to WI to stay clean in that Amita’s eyes. Ria laughs at him and calls Amita a duffer. He shares how she found out the mistake in the accounts. She isn't duffer but very smart. I was lucky enough to put the whole blame on the accountant but I don't want to take any risk. The atmosphere is… Ammu completes for him….hot (hinting at risky). Rohan & Ria look worried to see her all of a sudden. Rohan hides the file behind him. Ammu says she was talking about kachori’s. She calls them downstairs for the same. They try to send her off telling they would be coming any moment. She turns to go but stops in her tracks as she notices a card of WI lying on the floor. Rohan & Ria too notice this. Rohan picks up the card hurriedly. It must have fallen from one of the files. He keeps it inside while Ria diverts Ammu and takes her downstairs with her. rohan sighs in relief. Ammu is thinking about the card. Why was the card with Rohan? How? Should I tell Amit about it? No it was only a card. Last time it was a whole file in Ria’s cupboard and she hid it well before anyone could find out. Rohan too would have hidden it by now. But if the card is there then there must be something. But how do I find out? She calls up Atul asking him to go with her to some place tomorrow. But I will stay outside. You will have to go in alone. He asks about it. She asks him if he will come or not. They have to go to WI’s office. He tells her to think once more. She replies in affirmative. Tomorrow at 7. Atul confirms. Amit enters asking her about the call. She gets tensed. It was from home. Nothing important. He says when did I say it was something? Right then his phone rings. It is the same ISD call. She tells him to pick it up. I wont disturb you. He cuts the call. I am not in a mood right now will talk later. He looks at her lost and thinks that she is upset about the call. He repeats that he really isn't in a mood to talk. She repeats his line. When did I say something’s up? He gets quiet. Both feel a little uncomfy. Ammu tells him that she needs to go out tomorrow. Ma has some work. Amit nods ok. -Break- Atul & Amita reach WI’s office. Atul confirms the address. He notices her looking worried and assures her. Don’t you remember when we were kids we used to be the best spies? You wait here. I will go and check. Amita’s waits anxiously in the parking lot for Atul to return. He comes back. Some Mr. Bansal is the boss here. No one knows about Rohan. Right then Rohan’s comes there but they don't notice him. atul is taking out his car while Rohan is parking his. Finally Amita notices Rohan and she & Atul duck so that he doesn't see them. A car comes between Rohan & theirs. They look towards Rohan. NO PRECAP Update Credit to: Pooja

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